He tugged restlessly at his tight tuxedo collar, wishing silently that he had chosen to stay in a life of seclusion, rather than fulfilling his wish of seeing her face just once in this life and entering her elite social circle just to do so. And while he had already seen her at the last party he had joined he now couldn't resist seeing her and suddenly wished once more that he had chosen just to leave her alone this time...

"Hello" he heard an overly familiar voice greet him. Oh no he thought I should have known to stay away from her this time. Because, even though he could try to resist and deter her she found him every time.

"Well, are you going to introduce yourself? Or are you just going to stand there like you don't hear me speaking to you?" Immediately he recognized the tone of annoyance in her voice and couldn't resist the chance to speak to her.

"Oh, hello, I apologize for not replying, my name is Daniel Grigori."

"Well thank you for gracing me with your reply, I'm Luce."

"Is there a last name that goes with that?"

"Well I suppose that your going to have to stick around long enough to find out Daniel Grigori."

"Yes, I suppose so Luce." Immediately he regretted replying to her annoyed query as she walked away from him.

Okay, so this is my first story and since there hasn't really been any stories from Daniel's point of view or about any of Luce's past lives. I decided it was a pretty good idea... Please Review!