Daniel knew that he had to leave her this time; he couldn't let things get any further than they already had, but with Cam there he had no choice but to stay. This was what he pondered as he began trying to draw her face, but as he continued drawing he felt the very idea of her pull at his soul…

Luce pondered the two men whom she had met; Cam and Daniel. Both were strikingly handsome, and both seemed eerily familiar to her. But she realized suddenly that for whatever reason she was falling for Daniel.

That night, at the final party of the London season Luce went searching for Daniel, to boldly tell him how she was feeling. But although she searched and couldn't find him, she wouldn't dare to believe that he had left her completely. Then she remembered where it had been mentioned he was staying, so later that night she snuck out of her own chambers to find her way to him, so that he wouldn't dare leave her.

When she found him, he didn't hear the door open as he was steadfastly focused on something…

"Are you drawing me?" She asked surprised and stunning him from his stupor.

"What are you doing here Luce?" He asked jumping up and moving as far from her as possible.

"Are you leaving?" She asked gesturing to his bags and avoiding his question.

"Yes, now will you tell me what you're doing here?" Daniel pleaded feeling the electricity of her nearness coursing through his veins.

"Yes, I love you Daniel. I don't know how, when or why. But, I have a feeling that I have loved you many times before." Luce responded crossing the room towards him.

"You can't fall in love with me Luce! It's not safe for either of us." Daniel responded turning away from her.

"Kiss me Daniel; kiss me before I lose you forever." Luce pleaded turning his face to her own.

As he heard her beg, Daniel felt that he could no longer refuse her. Despite the fact that he knew he would lose Luce once again he couldn't lose this chance. So her turned with her hand to face her and suddenly he felt his arms enclose vice like around her waist as he pressed his lips to her. But within seconds she was ash in his hands. Daniel suddenly felt the pain return knowing that once again he had destroyed her life at the young age of seventeen.

"I guess you didn't listen to your common sense again." Cam laughed walking in.

"It's your fault Cam; I would have left immediately if it hadn't of been for you."Daniel growled.

"Now don't go blaming me for something that would have happened anyway, Daniel."Cam replied.