I have to thank Clean House for this brilliant idea that I got watching the show. The first chappy will definitly be a little boring but promise it will get better and if you don't like the pairings that I do then don't hate and don't read. Again my grammer and spelling suck so if somethings really noticable or bugs you please to tell. Okay I think I've babbled on long enough enjoy :) Oh and i don't own Pokemon.





Six girls were walking to LaRousse City through a thick lush forest. The oldest of the girls was one named Leaf Green (AN: Creative I know). She wore a light blue tank top with darker blue short shorts and the same color blue ankle high boots. On top of her light brown hair was her trade mark hat. At this moment she only had two Pokemon with her; Blastoise and Wigglytuff. The next oldest, Misty Waterflower, who had firey red hair to match her personality was in its normal side ponytail. She was wearing her normal yellow top that showed her midrift and dark blue jean shorts. Her red suspenders now hung at her side and her red back pack was slung over her shoulder. She wore yellow and white running shoes. Her Pokemon are Gyarados, Azuril, Corsala, and Staru. After Misty was a girl named Chloe(AN: I don't feel like thinking up a last name, to lazy). Her waist long, dark purple hair with lavander high lights was let down and side bangs framed her face. she was wearing a bright purple tube top and light blue jean shorts. Her shoes consisted of white and purple slip on converse. She had the most pokemon with a total of eight. She had every eveelution. May Maple was next in line. Her Choco brown hair was in its normal gravity defying pigtails and her red bandana resting neatly on her head. She was wearing a white form fitting t-shirt, that had a big rose on the side, and now black biker shorts. Her shoes were white and red Vans. She had the secound most with six Pokemon. her trusted Blazakin, Skitty, Squirtle, Venusar and Beautifly. Iris then came after May and her purple hair was in its short pig tails and the rest cascading down her back. She wore capri jeans that ended right below the knee and a pink t-shirt that had a black bow print right on the front. She wore black and pink sneakers. She only had two pokemon like Leaf and that was her Axew, which normally hung out in her hair and then Excadrill. Last was Dawn. She had her dark blue hair down except for the sides that were clipped back out of her face. Also on her head was her trust white knit cap. She still wore her pink shirt and white undershirt but changed her skirt to very short shorts. Her pink boots she had changed to white ones. Her pokemon were Bunnery, Piplup, Quilava and Togekiss. As they were walking Misty sudddenly herd a scream followed by may beginning to roll down a hill.

"May!" She screamed after her.

"Come on guys" Leaf said motioning everyone to follow suit.

Soorrryy it's short and boring but its finals and almost midnight. plus my sister wants her computer back. Freakin A. I'll update as soon as i can which will be propablly tomorrow. I'm hoping to get a couple chapters in.