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My Little Pony, Life is magic

Last time on My Little Pony,

Twilight stood over the deceased body of Celestia, tears running down her cheeks "Darn it you stupid foal, I loved you! I've always loved you! But you left me no choice and I must take your place and rule Equestria" she sighs "alone, thanks to you."

-Wait, that's not right-

"By the powers vested in me, I crown you, Derpy hooves, queen of the muffins!" A bishop stated to a cheering crowd of muffins, Derpy smiling tearfully with an ornate crown on her head, a diamond muffin perched at the top.

-Closer, but still not quite right. Maybe next time.-

Rarity looked up tearfully at a mustached Spike "I'm sorry Spike, but I can't leave Snips, I love him!"

Spike just twirled his mustache and wiggled his eye brows.

Rarity looked over at Snips and shrugged "Sorry honey but I can't argue with that."

Snips shook his head "I honestly don't blame you."

-Thats just ridiculous. Hang on, this is it-

Nurse Pony laughed "Of course it's not serious!" Applejack and Rainbow Dash sighed and smiled to each other "she's just about three months pregnant. It's completely normal for her to experience a little morning sickness."

"What!" The two exclaim, causing the nurse pony to real back in surprise.


Rainbow Dash sat curled up beside Apple Jack, scared out her mind.

"How could this happen? I'm not ready to be a mom yet! I haven't joined the Wonderbolts yet! I won't be able to fly when I'm huge! Oh no, I'm gonna get huge!" She starts to shake Applejack violently in panic "I won't be sexy if I'm fat!"

Applejack puts her hooves on Rainbows shoulders, first to steady herself, next to calm her girlfriend "Listen here Rainbow Dash, ah still love you no matta what. Ah don't care if you get huge or if you can't fly, yer mine thats all that matters."

Rainbow Dash gulped and nodded, still looking terrified beyond belief.

Applejack sighs "Look, let's try and figure out who the daddy of yer baby is and see what we can do from there."

Rainbow Dash nods "Alright, If I'm really three months p-p-p *Gulp* pregnant, then I think what ever did this happened at Twilights party."

Applejack smiled "Good thinkin sugar cube. Now all we's gotta do is figure out what boys were attending."

Rainbow Dash though, hoof tapping her chin "Well, I think Twilight invited that book guy. Your brother was definitely with Rarity, and I think that's it, unless you think Spike..."

Applejack snorted, stifling a laugh "Do yall think thats possible? Ah mean, I ain't one to discourage interspecies relationships, but I doubt Spike has the gumption fer a pregnant pause, much less knockin' up a full grown pony."

Rainbow Dash sighed "I know but at this point, I don't want to rule out any possibly."

Applejack sighed "Alright. Lets go see Big Mac first, since we know where he's likely ta be."

Rainbow Dash nods and the two mares run off to find Big Macintosh.


Big Macintosh and Rarity were out having a light stroll, enjoying each others company.

"Sigh, isn't the weather just beautiful my dahling? Exquisite for a stroll." Rarity said, holding a frilly lavender parasol above her head.

"Eeyup." Big Mac answered simply.

"There he is!"

Rarity and Big Mac look up to see Rainbow Dash and Applejack running towards them at top speed, a cloud of dust behind them.

"What in the world is wrong you two?" Rarity asked, blocking the dust kicked up by the two mares with her parasol.

Rainbow Dash ignored this and got right up in Big Mac's Face "Did you have sex with me at Twilights party?"

Big Macintosh blanked "What? No! Why'd you even think that?" he stammered, shocked at the pegasus' accusation.

"Because I may very well be pregnant with your kid!" Rainbow Dash cried, tears welling in her eyes.

Rarity gasped and ensnared Rainbow Dash in a huge bear hug "EEEE! Congratulations dahling! This is so great, now I've got two models for my new baby clothing designs."

Applejack tilts her head "Wait, who else is pregnant besides Rainbow Dash?"

Big Macintosh smiles "Derpy Hooves, the mail pony."

Applejack blinks "The one with the funny eyes? Ah think we saw 'er git married when me an' Dash here hooked up."

Rainbow Dash smiled weakly "Well, least I know I'm not the only one who's having a filly."

Rarity nods "Yes and you want to know something interesting?"

Rainbow Dash shrugs "Sure, what?"

Rarity grins "Well, you didn't hear it from me, but I heard that Derpy actually asked Fluttershy to be the Filly's Godmare."

Raindbow Dash and Applejack are speechles as Big Mac shakes his head with an amused smirk "Rarity you are such a gossip."

Rarity giggles and pecks Mac on the cheek "A girl needs a hobby my dahling Macintosh."

Applejack smirks "Hey sugar, ah got the feelin that Big Mac ain't the baby daddy."

Rainbow Dash sighs and nods "Yeah. I don't think he'd cheat on Rarity either. Besides, I may not remember that party all that well, but I do remember he and Rarity were together for most of the night."

Rarirty looks back at the two Filly-Foolers and smirks "I could have told you that, we were on Twilights sofa for pretty much the whole night."

Applejack makes a icky face "Ah really didn't need ta know that."

Big Mac chuckles "Sorry sis."

Rainbow Dash sighs "So do you happen to know where Twilights friend went? You know, the booky guy?"

Mac thinks "Book Worm? He lives in town down the street a bit from Sugar Cube Corner. Gotta say, ah don't think he's your guy. He's pretty shy, had a heck of a time talking to Twilight without blushin brighter then ma' coat."

Rainbow Dash tilts her head "How do you know that?"

Mac smiles "We and some of the other guys from town do some fishin for Fluttershy so she can feed her ferret buddies."

Applejack puts a hoof on Rainbow Dashes shoulder "I can vouch fer that, Big Macintosh and his friends go on a fishin trip least once a month."

Rainbow Dash sighs "Fine. But I'm still going to talk to him."

Saying their goodbyes, Applejack and Rainbow Dash head back into town, leaving Rarity and Big Mac to finish their walk.

"So my Dahling Mac, why'd you want to walk to my favorite garden anyway?" Rarity asks, looking at the beautiful rose bushes in front of her.

Big Macintosh smiles and and bends down in front of Rarity "Well, we've been dating fer a while now and I'm certain this is true love. Rarity, I want to be with you more than anythin' in the world." he gulped "Will you marry me?"

Rarity gasped and started peppering Big Mac with kisses "Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!"

Big Mac laughed "So is that a yes?"

Rarity planted one last long, sloppy kiss on Macs mouth before nodding "Yes."

Mac smiles and hugs her "Ahm glad."


By the time Applejack and Rainbow Dash reach the Sugar Cube Corner, they can easily spot Book Worm down the street, signing the clip board in Derpy's teeth. As the grey pegasus flies away, Book Worm picks up a small brown package and takes it inside.

The two mares run down the street and knock on the Unicorns door. Opening the door wide, Book Worm stepped out "Yes?"

Rainbow Dash tackles him and starts shaking him "Why'd you do it huh? Some kind of sick fetish you dirty freak?"

"What did I do!" Book Worm stammers, horribly confused.

Applejack stops Rainbow Dash and looks at Book Worm pleadingly "Rainbow Dash is pregnant Book. I just wanna know, did you have sex with her? I don't care if you did, I'm more then willing to raise the filly with her, but we need to know if the kids gonna have any weird magic powers."

Book Worm blinked "Rainbow Dash is pregnant? Now? For how long?"

Applejack shrugs "Doc says she's three months along. We think she got knocked up at Twilights party."

Book Worm sighed in relief "Then I'm definitely not the father. At the party, me and Pinkie Pie danced and then Twilight got jealous so she started making out with me after you two left her room."

Rainbow Dash held up her hooves "Wait, you saw us come out of Twilights room?"

Book Worm nods in comply "Yeah. Applejack said she wanted a favor from Twilight and you all went to her room. I remember a lot of weird noises, shouting and Spike saying something."

Rainbow Dash roared in anger, causing Book Worm to hide behind a chair and Applejack to jump. "I knew it! This is all Spikes fault, the little weasel!"

Rainbow Dash then flies out of Book Worm's house and towards Twilight's, Applejack close behind after apologizing to Book Worm.


Rainbow Dash and Applejack reach Twilights house, Rainbow Dash busting through the door, knocking Twilight off a ladder. Casting a glare at all corners of the room, gaze landing on Twilight "Where is he!"

Twilight groans and looks up at Rainbow Dash "Who, Spike?"

Rainbow Dash nods "Yeah! That stupid lizard got me pregnant! So now I'm gonna skin him and have Rarity make me some rockin' maternity shoes!"

Twilight sighed as Applejack enters the door way "I was afraid of this. Guys, I've got something to confess." she starts as she pulls a familiar book off the shelf and flips it open to the marked page.

Rainbow Dash looked at the book "What's a book got to do with it? Are you saying the book got me pregnant? That's dumber than Snips and Snails."

Twilight smiled nervously "Well, the book did in a way, but I helped, and so did Applejack." she said, earning confused looks from both.

"I'll explain. Sometimes in history, a society finds itself on the verge of extinction, so they had unicorns develop a spell that would allow two mares to create a child by mixing their DNA." Sniffing Twilight burst into tears "You and Applejack asked me to perform the spell because you both thought it'd be great to raise a kid together. I'm so sorry guys, it's all my fault, I ruined our friendship."

Rainbow Dash and Applejack drank this new information in. Rainbow Dash started to hiccup slightly before breaking into a fit of laughter, tears streaming down her cheeks "Oh thank Celestia! This is the best news I got all day!"

Twilight and Applejack stare at their friend "Wait, you're happy about being pregnant?" Twilight asks, more confused then before.

"Well, I'm not sure I'm happy about it, but I definitely feel better. I was so worried Applejack would hate me for getting knocked up by some colt. I couldn't stand having Applejack mad at me, it'd break my heart."

Applejack trots over and nuzzles Rainbow Dash "Aw sugar, I could never hate you. Nor did I believe for a second you betrayed me. Remember what your element of harmony is? Loyalty! If I had to depend on anypony to have my back, it's you. I knew there was a logical, if weird, explanation to all of this. Though honestly I was betting on Big Mac doing us a favor so we'd at least have the same gene pools involved."

Rainbow Dash shut her eyes "Gross, but I accept it."

Twilight sniffed "So neither of you are mad at me?"

Rainbow Dash smiled and hugged her "No. I might be scared at the prospect of being a mom, but it's the filly of somepony I love deeply and I wouldn't have it any other way."

Applejack hugs the both of them "Aww come 'ere you guys."

Twilight Sparkle laughs, happy her friends stuck with her and stops "Oh, just a warning, since we performed the spell drunk, there's the chance there'll be some unexpected side effects."

Rainbow Dash sighs and kisses Applejack "As long as I got Applejack by my side, I can take anything that it throws at me."

-Possibly on the next episode of My Little Pony, Life is magic-

Penman is strapped to a large metal table, a lazer slowly inching towards him. Pinkie Pie watches, stroking Gummy, laughing maniacally.

"Do you want me to talk Pinkie Pie?" Penman asks, growing nervous.

Pinkie Pie shakes her head "No Mr. Author, I want you to party!"

Penman blinks "Sure! Why not? Did this really need me to be strapped to a death trap?"

Pinkie Pie giggles, now sounding more like her zany self "I thought it'd be fun. Now lets see, this should shut off the lazer..." she says poking a button.

What came next was not the sound of a lazer shutting down, but a lazer hitting something and a pained scream of "MY LIVER!" from the author.

"Whoopsie doodle."

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