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His Favorite Customer

Chapter One: The Best Italian Restaurant Ever!

(Chinotto is a soda drink made from an aromatic citrus fruit called "bergamotto", which grows exclusively in a tiny corner of Calabria.)

Antonio's POV:

A curly haired brunette heads out of his school when the last bell rings, running to a small red sports car that two boys are waiting for him in. The blonde in the driver's seat smirks at him. "What took you so long, Tonio?" The silver haired teen in the passenger's seat grins. "Held back by another teacher, Antonio?" Antonio frowns as he jumps over the door into the back seat, since the top is down. "Yeah…I got into another fight with that kid Nate from the Netherlands…"

The blond looks back at him annoyed. "You get into trouble with him all the time…" Antonio sighs sadly. "You don't know the half of it, Francis. That guy hates me. Just because his sister has a thing for me. I don't even like her!" Francis snickers. "You don't like anyone. I'm starting to wonder if you're asexual." Antonio pouts and looks over to the silver haired teen. "You don't think I'm an asexual, do you Gilbert?" Gilbert shrugs. "I don't know. You've never shown interest in anyone…"

The brunette groans and sits back in his seat. "It isn't my fault I don't like anyone around here. At any rate...it's Friday. So where are we eating?" Gilbert grins back at him as Francis begins driving. "Somewhere new and awesome!" Antonio looks at him with new interest. "Oh…? Where is this?" "The new Italian restaurant! It's run by that Vargas family that just moved here! Maybe they have some cute kids waiting on tables~!" Francis coos and Antonio pouts. "Family owned places are expensive. I can't afford that!"

Gilbert laughs. "Don't be such a cheapskate! It's really good food and all the people who have gone say the food is really cheap!" Antonio sighs. "Alright. Italian food is awesome after all." "That's the spirit!" Francis and Gilbert exclaim in unison.

Romano's POV:

A small brunette teen sits on a stool, spinning on it in boredom. "Why couldn't we start school today, exactly?" He mumbles and a tall muscular version of him grins at the pouting boy. "Because, Romano! Who starts school on a Friday?" Romano stares at the ground annoyed. "Someone who would rather go to school than have to deal with stupid customers all day…" The older man gasps. "How could you say that figlio mio? They are our source of income! You must LOVE them!" Romano rolls his eyes and points to the boy further down the bar spinning rapidly in his stool as a never ending stream of the word/sound/whatever 'veee~!' comes from him. "THAT is more your son than I am."

His father laughs and pats him on the head. "You and Feliciano are both equally my sons. Along with your adorable little brother Marcello~! Ahhh I remember when you were all still little~! Feliciano was always drawing and playing with other kids, you were always working on the garden or cooking, and Marcello was always playing in the water and bringing random animals home~!" Romano rolls his eyes. "Yeah, it's a shame we had to leave because you couldn't keep it in your pants." Romulus sighs. "Say what you will, but the fact your mother gave me custody of you three is all that matters to me. We could be anywhere in the world and it wouldn't matter as long as you boys were there!"

Romano blushes and pouts. "Yeah…well…I'm sorry if I'm not as happy about my mother giving me up for a house as you are." Romulus frowns and pats him on the head. "I'll find you a new mom, ok~?" The teen rolls his eyes. "And then you'll cheat on that one." Romulus laughs nervously. "Y-you might have a point there…" They both stop their conversation when the youngest boy, a light brown haired boy almost identical to his brothers, comes out from the kitchen and flips the sign on the door to open. "Ok! Break is over~!" Marcello exclaims and Feliciano cheers. "Yay~!" Romano and Romulus share a look before the teen goes in the back to change.

When he comes out in his waiter outfit he goes up to a group of teen boys. "Welcome. Or, as they say it in my homeland, benevuti." Romano says the stupid speech his father had them memorize to say to the customers as he shifts his balance from one leg to the next, trying to get accustomed to the new shoes he bought today for work. "I will be your waiter, or cameriere, for the evening." He says as he shoves some menus into the hands of the brunette in the front of the trio. "Please take these menus and follow me to your seat."

The smaller teen sits the three older boys in a booth next to a beautiful angel statue. "Can I get you anything to drink? Or perhaps something to snack on?" He asks and the blonde smiles up at him with a look in his eyes that makes Romano's skin crawl. "For a snack I will have you covered in whip cream~!" Romano blushes and feels his left eye twitch and notices the brunette kick the blond under the table and send him a dirty glare as their silver haired friend snickers. "Ahahah…so funny…like I haven't heard that one before…" The teen mumbles before looking at the curly haired brunette. "What do you want?"

The brunette's eyes widen, as if he momentarily forgot he was in a restaurant, which judging by that stupid look on his face is a possibility. "U-um…uh….oh! A glass of chinotto! Yeah, that sounds really good~!" The older teen says happily and Romano looks at him surprised. "You're going to have an Italian drink…?" The brunette smiles at him. "Of course! I am at an Italian restaurant! Might as well make the best of it!" Romano feels a small smile twitch to his face for a second, before going back to his frown. "Alright…what do you two want?"

The silver haired teen grins at him. "Pepsi!" The blonde smiles flirtatiously at Romano. "I'll have some ice water." Romano heads off, rolling his eyes in disgust. "Ugh…it's always the same…" He mumbles when he gets into the kitchen with Romulus. "Oh? What's always the same?" Romano leans up against a counter and sighs. "All that people get here is pizza or spaghetti. Along with soda or water. And if they DO get a drink that's Italian it's usually a wine, or they get that and then, of course, a goddamn pizza thinking that the drink is enough daringness from them. GOD I hate people…" Romulus laughs a little and pats him on the head. "People come for the foods they like. And we've only been opened two days. Just be happy that we are getting business. And aren't you the same with anything involving potatoes? You don't even try anything with them~!"

Romano scowls and looks away in annoyance. "Whatever…I'm just saying…if even just ONE customer ordered something different…I would be happy." Marcello scoffs as he heads out with some drinks. "I doubt that, fratello."

Antonio's POV:

Antonio glares at Francis. "QUIT hitting on our waiter." Francis sighs dreamily. "But he's so cute~! I don't even think one night with him would be enough~!" Gilbert rolls his eyes and Antonio stomps on the blond's foot under the table. "He has no interest in you. Leave it be. You'll just make dinner awkward." Francis looks at Antonio suspiciously. "You never cared before…" Antonio blushes and looks at the statue next to their table. "N-no…I cared before…but this kid isn't interested…so just…"

Francis and Gilbert look at each other, sharing a knowing smirk. "I see…" The waiter comes back and hands them their drinks. "So…what can I get you?" He asks and Francis smirks at him. "Your name and number." The waiter's hands begins to twitch in anger and Antonio notices this, kicking Francis in the shin. "I'll have…the chicken and eggplant parmesan~!" Antonio coos and notices the boy look at him shocked again. "O-ok…" Francis reaches out and lightly touches the teen's arm to get his attention. "I will have a plate of your spaghetti."

The waiter rolls his eyes. "Of course…and you…?" He asks, looking over to Gilbert. "Oh! I will have a pizza! I have to bring something back for my little brother tonight since our parents are out." The waiter writes down their orders and leaves again. "Your parents are gone again? You should have told us! We would have let him come! Luddy is cool~!" Antonio exclaims and Gilbert shrugs. "He was hanging out with that Japanese kid Kiku…and your worst enemy Nate."

Francis suddenly lets out a purr, getting the attention of the now creeped out Gilbert and Antonio. "Look over there~! He has a twin~!" Antonio and Gilbert look at him confused before looking in the direction he's pointing and notice a boy who looks a lot like their waiter except this one is happy and bubbly. "He's sooo cute~!" Francis says creepily and the other two cringe. "W-well…they are both cute…I guess…" Gilbert mumbles, not really caring and Antonio shrugs. "I think our waiter is cuter."

Francis and Gilbert look at him shocked. "REALLY?" They yell in unison and Francis continues. "I mean, he's cute yes, but he is miserable!" Gilbert looks at Antonio confused. "Is that why you don't like anyone we know? Because they aren't super moody?" Antonio blushes and looks away. "I-I didn't say I liked the waiter like that! I just said he's cuter! There's a difference!"

"…I should come back later…" The waiter mumbles, looking away awkwardly and blushing. "AH!" Antonio notices the smirks on Gilbert and Francis' faces and glares at them. "You guys suck so hard." He hisses and Francis smirks. "Ohhh but I'm pretty sure it is YOU who wants to su-!" "PLEASE don't forget this is a restaurant, sir!" The waiter exclaims awkwardly and Francis smiles at him. "Of course, I didn't mean to offend."

The boy looks at him unconvinced. "Uhuh…anyways…do you need anything…?" Francis smirks. "I would like yo-!" Antonio kicks Francis hard in the knee and smiles at the annoyed waiter. "N-no! We're good!" The boy looks at him for a moment before turning and heading to another table. "What the hell Francis? You're being an idiot!" Antonio hisses and Gilbert looks at him confused. "We always mess with our waiter and make them uncomfortable…oh my god…you really do like this kid…" Francis looks at Antonio in shock. "Oh my god! It has finally happened? Hell has frozen over!" Antonio pouts. "I do not! I just don't think he's the type of kid you should bully!" Francis and Gilbert share a look before rolling their eyes. "Who would've thought a Spaniard would be so dense about love…?" Gilbert mumbles and Francis smiles at him. "Gil how could you forget? Spain is the country of passion! My country, France, is the country of l'amour~!"

Romano's POV:

Romano hurries back into the kitchen and begins hitting his head with an empty tray. "I! Hate! This! Restaurant!" Feliciano comes up to him confused. "Ve~? What's wrong, fratello?" Romano presses his head against the tray, hiding his blush. "I hate the customers already!" Feliciano frowns. "Were those teens you're waiting on mean to you?" The older Italian looks at his brother. "N-no…of course not! And if they were I could handle it on my own!" He goes and finishes the orders they placed before heading back out.

He heads up to the trio's table, noticing that the brunette isn't there. "Ah~! Our food! How fast!" The blonde coos and the silver haired boy's eyes light up. "FUCK YEAH! AWESOME!" Romano rolls his eyes and leans forward to place the brunette's food at his spot. The blonde takes this opportunity to reach for his ass but gets stopped by the brunette. "What are you doing, Francis?" The brunette asks and Francis laughs. "Nothing, Antonio~!" Antonio glares at him and Romano backs away. "Right…well…enjoy your meals…" He mumbles as Antonio glares at the silver haired boy. "Keep him in line, Gilbert!"


Romano hands them the check and hurriedly checks them out. "Later, little waiter~!" Francis coos and Gilbert rolls his eyes. "You can be so lame at times…" Antonio stays behind as they leave and Romano glares at him. "I'm not giving you my number or anything like that." The taller brunette blushes. "N-no! That's not what I want! I-I-! I wanted to apologize to you for them!" Romano raises his brow in confusion. "…Why?" Antonio looks at him embarrassed. "B-because I think I like you. A-and I know you wouldn't date me on the impression I made today…so…"

The Italian crosses his arms and looks away blushing. "Well then…if you like me so much…come here without that blonde." Antonio smiles brightly. "Right! I definitely will, mister waiter!" Romano watches him leave and mumbles. "I-it's Romano…" Antonio stops and smiles back at him. "Have a nice night, Romano…" Feliciano runs over to Romano and smiles. "He was cute, fratello~!" Romano twitches. "…I guess…" The older brother huffs and goes to clean up the table, noticing a number with the name Antonio next to it and blushes.

"Ugh…probably that Francis guy's way of trying to get in my pants…" He mutters and crumples up the piece of paper before setting it in his pocket. "I-I can't throw it away where someone can read it…" Romano says to himself. It's not like he saved it because the handwriting was completely different from the way Francis signed the receipt. He doesn't want to see Antonio again, really he doesn't.

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