His Favorite Customer

Chapter Nineteen: Seven Years Later

It has been seven years since Antonio left his family. The entire thing has actually gone surprisingly well. He lived with Francis through high school and part of college, which he got into with a bunch of financial aid and scholarships. When Romano graduated they went out and looked for a place, finding a nice apartment in town that is no more than fifteen minutes from everyone.

Romano and Antonio themselves have been doing well, in fact tonight is the night Antonio plans to propose. Antonio graduated a year ago and now has a steady job as a higher position in the restaurant, where Romano is close to graduating in the culinary arts and business. This way he can own the restaurant when his father gets old like Romulus, and he himself, wants.

"Hey Antonio, what are you spacing out about?" Romano asks, making Antonio blush.

"H-huh? Me? N-nothing!" He says nervously and Romano rolls his eyes.

"Whatever you say…idiot." Romano huffs, sitting down beside him on the couch. "So, I was thinking, tomorrow is the grand graduation party for everyone at the restaurant and…" He trails off, looking at Antonio again. "Your face is bright red…it's creeping me out."

"U-um…heheheh! Hey! Why don't we…go out for dinner?" Antonio asks and Romano shrugs.

"Alright, sure." Romano mumbles as Antonio mulls over different ways to propose to him.

"Great! Um…so…let's go get ready!" Antonio exclaims, jumping up and heading to the bedroom.

"Oh god…he's got something stupid planned…" Romano groans before going to change into something nice. After finishing he heads back downstairs and sees Antonio standing there.

"I'm done! Are you ready?" Antonio asks, a little calmer.

"…I suppose…" Romano says and Antonio smiles.

"Great! Let's go then!" He says, taking Romano's hand. Leading him to the car, Antonio drives them to Romano's absolute favorite restaurant, aside from his family's. "Here we are!"

"Th-this place is way too expensive!" Romano exclaims and Antonio laughs a little.

"Don't worry about it, querido~! It's your graduation weekend, I am going to shower you with stuff!" Antonio says happily and Romano frowns.

"Y-you don't have to…"

The Spaniard sighs. "You did when I graduated, and now I make a bit more than you, so can't you just let me do something nice?"

"Something nice would be fine…but I know you won't stop at one thing, you will continue going for weeks if you can with random gifts and gestures and-!"

"Alright! I'll keep it to just tonight." Antonio says, smiling at him.

"…Alright." Romano mumbles and Antonio leans over, kissing him on the cheek.

"You need to learn to let me spoil you." Antonio whispers into his ear, earning an annoyed huff from Romano.

"Whatever…" Romano mumbles as he begrudgingly follows Antonio to the car, which Antonio drives to a high-end restaurant in town. "Ours is nicer.." The Italian whispers under his breath and Antonio laughs.

"Of course it is! Nonetheless, try to enjoy this place." Antonio says, flashing Romano a smile.

"Whatever…" Romano groans, looking away. Dinner goes nicely, aside from a few nervous actions from Antonio as he decides where to propose. Putting it in the desert would result in it being completely eaten before he gets a chance to ask, as would putting it in the wine. Just pulling it out and asking would probably embarrass Romano too much and make him say no solely for the fact that a bunch of people would be watching.

Antonio finally makes his decision and after the mean he takes Romano to a nearby park. It is set at the top of a damn, a gazebo placed on the edge near the fairly large man-made waterfall. Bringing Romano to that spot, he sits on a bench and stares out at the water, working up the nerve to ask.

"So…what are we doing here?" Romano asks, sitting down next to him. "This is sort of a random place to come…" He says, looking at Antonio suspiciously. "Nothing weird is gonna jump out and surprise us is it? You don't have everyone hiding with some strange surprise celebration in mind do you? Please say no."

"N-no, Lovi. It's just us here, I swear." Antonio says and clears his throat nervously. "U-um…let's see…how do I say this…? Something everyone will experience, that will keep them going, is love. What kind of love that is will not matter in the long run, all that matters is they have someone who they hold up high and will do anything for. Everyone has at least one person they love, those who are lucky have their love returned.

"Every smile aimed at me from you is a gift, every hug a treasure. Many take these acts for granted, but I never will. I remember how when I first fell for you I was terrified you would never return it. Some people would find that sad, but I'm happy about it. Thanks to that, I now appreciate you more than I probably would have if you just immediately jumped into my arms. I appreciate your acceptance of my foolish ramblings, unfunny jokes, occasional selfishness, and neediness."

"Um…Antonio…" Romano mumbles, getting silenced by Antonio.

"I'm sorry, I'll stop rambling and just ask, I suppose…um…Romano, would you marry me?" Antonio finally asks, growing nervous under Romano's surprised stare. "Y-you don't have to! I will just-!"

Romano quickly cuts him off. "Of course I will, you idiot!
He exclaims, leaning forward and hugging him.

"Wow…really? That easily?" Antonio asks, surprised at how easy that was.

"That easily? Just what does that mean?" Romano asks annoyed and Antonio smiles nervously.

"I-I'm just so used to everything being a hassle when I want to move ahead in our relationship." Antonio answers awkwardly. "I-I'm not complaining, believe me!"

Romano shrugs; he can't really deny that things have been pretty difficult from time to time. Well, more accurately, he's been difficult. Since Antonio didn't blame him though, he's not going to apologize for it. "So…where's the ring?" He asks and Antonio pulls out a simple golden wedding band with their names on the inside. "Oh thank god you didn't get a diamond!"

"Well of course not…I mean, if you wanted one I would get it, but I figured you would rather have something less showy…and girly." Antonio says, proud of himself, and Romano kisses him on the cheek.

Wanna go home?" Romano mumbles, staring down.

"Huh? I was gonna go to the restaurant and tell everyone you said-!" Antonio stops, noticing a familiar blush on Romano's face. "Oh…ohhh…yes. Yes, let's go home!" He exclaims, grabbing Romano's hand and darting to the car.

A few hours later Antonio drags Romano to the restaurant, which has closed for business. He leads his fiancé inside, past all of their friends who are cleaning, and up onto a table. "Guys! Guys! Guess what?" Antonio hollers, getting everyone's attention. "Lovi said yes!"

Romano stands there, bright red from embarrassment. Thankfully everyone notices his flustered appearance and calmly congratulate them. Everyone except Francis and Gilbert of course. After Romulus helps Romano down and leads him to the bar for a drink, he is replaced on the table by the two men who begin cheering and excitedly congratulating Antonio.

"Ah…my little Romano is getting married, huh?" Romulus sighs, leaning against the bar counter. "I suppose Feliciano and Ludwig will be next…" He mumbles, staring at his glass of wine.

"They better not!" Romano says annoyed and Romulus laughs a little, patting him on the head.

"Well, nonetheless, since this is such an important occasion, I shall help in the arrangements!" Romulus exclaims and Romano twitches.


"Oh I'm so happy to hear that!" Antonio exclaims, coming up to Romulus. "I have some great ideas I would like your opinion on! Like a fountain at the reception!"

Romulus grins. "Oh yes! A chocolate fountain!"

"That sounds delicious! You are a genius, boss!" Antonio says and Romulus pats him on the back.

"It's dad now, Antonio! And I know I am!"

Romano watches in horror as his father and fiancé begin to make details, not bothering to get his opinion. "Dear god what have I done…?" He groans and Matthew comes up.

"Ah, don't worry about it! Your dad is amazingly good at this sort of thing for a straight guy!" Matthew teases.

"So…what you're saying…is those two idiots are going to make this thing overly elaborate and unbelievably embarrassing." Romano grumbles and Matthew laughs.

"That's right! Have fun with it!"

"Son of a bitch!"

A/N: Dear god this is a horrible ending...I'm so sorry! YOU ALL DESERVE A MUCH NICER ENDING THAN THIS CRAP! LIKE THE ACTUAL WEDDING! However, I do not write weddings. Far too cheesy. It killed me to write this for christ sakes. I mean...ugh. Cheesy romance of cheeesyness...(Why do I write romance again? lD) Anyways, I'm so sorry it took so long to write this, and that it isn't too good...but it's the best I could come up with. I seriously suck at final chapters. Like, for realz yo.*shot* Anyways, this is the end. Thank you so much for actually reading all of this, you guys are the best~! *Cough* Yeah, so, um...ciao.