Lia walked along a road in the rain. It wasnt cold but it had an odd sensation dropping through her. Still she truged along the road in an illfitting bikini and bare foot. The bikini was a mistake, it barely covered her naughty bits. It was last years bathing suit, her mother said she would buy her a new one but had failed to. Now Lia had to walk in a wet purple bikini and wet hair. No matter what she did she was still soaking wet. She also couldn't rember what had happened to her. Faint memories, but nothing solid. She rembered going on vacation with her family but not how she got to this place. She was so lost in thought that she almost missed an older boy laying on the other side of the road. At first she just thought he was regular until she could see him in sharper focus.

"Hey! Hey! Hey guy!" she ran aross the street waving her arms wildly. When she got to him she seen he was sleeping. For minute she didn't know what to do, then she thought he was still human. So she walked back a few steps and kicked him in his back. He jumped up and started yelling.

"Hey what the fuck man!" he looked bewildered and rubbed his back. Then he focused on Lia and became a boy again, looking her up and down hungrily. He then leaned back alittle and oushed his hands in his pockets. "Hey honey."

"Really? Well looks like you were a waste of my time." Lia then turned on her heel and walked away from the guy.

"Oh man! I'm sorry. I haven't seen anyone in months. I don't know how to act around people." He said running behind her. He grabbed her arm to make her stop. Lia wipped around and yanked her arm out of his grasp.

"Don't fucking touch me creep. And why should I forgive you? You looked at me like I'm a piece of meat. I don't get down like that." This time she just stood and crossed her arms and looked at him. But she was kind of afraid. He was a big guy, atleast 6' and hefty. This guy could snap her in half if he wanted. But he didn't look like he would, he had gentle hazel eyes and a slow sweet smile. But looks can be decieving.

"Look I said I was sorry. What else can I give you? My shirt? Because you look like you need it." he said this with a smirk and this made Lia mad all over again.

"Screw you. Really go fuck yourself." and again Lia stomped away.

"Hey, I'm really sorry. I don't mean to be a dick. Please forgive me?" he called to her and for some reason she turned around and went back to him.

"I'm Lia." she held out her hand and he took it in his big warm hand.

"I'm Luke. Nice to meet you." He let go of her hand and put his hands in his sweater pockets, " So how old are you?" the pair started to walk along the road as the sun was rising higher in the sky.

"I'm 17 or was. I guess I'm still 17. What about you?" they had stopped at an intersection. Out of habit the two waited for the cars to pass and it was clear to go.

"I'm 17 too." they walked for what seemed hours in silence when Luke broke the silence, "So whats with the bikini?" he looked her up and down again.

"I don't know why I'm wearing this. I just woke up like this. What about you?"

"Oh well I'm sorry? Are you cold? Your hand was pretty cold. And your wet. It has to suck." he again put his hands in his sweater.

"I'm not really cold just chilled. You know? Like I could be warmer but I'm not uncomforable. I would like some clothes though, I feel alittle exposed." she looked down at her body and played with her wet hair.

"I bet!" at this he laughed untill he had tears in his eyes. Lia was mad at first then she too joined in. As the two conntiued walking and laughing they came up to a sign. They stopped laughing long enough to read it.

"Oh shit Lia. We are in San Fransisco!" he pionted at the sign and Lia just stared in awe.

"Could we have walked that much? Or were we closer than we thought?"

" I don't know. I think we were closer than we thought. Well now that we found a city lets go clothe you!" he grabbed her hand and they ran into the city, now not trying to avoid the cars and people. The pair ran for blocks just laughing and playing. Running through cars just to get the rush and people for the warm feeling. He had picked her up a few times and grabbed her around the waist, normally she would pull away and yell at him but this was different.

"Do you even know where we are? Or are you just running me in circles?" Lia asked him as they ran through a park and through a tunnel.

"Of course I do! We my pretty are on Haight and Ashbury! Lots of funky stores along this street. Maybe we can find a place to find you some clothes." he pulled her across Ashbury and down Haight. She looked around staring at all the colorful people walking down the street.

"Lia have you never been here?" Luke asked when he noticed her staring.

"No I have never been into San Fransisco. My mother didn't aprove. She is so boring." the two walking hand in hand came to a thrift store and walked in, "Will we be able to find anything here? Won't it be like everything else?"

"I don't even know. But maybe there will be things that are solid like the places along the road. Besides never hurt to try." he shrugged and let go of her hand and walked up to one of the racks and looked through them. In a few minutes his eyes brightened, " See negative nelly! I found something!" he pulled an old dress off the rack. The dress was from the 60's all black and ment to be skin tight.

"Its a bit much don't you think? Just to walk around in?" she said with a giggle hold the dress up to herself.

"Why you try it on anyways. Never know if we will find something else" he walked over to Lia and took the dress and unzipped it and gave it back to her. She took the dress and slipped into it. She then turned around and held up her hair so Luke could zip it.

"God! I can barely breathe!" she said holdong her chest, turning around to face him. Luke took one look and his jaw dropped.

"You look good though. Really gorgous Lia." he looked down at his feet and Lia marched over to a mirror. She did look good. But it was too much for the day time. She hobled over to the racks and looked some more. Soon she found a floral dress, it was kind of short but still pretty. She had Luke up zip her and put on the dress. It was a perfect fit.

"So what do you think?" she turned to face him flashing him the peace fingers, " All I need is shoes. Lets go look." the two kids walked over and found a pair of plain brown platforms. Lia tried them on and they fit like they were made for her. Luke had wandered off and brought back a pair of black hair chopsticks.

"You want to put your hair up?" he asked sheepishly holding out the chopsticks, she took them and wound her wet hair into a tight bun and out the sticks in to secure the bun.

"Now! Do I look good?" she did a little spin and he just took her by the had and lead her out of the store.

"Time to explore!" the pair started running again and disappeared into the crowds.