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Robert hummed softly to himself as he wrote up his sermon for the next week, the Hyms from the previous Sunday still running though his head. It was eerily silent, yet somehow calming to be in the Church at night. Robert loved it, the moon rising to shine through the bright stained glass windows and the pews shadowy and sleepy. It let him have a moment away for the world to fully appreciate the Lord, a place to think and be content.

At home he'd have to face Isobel, and even after ten years of knowing she had lied to him, of knowing she was a witch, the ache had not dulled. He loved her just as much, but he could never trust her, never be at ease around her.

The door creaked open as Robert crossed out another line of his sermon. He looked up, startled, only to see Minerva walked down the isle, skinny little arms swinging with her long black hair, as she approached him.

"Good evening Daddy," She greeted him, pulling the stool from the small piano the church owned and pulling it up beside his desk in the corner.

"Good evening cricket." Robert replied, pushing his notes aside. He used the nickname only he every called her by.

Minerva smiled warmly at him and peered over his shoulder. "Are you still doing the book of Ruth?"

"I am," Robert replied, his recent sermons had been covering the book of Ruth. It was Minerva's favourite part of the Bible. She loved Ruth's strong will and bravery in the face of hardship. It made Robert proud to see her sitting, straight backed in the front pew with her two-year-old brother, listening intently. She was very good at looking after wee Robbie while Isobel played piano. He loved his little girl to bits.

"You'll do really well on this part Daddy. It's one of my favourite parts of Ruth's story." She assured him, reading over what he'd written so far. Robert watched her. She seemed a little upset under her outward layer of calm. As she read she pressed her lips together. That's when he knew there was something wrong, it was her habit only when something was deeply troubling her.


"Yes Daddy?" She asked, raising her brown eyes to meet his.

"Are you okay?" His voice was tender, but Minerva looked defensive.

"Of course daddy," She said. Robert raised his eyebrows and watched in amusment as Minerva raised one eyebrow in return.

She broke first, dropping her gaze. "You don't want to know Daddy,"

"I do," Robert said warmly, enveloping her little cold hands in his big warm ones. "You know you can tell me anything. I want to know what's bothering you."

Minerva stared at the floor and sighed loudly. "Why do you have to sit out here?"

"I like it out here." Robert said, starting to see where she was going with that statement. He didn't want her to know about the deep lonliness that drove him to the one place he could stay calm. He wanted to portect her and keep her happy. "It's so beautiful in the Church at night."

"But why can't you sit at home with me and Mum, and little Robbie?" Minerva asked. There was a deep sorrow in her eyes and Robert felt touched by the motherly gaze. Minerva had always been protective of those she loved.

"I have work to do, and it's a little noisy in the house right now." He didn't want to tell Minerva it was because the sight of her mother hurt him sometimes, sometimes he had to escape. He was already afraid she'd guessed too much of the truth.

"We both know that's not the reason." She said, her voice direct. Robert flinched from her stubborn gaze, and the defiant tilt of her chin. "I'm not a child Daddy, I know you don't like being around m- magic."

Robert wondered if it was merely his imagination that Minerva had stumbled, about to say 'mummy' and not 'magic'. She was certainly smart enough to know what the centre of his pain was. He almost wished she wasn't as smart, then she wouldn't be hurting over the rift in the family. She would be so much more protected if she just didn't notice these things. He wanted to reassure her.

"That's silly Minerva, I'm so proud of your magic." He said firmly, and he saw Minerva's brow furrow. She could obviously hear the truth in those words. It was lucky she couldn't hear the words he'd left unsaid: It's your mother's magic that hurts me, her magic that makes me feel betrayed. So even though she never uses magic anymore, it still hurts to know she can. And she never told me. She never trusted me. She tried to hide a whole huge part of her life from me. She couldn't trust me. And now I can't really trust her.

"Then why do you hide here?" She asked.

"I don't hide here. This is just my workspace. Come on, I'll come back in with you now, Cricket." He stood and lifted his candle from the table. Minerva blew out the bigger lantern and Robert let the candle light the way down the isle, though the moonlight did that thoroughly enough. Minerva slipped her hand into her and walked beside him. She seemed happy that he was coming back in with her, even though she was still puzzling over his words. He could tell she hadn't let the matter drop. She was just confused by how quickly he'd given in. She didn't realise he'd do anything for her.

"So, has Robbie been good?" He asked, voice warm as he thought about his bouncing boy. Robert was a chubby, healthy, bonnie wee thing who was just beginning to talk well and Robert couldn't have been more proud.

"He's been great!" Minerva enthused. She seemed immediately distracted. "Just after you left he said my name properly, Daddy!"

"He didn't!" Robert gasped, elated by her happiness.

"He did, it was amazing. He's such a great wee brother!" Minerva laughed. "He was playing with my scarf and he started to eat it, so I pulled it out of his mouth and he gave me this stubborn little look and said 'Min-er-VA!' It was adorable! Mummy says he looked like you with that stubborn expression on! It was the cutest thing. She said he'll be a really handsome boy, the way he's growing up to look like his fa-"

Minerva suddenly broke off and Robert realised his hand had tightened around hers. He quickly loosened his grip and smiled at her. Quickly he spoke to cover up. "He really is handsome now. But he's doomed if he grows up like me! How could such a cute baby turn into such an ugly old-"

"Daddy!" Minerva said in exasperated tones, "Stop calling youself old and ugly. I think you look just fine!"

Robert laughed at the simplicity of her child assurance and Minerva joined in. She was such a sweetie, trying to defend him and make him feel better.

At that moment they reached the back door of their little house and Minerva swung open the door and waltzed in. Isobel was standing there to greet Minerva and kiss the top of her head, Robert balenced on her hip. Abruptly Isobel's beauty hit in with it's full force and her barely stopped himself from staggering. This happened sometimes. Minerva's voice jumped back into his mind... really handsome boy, the way he's growing up to look like his father. Pain shot through his chest at the thought. She was so beautiul, and she though he was goodlooking. Yet it didn't change anything. It didn't erase the lies. No amount of love could change the shattered mess of their relationship. Robert tried to shake it off before she noticed.

"Do you want to take Robbie? I'll put Minerva to bed. He had a big nap this afternoon, so he won't be sleepy for and hour or so yet." Isobel asked in her melodic voice, oblivious to his messed up feelings.

"Of course," He held out his hands for his son and Isobel passed him over. He settled Robert in his arms and glanced up to meet Isobel's eyes. They were filled with longing. His own heart hammered in response. She was so wonderful. Why did everything have to be so wrong?

"I love you," She whispered. He almost cringed at the unspoken but. Isobel looked up at him with a rueful smile and leaned closer. He couldn't help himself. He kissed her on the lips with all the fire inside him, but as the fire was quenched more seemed to rise up and take it's place. He wasn't satisfied. He wasn't happy. Would he ever be happy?

After an endless moment Isobel broke away.

"I love you too," He whispered in return. And again the but hung between them in the silence. But I will never trust you. Even as much as I love you. But things are still broken between us, but I'll never leave you or forget you. But you still hurt me every time I look at you... but but but but but...

But I'll keep on pretending I'm happy because the kids are here. And I'll be a good father and you'll be a good mother, and we'll keep them happy. Because they are more important then anything.

But that doesn't mean my heart isn't breaking.

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