Disclaimer: If I owned Heroes or Mysterious Ways would I be writing fanfiction?

Summary: Four VERY IMPORTANT Facts About Nathan Petrelli (And One About Peter)

Pairings: None

Explanation: This is a x-over between Heroes, and a little early 2000s oddball sci-fi show Mysterious Ways, which starred Adrian Pasdar (Nathan Petrelli). For those who don't know Mysterious Ways was about an anthropology professor who investigates miracles.

Four Very Important Facts About Nathan Petrelli (And One About Peter)

Four Very Important Facts About Nathan Petrelli

1. When he was 16 years old Nathan was caught in an avalanche while skiing. He should have died. No one knew how he survived. The only word the rescuers had to describe it was "miracle".

2. Nathan double-majored in college. His course of study? Political Scienceā€¦ and Anthropology.

3. In spite of the double-major Nathan graduated in three years. He was only 20 at the time.

4. Nathan's whereabouts during the 5 years between when he left the army and entered law school are completely unaccounted for. No one knows where he was during that time. Not even Nathan.

And One About Peter

(1.) Peter's middle name is Declan.

AN: So here's one very odd plot bunny I've had bouncing around my brain for a bit. I just had this awful need to let it out. I may continue in this universe, or I may not. It all depends on whether or not I have the time or energy to continue. Another factor is the fact that there's likely no audience...

Oh well it's still kind of fun.