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Uchiha Sasuke was what people would describe as perfect. He had gorgeous features such as his raven hair that girls would kill to just pet. He had endless dark eyes that made any woman and the occasional male swoon. He was a little taller than the average male. He was strong but that body was always hidden behind a finely pressed suit. No doubt he was beautifully built beneath his clothes. His skin was porcelain and perfect, not a blemish marked it except for the tattoo that he got in high school. If you asked him about it, he would not answer.

People were not worthy of that story.

Sasuke never believed in love in general. If you asked him why, he would not give you a reason. His only answer would be a no. If you asked if he ever loved before, he would sneer in your face. If you ever asked would he ever want to love someone, he would tell you to go fuck yourself.

Uchiha Sasuke did not believe in love.

He was just not attracted to the idea the idea, actions, or words of love.

None of it appealed to him.

The only love he had felt was one from his family and that was it. He didn't feel passionate or intimate love.

He was co-president of his father's company alongside his brother.

Uchiha Itachi had a love. He had the wedding ring to prove it. And every month he would ask if his little brother ever found a lover.

That question has not been answered from the first time to the time right now.

And after twenty-four years of life of the younger Uchiha, Itachi was desperate to get Sasuke a lover. Or at least put himself out there a little and try to meet someone.

But Sasuke would always refuse.

"When are you ever going to find someone and settle down?"


"Don't you want a lovely spouse at your side? It would definitely brighten up your life."


"Mother and Father are concerned. They want you to meet someone so that you're not so frigid. We just want what is best for you."

Sasuke's current existence was as the following: wake up, get ready for work, have breakfast (at home or out), go to work, attending to his duties at work such as papers or meetings, have lunch, more various work related things, go home, have dinner (also at home or out), get ready for bed, and sleep.

Even on his days off and weekends, he worked. He didn't have anything else to keep him busy. Not that he minded at all. Sasuke liked being by himself. Work kept him busy and he wasn't distracted by anything. He was a focused man.

Dating was a hassle.

One night stands he could do he didn't mind. He had to relieve some sexual tension built up in him every once in a while.

But marriage was something that Sasuke didn't seem to agree with.

His parents have been pushing him to get married ever since he graduated high school. They have set him up knowing that their son wouldn't pick someone to please them.

Sasuke would be damned if he were forced into an arranged marriage.

So no dating, no marriage, and most certainly not love.

Not until one fateful day…

When he finally found the one.

"Uchiha-san, your brother is requesting to see you." A voice on the intercom announced.

Sasuke, without looking up from his paperwork, sneered. Everyone knew that when Itachi was 'requesting' to see you, it meant 'I better see your face in front of mine in the next five seconds.'

He reached out and pressed button on the intercom and said back, "Tell him to leave me be."

But when his finger removed itself from the machine, Itachi opened the door. And behind him was another presence.

Of course Sasuke didn't need to look up to know. He just knew.

"Otouto, we have a new employee," Itachi said, "this is Uzumaki Naruto." He stepped aside to view the new employee to his brother.

"I-It's very nice to meet you." A soft but professional voice greeted.

Sasuke still didn't bother to look up and grunted a, "Hn."

"Uzumaki-san will be my new assistant. I thought I would introduce you. You will be seeing him more often." Itachi continued, knowing that Sasuke would eventually become irritated with his ever lingering presence.


"Otouto, say hi."



Sasuke growled and was ready to send his brother and new employee out by force. He was working and needed to focus on what he was doing! But his breath caught when he saw the new assistant. He was fucking breathtaking.

Sasuke had been awestruck from the moment he laid his eyes on Uzumaki Naruto. At first he thought that maybe it because that he had that extra cup of coffee the night before and had a bit of a hard time sleeping that he was so fascinated with the blonde. He shook it off the rest of the work day and continued on with his business.

It was just a new employee. They come and go. And he would be working with his brother so he probably wouldn't even last. Itachi loved being a handful to his assistants. It was a tough job to wait on him.

But after a month of seeing the blonde still around and he still found that he was fascinated with the blonde, Sasuke knew that he had to associate with him. He was feeling something different with the blonde and he had to pursue him.

He had never had this feeling after all.

Sasuke had never paid more attention to one human being. But who could actually pass by Naruto and not take a glance at him? He was a natural blonde (he had heard that around the office), his height slightly below average, average shoe size, he looked to be about average weight not being too big or too thin, and he had… amazing blue eyes.

He had never found himself paying so much detail to just one person.

"Good work on today Uzumaki-san. I am particularly pleased about today about your work." Itachi said when Naruto was ready to walk out the door. "You are very competent and I hope to have you around for a long time.

Naruto looked back and smiled at his boss. "Thank you, sir. I am honored."

Itachi nodded towards his younger brother and left for the elevator.

Sasuke glanced at Naruto who bowed to him slightly. "Have a good day sir." He said to him.

Sasuke looked at him strangely and Naruto wondered if he had done the wrong thing. He hadn't really had much interaction with the assistant ever since they were introduced. He had only been observing the individual from afar.

But he put on a calm face and said, "Thank you," and a, "how was your day Uzumaki-san?"

"It was productive. I like the employees and the atmosphere of the work place. I enjoy working here and I don't mind your brother's work. He works me hard but it's nothing I can't handle!"

Truthfully, Sasuke was glad that the blonde was enthusiastic about his workload. It meant that he could handle his brother and he would be around for a while.

"Very good Uzumaki-san. Have a good night's rest."

"You too as well!"

Sasuke's thoughts held only Naruto the rest of the drive home.

Never before had he seen someone so ethereal. It was almost like he was in a dream. But Uzumaki Naruto was real. And he was working for them.

Whenever he thought of the blonde or even saw him, he always felt his heart speed up a little. He wanted the blonde to notice him more; he wanted to see more of him.

Now Sasuke could say that he was in love.


With Uzumaki Naruto.

Uchiha Sasuke was now officially in love with Uzumaki Naruto.

He had never experienced such an attraction to anybody. And Sasuke would be damned if he would let this one man get away from him. Oh no, most certainly not.

But he couldn't just hit on Naruto out of the blue. He didn't work like that. He was going to get Naruto into the palm of his hand using his own methods.

He wasn't an Uchiha for nothing.

So over the span of the next few weeks, Sasuke slowly got to know the blonde better. Just general information: likes, dislikes, favorites, and whatnot.

But he wanted more than to just ask him questions in the middle of the office. So one day he actually got up the nerve to ask the blonde out.

"Uzumaki-san," Sasuke started, "would you like to get a cup of coffee with me?"

Naruto looked up at him and smiled. If Sasuke wasn't who he was, his knees would have gone weak and would have had to hang onto the wall for support. But he kept his composure and his hands in his pockets to hide that his hands had clenched in anticipation.

The blonde nodded and smiled. "Sure Uchiha-san, that sounds nice."

Sasuke had led them to a small café just a few blocks away. He ordered a black coffee while Naruto ordered tea. "So Uchiha-san…"

"Sasuke. You can call me Sasuke."

Naruto smiled and laughed, "Is that alright?" he asked in reassurance. Sasuke nodded. "Okay… Sasuke, how come you asked me to get some coffee with you?"

"Because I wanted to. Simple as that."

"Well I don't see you asking coffee to any other coworker. Why me?"

Sasuke never knew that he could be so direct. And observant that Naruto noticed that he didn't really ask any other person out. He cleared his throat before answering, "You just… interest me."

Naruto smiled and said back, "Well you interest me too Uchi… I mean Sasuke."

Silence ended the conversation. Sasuke was uncomfortable with it but Naruto seemed to be blissfully okay with the atmosphere. A waitress came by with the tea and coffee. The blonde thanked her politely. Silently he sipped the beverage and waited for his superior to speak, if he had anything to say.

"So… Did you move here?" Sasuke asked.

"I just moved into a new apartment. I've lived here a long time, I just switch between homes. Don't wanna stay in one place for too long." Naruto said with a smile.

Sasuke wracked his mind to come up with more questions. "I see. Do you room or live with anyone?" What he really wanted to ask if the blonde was in a relationship. He would fight anyone off to have Naruto to himself. But he knew that it was too early for that. He had to go by this carefully.

Naruto chuckled and shook his head. "Haha… No I live by myself. It's always been that way since I moved out of my parent's house. What about you Sasuke?"

"Yes I live by myself. Although Itachi seems to think he lives there as well. He comes by my apartment almost every week. The bastard doesn't leave me alone."

"Your brother must be very close to you then."

Sasuke clicked his tongue and sneered. "I doubt it. He goes out of his way to make my life hell."

Naruto just chuckled and continued to sip from his cup.

"Yo… Sasuke."


Said man looked up from his laptop to see one of his coworkers holding out a manila folder to him. "Here are those numbers you wanted." Shikamaru said with a hint of tired in his voice. "So what's up with you and Itachi's assistant?"

Sasuke looked back down at his laptop and continued typing. "What do you mean?"

"I mean that you're actually getting friendly with someone for once. Never seen you act that nice with anyone." Shikamaru said nonchalantly.

"Hn. Your point?"

"You like him or something?"

The clicking of the keys stopped and Sasuke looked up once again. He was ready to choke the lazy man, even though what he said was true. But he wouldn't admit that out loud. Or have his own subordinate accuse him of such a thing. "Go back to work Nara."

"Fine. But I don't know what you see in that guy. He is way too bright and happy for your tastes. He was singing some song about having a pocketful of sunshine in the copy room."

"Just go back to work Nara."


Sasuke walked into the elevator, pulling down his tie in aggravation. He was pissed off and it was all thanks to that blonde idiot! The doors opened again to reveal Shikamaru.

He walked into the elevator, ignoring that his boss was practically fuming beside him. But he just had to ask anyway, "How are you Sasuke?"

He got a growl as a response. "Fucking little dobe."


"The shitty little blonde idiot!"

"… Oh you mean Naruto. What did he do?"

"Good morning Uchiha-san." Naruto greeted when Sasuke reached the elevator.

Sasuke nodded his head toward him and muttered, "Good morning."

The doors opened and they both stepped inside. Sasuke was completely tense at having the blonde next to him. He wanted to break the ice. "How was your weekend Uzumaki-san?"

Naruto looked up in thought for a moment before smiling and saying, "It was good."

Shikamaru stared at his superior. What got him so upset? The blonde only said that his weekend was good. "I'm not sure what the problem is Sasuke."

Sasuke shot a glare at him and snarled. "Don't you fucking get it? He basically said that he spent the weekend bouncing on some random guy's cock that he hooked up with at the gym!"

In that elevator was an almost raging Sasuke and a confused Shikamaru, who begged for the contraption to go faster and get him to his floor. But his wish seemed to be ignored and instead it seemed like the elevator was going slower.

"I think you're reading too much into it Sasuke. All he said was that his weekend was good."

Sasuke clenched his fist and grit his teeth. "Whatever. Fuck the little dobe."

The doors opened and both men walked out of it.

Naruto smiled as Sasuke went pass by him. "Good morning Uchiha-san." All he received was a grunt and a passing glance. He watched as the younger Uchiha brother disappeared behind the door to his office and went off on his own business.

Sasuke, on the other hand, leaned against the door and sighed. How the hell could he stay mad at a fucking cute face like that?

He needed to get his mind off of Naruto.

Naruto was all he was thinking about lately.

Serisouly, he never believed in love before and now Naruto shows up in his life and turns his beliefs in love upside down.

He couldn't believe that this was happening to him. But he had no regrets about it.

"Otouto, come out to dinner with me."


Itachi stood across from Sasuke inside his apartment, having invaded his little brother's privacy once again. Of course if you asked, Itachi would merely reply that he has a right to invade Sasuke's life and apartment. Plus he knew how to get in his brother's apartment regardless if the lock was changed.

Uchiha's are who they are.

Sasuke was about to walk back into his room when Itachi spoke again. "I'm not asking you Sasuke. Come to this dinner with me. I have a guest."

"I don't want to meet some other business executive. That is your job Aniki. So leave me be."

"I didn't say that our guest or dinner had anything to do with business."

"Yeah, what was I thinking? This dinner is about you not leaving me to my own matters and life as an adult and wanting to pry and poke into my privacy. Itachi, I'm not going on this dinner with you so whoever you brought can suck my-"

"Itachi? Are we leaving yet?" a voice yelled from the hallway.

Both Uchiha brothers looked at the front door to see the recently employed blonde to their company standing there. Naruto smiled at both of them and asked, "Are we ready to go yet?"


Two Uchiha brothers and a Naruto sat at a private booth of a restaurant. Itachi calmly sipped from his wine glass filled with red wine, Sasuke kept his gaze away from the blonde who was scanning the view of the window next to their table. "So Itachi, what brought you to bring Naruto out to dinner?" he asked, suspicious of his brother's motives.

Itachi sipped his wine and answered in a monotonous tone, "I thought we should show our newest employee a new welcome."

Sasuke called bullshit in his head towards his brother. Itachi didn't ever 'greet' new employees to some fancy dinner. Not to employees that have been working for just two months. By that span of time, Itachi would have forgotten his own assistant's name and by now would be calling him 'duckie' or 'minion' because he refused to remember or ask.

He shot his older brother a look, which was pointedly ignored.

"So Naruto-kun, are you seeing anyone? Perhaps have a lover?" Itachi asked.

At the mention of Naruto having a lover, Sasuke leaned in a little. He wanted to know if the dobe was single or taken. If he was single then it would make his job a lot easier. He had yet to get the stage of his plan to ask Naruto about his relationship status.

Naruto smiled and shook his head. "No Itachi-san, I'm not seeing anyone."

Sasuke mentally cheered in his head. The dobe was single and was right for the taking. He wanted Naruto so bad. He was the strongest desire the young Uchiha ever had in his entire life. To claim what he had finally discovered and found after such a long time of misery, which would probably be his greatest happiness.

That and to bed the blonde.

"No boyfriends or girlfriends?"

"No Itachi-san. Currently I'm not seeing anyone."

"Perhaps booty calls? Any friends with benefits?"

"Nope, none of those."

Sasuke was about to strangle Itachi. His brother definitely knew of his interest in his assistant and this was his way of messing Sasuke's plan.

"I see. Are you interested in dating? Or perhaps falling in love?" he continued to ask.

But hey, he wasn't stopping his brother.

Sasuke was practically leaning against the table to hear what Naruto was going to say. He was anticipating his answer. "Dating is okay I suppose. There is nothing wrong with it. But falling in love? That's such a funny question to ask!" Naruto answered laughing.

If Itachi and Sasuke looked surprised, it wasn't showing. Naruto definitely looked like the kind that would believe in love and defend it and then live happily ever after and all that crap. He seemed too happy to not actually believe in love. They would have thought he was joking but taking a second look at him, Naruto seemed to be serious.

He didn't look like the type to lie about what he believed in.

Naruto was honest; he didn't believe in love.

And that bit Sasuke right in the ass.

Right when he finds Naruto, the one he believes that is truly the one, happens to believe what he used to think about love.

He may be an Uchiha but some things you just can't have exactly your way.

Naruto was one of them.

"That's surprising Naruto-kun. You don't believe in love? You don't look the type." Itachi asked. He truly was intrigued.

"Yeah, I mean marriage ends in divorce these days. Dating always gets complicated somehow. And falling in love? That's so funny! There's no such thing as love, it's fantasy." Naruto laughed, grinning the entire time. "People always complain about not having that one person to have for the rest of their life. They talk about having love but even when they get the person they want, suddenly it's a mistake. I honestly don't believe that love exists. It's a fantasy."

"You're wrong." Sasuke interjected. Both Itachi and Naruto looked at the other Uchiha strangely. "I think you're wrong Naruto."

The blonde smiled and tilted his head to the side. "What do you mean Sasuke?"

Sasuke cleared his throat, ready to speak. "I think you're wrong Naruto. I think love does exist. You're just missing out on it. Or you're just not giving it its chance to actually work on you."

"Okay Sasuke," Naruto leveled with the younger Uchiha, "tell me what I'm missing then."

"I think when you finally find someone, you'll know. You'll feel it. You'll feel afraid, maybe shocked because you haven't experienced it, but you'll have that feeling more and more. You'll associate those strong feelings with that someone. And then you'll realize… you're in love."

There was an awkward silence between everyone. No one knew what to say. It mostly surprise that they were feeling. Itachi had never even heard his brother utter the word love and now he was sticking up for it. Naruto felt awkward, having been challenged by his superior's brother on how he viewed love.

"I suppose that… we could just agree to disagree." Naruto said with a bit of strained smile.


But Sasuke knew that he would change Naruto's mind. He would prove him wrong and get Naruto to fall in love with him. He would contradict Naruto's views just as Naruto had done the same for him when he first saw him.

After dinner, Sasuke had walked Naruto to his apartment. At the front door they finally stopped and looked each other in the eye. They still held the awkward silence but they were ready to break it.

"Thanks for dinner Sasuke. Thank your brother too. I'm glad you accompanied us." Naruto said with a smile.

Sasuke nodded. "Sure. But just so you know, my brother was going to drag me if I didn't agree to go quietly."

"Well I'm glad you came with us willingly. So…I heard from Shikamaru that you like me."

In the back of the raven's mind, he made a mental note to kill that cloud gazing bastard. He would make sure that the next time he saw him the lazy man would be living in the clouds instead of longingly gazing at them from the roof of their building.

"As a friend right?"


"You like me as a friend right?"

"… Yeah… as friends."

Naruto smiled and laughed. "That's good. I hope we'll be very good friends! Good night."

"Good night."

Sasuke formulated his plan. He would prove him wrong.

He would make Naruto fall for him.

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