It was another disappointing end to the examinations for Sahashi Minato, yet again he failed to get into Tokyo University. He had black hair, and he wasn't anything special, he even dressed plainly in just jeans and a long sleeved shirt. It was a pattern that was quickly becoming apparent. He was an above average student who aced his way through elementary and high school, but his lack of confidence is really his biggest hurdle.
"Sorry ka-chan, I didn't get in this year either." he exclaimed to his mother through the phone. Failing the entrance exam for the second year running will destroy anyone's morale.
"Why don't you just get home!" his mother answered him. That was his mother all right, a tough and no nonsense woman, partly responsible for his belligerent lack of confidence.
"I... I want to try again." Minato said to his mother, hoping that she support her rounin of a son.
"Fine, but I'm cutting your allowance by half!" his mother said as she shut her phone down. Sighing he started walking away from the results board, towards the outside of the university campus, and probably to his boarding house. Seemed like a good plan to him at the time; he didn't have enough money to do anything anyway. As he was walking minding his own business he heard a voice, rather a voice yelling at him to get out of it's way. He looked around and so no one coming towards him... that was until he was hit by a soft thing coming from above.
"You ignorant monkey!" it yelled at him. It's teeth grinding together.
"Ouch, uhh, who are you?" Minato managed to say before he was picked up by the the collar of his short and shaken furiously.
"You dare ask my name you vile monkey!" it turns out that the soft thing was actually a woman, and a beautiful one at that. She had long blond hair, deep blue eyes, ample breasts, and a gorgeous figure, she was wearing a black dress that just took a good breeze for her skirt to be lifted. If it wasn't for the fact that he was being shaken like a rag doll, Minato would have been drooling just looking at her. He was looking at her in awe, while she on the other hand had a look of distaste.
"I, I'm sorry if I have offended you in anyway." Minato apologized to the girl, which much to his relief, set him down. Strangely, she had a blush on her face which only accentuated her appeal for Minato. The boy, due to the girl's blush stared at her in even more awe, he could feel that his own features also started to develop a blush.
"Wha... What are you looking at?" the woman said to him angrily, her deep blue eyes staring daggers at him.
"I, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare." Minato said as he set his eyes to the ground and he scratched the back of his head. The girl on the other hand was having a conversation within herself.'Who is this monkey? Why is he having this effect on me?' she asked herself. 'Could he be... my ashikabi?'.
"You, You're him aren't you? You're my ashikabi!" she shouted at him with even greater distaste.
"What's an ashikabi?" he asked at her a small smile on his lips. He was hoping that she wouldn't kill him.
"It doesn't matter! All you ashikabis are the same! All you want to do is to take advantage of us sekirei!" she shouted again; she started to form a ball of water on her right hand while she looked at Minato angrily. "I'll kill you even before you get a chance to touch me!" she declared again. Before she can hurl the water ball at Minato she was struck by lightning; she should have been hurt badly but she managed to stand up.
"Are the two of you ever going to fight fair?" she turned her attention towards two other women, who seemed to be twins wearing what could be described as bedroom leather.
"Just give up number 9, go back to M.B.I!" One of the twins started.
"Hikari, I think we should just give up, she's a single number after all." the other less hot tempered twin said.
"We got her cornered Hibiki, we can beat her." the other one, Hikari, said to her sister Hibiki.
"You shameless hussy! I'll definitely hurt both of you!" the blonde said to the twins. Minato couldn't understand much of what;s happening but he knew it was only a matter of time before the twins beat the other one, they somehow could control lightning, while the blond uses water; which conducts electricity nicely. He barely had time to blink before another lightning attack hit the blond dead on. Minato wondered why she didn't dodge the attack but as he looked at her legs he noticed that she had a wound on her right leg, thusly she couldn't move quickly enough. Minato weighed the options he had and came up with his answer; he was going to help this mysterious blond woman.
"Umm, do you mind leaving her alone, it doesn't seem fair that she has to fight both of you." he said to the twins as he made his away in front of the blond woman.
"I don't need your help you monkey!" the blond said; she definitely had pride in spades.
"Oh, it doesn't matter anyway." Hikari said with a grin on her face.
"Hikari, we aren't supposed to hurt civilians." Hibiki reminded her twin sister.
"Fine." Hikari said as she and her sister left the boy and the girl alone.
"Tha... Thank you." the blond said to Minato with a stutter.
"You're welcome, come with me, I'll treat that wound of yours." he said with a smile on my face. She on the other hand had a questioning look on her face. "Don't worry, I wont do anything you don't want and your free to go afterwards." he said with still a smile on his face. After thinking it over, she reluctantly agreed and with Minato's help they set off towards his boarding house.
"My name is Sahashi Minato, you can call me Minato if you want." he said to her in a friendly manner. His care and attention brought a deeper shade of red to her cheeks as she looked at the other side.
"I'm Tsukiumi." she said to him proudly.
"Well Tsukiumi-san, we're here. Let's get you treated." he said to her as he opened his door for her. Tsukiumi didn't plan on this happening, but she was starting to like her ashikabi, even if he wasn't yet.