A Future Of The Dark Lord

Voldemort looked to the witches and wizards kneeling down to him, forced by the Deatheaters standing behind them.

He looked to them and chuckled out. "You are defeated and I have decided to let you live. All of the Order is defeated along with the pitiful few that came to the battle other then the teachers of Hogwarts that foolishly supported you. I need them and allowed them to live."

The pale red eyed wizard leaned forward and tossed seven envelopes to the ground in front of the group. "There are names contained with my most faithful, my friends if I may call them that. Names that will ensure that you will not cause trouble in the future. You will be bound to them."

He pointed his wand to the group. "Pick the envelopes up now if you want to live!" He commanded.

Hermione whispered the group of six beside her. "We have no choice." Eying the seven masked Deatheaters standing behind Voldemort.

The group scrambled to pick up the envelopes. Harry opened his up revealing the name of Bellatrix LeStrange. "Oh Hells!" He muttered out.

Voldemort turned to the masked Deatheaters. "You know what I require." Watching the glow from Bella fade. "Take him and you can play with him but do not kill him. You know what I expect of you."

She cackled a mad laugh. "Of course my Lord." Walking down to the wizard with a scar and roughly pulled him up and Apparated away.

Voldemort chuckled. "One at a time now. Leave Granger for last."

Soon all was away with Hermione holding the envelope.

The Dark Lord looked to her in interest. "Open it Mudblood!" He sneered.

Hands shaking she opened the letter and looked at the name. The Dark Lord.

Hermione threw the letter down. "There was no chance with this as it was not random." She snarled out.

Voldemort stood from his throne and walked down to her. "Of course not and you are mine now witch."

Two Deatheaters held her arms back as she watched him approach her. He placed a long finger under her chin and forced her to look to him with defiant eyes. "You are full of spark Hermione Granger and I was warned about that."

He motioned to the remaining Deatheater standing behind him. "Come down here." He snarled out.

The masked Deatheater moved in front and bowed down. "You will educate her properly on my needs and come back with her in one week. I want my wife to know what to expect."

She watched the masked man nod and put a blindfold on her and Apparated away.

She gasped out at the suddenness of Apparation and felt sick throwing up as she felt a hand drag her along and tossed her onto a bed. She moved to close her legs and felt them spread ankles tied as the Deatheater quickly clasped her bound hands stretched out.

She was about to be raped.

She heard a phial clink to the floor and felt a body upon her. Oh Gods!

Hermione felt something and cried out in pain as the man forcefully entered her. There was a pause and she heard a muttered curse before the Deatheater continued to thrust into her. She cried out in pain, ignored by the man as he had his way with her. Soon she heard a grunt feeling the man ejaculate into her and immediately removed himself from her.

Hermione realized she was alone when she heard a door slam and cried bound to the bed.

And so it continued for a week, the unknown man having his way with her in unimaginable ways. It was worse when he beat her, when she did not do anything to illicit punishment. The worst was when he flipped her over and entered her ass with no warning or preparation. She felt hard hands grasp her shoulders as he fucked her, not caring if bruises were left.

She lost notice of time and felt the bonds removed and arms pick her up and took her away.

Hermione found herself bowed down looking up to the Dark Lord.

She heard Voldemort growl out. "Bind the others except Granger and stay."

The wizard spoke out complex spells and looked to the Dark Lord. "I have done what you commanded. They are bound for life."

Take your bounded away and remember what I require." He commanded and watched as all left except for Hermione Granger.

Voldemort looked to the blindfolded witch and walked down and grabbed her hand. "Do it now wizard as I discussed and you can go away safely and not a life vow as with the others."

The wizard quickly complied and watched the ribbons fade and heard the Dark Lord snarl. "Take him away!" Watching two of the Outer Order pull the priest away.

Hermione felt the blindfold that she wore for a week removed and looked into red eyes. "Wife it is time I attended to you! Most faithful one remain here and await my order."

She looked to the single Deatheater remaining as she was pulled from the room.

The Dark Lord threw her onto the bed and slowly removed his robes. "Hermione Granger, brightest witch of your age you will bear me a child."

Hermione screamed as he entered her.


Voldemort entered his throne room and motioned the lone Deatheater to him. "You will take her away and care for her throughout her pregnancy. I read your thoughts when you broke her and if you want to sully yourself you may as long as she bears my child."

The masked Deatheater spoke out. "My pleasure My Lord. I assure you that I have no interest in her."

Voldemort chuckled. "Deny it faithful one but it matters not in my scheme of things. Take her away until she gives birth to my Heir."

The masked Deatheater move past his Lord and pulled the unconscious witch to him and Apparated away.

He laid her on his bed and gently washed her body of dried blood and watched her eyes flutter open and slowly focus. She weakly tried to get away and he grabbed her hand.

"Still Hermione."

She remembered that voice from class at Hogwart's and watched the wizard remove his mask, obsidian eyes looking to her.

It was Severus Snape.