Rooster- When he gets hurt

Ox- When he gets annoyed

Snake- When she gets too emotional

Rabbit- When she gets scared

Sheep- When he gets tired

Monkey- When she gets excited

Tiger- When she gets angry

Dog- When he gets cold

Horse- When she makes any contact with a boy

Rat- When he gets sick

Dragon- When he gets wet

Pig- When he gets hungry

There was only darkness. Even with her excellent night vision, all she could see was endless inky blackness. Cold metal held her wrists and ankles in their steely grip, not allowing her to move more than a few inches. Damp concreted underneath her chilled her to the bone. Her wrists were still sore from where they had tried to slice them open, intending to kill her. Her own parents had tried to kill her. She lay curled on the bare stone floor, breathing in the scent of must and rotting vegetation.

A tray of tasteless food was pushed into her cell through a small shoot in the door. She crawled forward and took the tray. She sniffed it warily and turned away from the smell in disgust. She was very hungry though, so she took a careful bite. Although it was revolting, she choked it down so that the gnawing in her stomach would be held at bay. She shivered. She couldn't remember the last time she had been so cold. A single tear rolled down her cheek, but she quickly wiped it away. She had to be tough. It was the only way she would survive in this cruel world.

In that moment, something changed inside of her. Her heart closed and locked so it couldn't be opened again and her mind grew clearer than it had been in a long time. She steeled her resolve and let her instincts take over. Her ice blue eyes turned feral and she would never trust again.

She was cursed with the spirit of a white tiger, but now that curse would become her greatest weapon in her fight for survival.