a/n: This story came out of two places. First, my friend and I were having a debate over mermaids reproducing (seriously, who hasn't thought about that?) and I was set on them laying eggs like fish. Then I was thinking that Ariel would have no idea what sex was. And thus this came about. Second, I have no life and must condemn myself to writing characters into sexy situations. I actually have a pile of these 'first times' lying about in my files. So I've decided, if I'm bored, might as well polish them up and post them.

The First Time

Ariel and Eric from 'The Little Mermaid'

The crowd cheered as Ariel and Eric kissed one last time before retreating up to their room. Ariel wasn't sure what all the fuss was about over their flight up the staircase, but she loved soaking in the joy others were having on top of the joy she contained inside of her. They were married! She had her prince and they had promised forever to each other lasting commitment. She had never been so happy.

One thing kept plaguing her, though. Earlier that day, as the women got her ready for the wedding, they kept mentioning about 'the wedding night.' What happened on the wedding night that people weren't telling her? Was there another ceremony that she hadn't heard about? She looked at her husband, and he looked down at her with a bright smile and when they were in the hall away from the on lookers, he laughingly picked her up and spun her around. She giggled as they twirled and she buried her face into his neck. This was perfect.

"I am the luckiest man alive," He told her before giving her a passionate kiss.

He never let go of her lips, even as he kicked open the door to their room. Carlotta the maid was standing in the middle of the room, though, smiling at them.

"Oh, you two, just let me get the new Mrs. out of her dress so she is a bit more…suitable for the occasion!" She laughed and Eric rolled her eyes as he set down his bride.

"I'll be back soon," Eric sighed, before giving Ariel one last kiss and leaving the room.

Carlotta had just unlaced Ariel's corset and was beginning to take off the huge dress when Ariel asked the question.

"Carlotta, what do people do on their wedding night?" The maid laughed silently and took the rest of the dress off. But as Ariel emerged from underneath it, she realized that the girl wasn't joking.

"Nobody told you Dear?"

Ariel shook her head.

"Oh…you poor thing, you have no idea." Carlotta sat Ariel down, who was now dressed in her light nightgown, and sighed.

"You see, in the human world, the wedding is the couple's first…Ariel, have you and Prince Eric done…anything?"

"Oh, yes! We've done lots of things!" Ariel sat up and nodded. Sure they had, they danced and explored the town and laughed and talked…there wasn't many things they haven't done.

"Oh, well, good then! You just do that thing again tonight."

"All of it?" Ariel asked.

"Oh, goodness…children these days…" Carlotta sighed and left the room.

Ariel knew that couldn't be right or else she would have been dressed in something different. She sighed and went to the window looking out to the sea. She could see the fireworks her father was making from deep in the water, and she smiled knowing that they were happy. It was at that moment that Scuttle came crashing down onto the balcony.

"Has it happened yet!" Scuttle shouted as he scurried to get up to look inside the room.

"Has what happened yet?" Ariel excitedly asked, knowing that Scuttle would have to have the answer.

"I guess not…or else you would be more upset."

Ariel looked at the bird and wondered what that could possibly mean. Why would she be upset over whatever was supposed to happen tonight. She helped the bird up and told him he had some explaining to do. Scuttle looked shocked when he realized that Ariel didn't know what he knew, and sorrowfully began to explain.

"It's a sad tale, Ariel…but I heard about how human's reproduce…you see, the man sticks his wap-bab-a-zoo in the girls vamp-a-roo and suddenly, without warning, he explodes…"

"You mean…'boom' explode?" Ariel pointed to a firework that had just went off.

"Yes…it's a sad story….the father dies and the mother lives alone with only the spawn of the explosion for the rest of her days."

"That can't be possible, Scuttle!" She gasped.

"Hey, Girlie, have you seen the Prince's father? No? It is because he exploded!"

Ariel couldn't believe what she was hearing. She ran back into the bedroom and slammed the door behind her so Scuttle couldn't get in. How could everyone be so excited about Eric's death? This had suddenly turned into the worse day of her life. She fell into the pillows and began to sob at the thought of losing her dear Eric and being alone forever. She heard the door open, and Eric came striding in, at first a smile on his face, but then he looked concerned over his new wife.

"Ariel, darling, what is wrong?" He whispered as she ran into his arms.

"I won't let you die, Eric!" She cried, and wrapped her arms around his neck as tightly as she could. "I won't lose you at last we are together! I will never let the wap-bab-a-zoo thing happen!"

Erik was confused.

"You aren't making any sense," He whispered and brought her face up from his chest. "I'm not going to die."

"But…tonight….aren't you supposed to exploded?" Ariel sniffled.

"Oh…dear," Eric laughed, and cradled his new wife's head in his arms. "I guess you will be learning a lot tonight. Dearest, I'm so sorry I forgot to explain. I'm going to make love to you, not die."

"Make love?" Ariel whispered to him.

"Don't worry, I'll show you." Eric picked up his bride and carried her to the bed.

Ariel smiled at Eric and trusted that he knew what he was doing. After all, she had only been a human for a few weeks, but he had been a human his whole life. As he laid her down, he softly whispered in her ear 'This may seem strange, but by the end, it'll be the most wonderful thing' before lying down next to her. Slowly they began to kiss, letting their lips crash like thunder and the hands dance like seaweed around each other. She could feel he was building up to something, and he let go of her hands and place his own on her knee. A burning had started in her, and she felt a strange rush to the lower half of her body. It had taken her awhile to get used to the new parts, but there was one place that didn't make sense to her that was now feeling flushed.

Eric's hand eased up her leg and moved in towards her thigh. That flushing turned into a heated sensation that pulsed as Eric's hand's got closer. Light, he pushed her legs apart and ran his hand down her. She gasped at the tremor that erupted and clutched Eric's hair.

"What is happening to me?" She moaned and Eric's fingers petted the outside of her.

"This is a good thing," Eric whispered. "You are getting your body ready."

"Oh…for what?" She moaned as he slipped a finger inside of her.

"You will see," He whispered, and began to kiss her neck.

She sighed as he bit down on her flesh, leaving soft marks behind. The feelings rushing through her body were as strong as the current, taking her to new worlds she had never been before. She let Eric's strong hands fondle her and guide him to her bodice. He pulled on the string holding the top of her gown together, and it fell open, revealing Ariel's soft breasts. He lightly licked the sensitive skin, and brought her pale nipple into his mouth and began to suck. She moaned, unsure what to do with her own hands as his worked inside of her and played with her breast. So she ran her fingers through his hair and gripped tightly onto his shoulder.

Eric hoisted himself up on one arm and subtly began to move himself over her. Ariel opened her eyes as his body moved between her legs. With a gentle motion, Eric lifted Ariel up and onto his lap as he moved back on his heels and rested on his knees. She obeyed, and instantly wrapped her legs around his waist, feeling a strong pressure against her coming from his pants.

"Eric…"She whispered.

He cradled her head in his hand and unbuttoned himself with the other. She felt something pushing against her opening like an eel trying to squeeze between two rocks. Trust, though, was all she felt as Eric's lips parted and a soft groan came deep from his throat as he slowly pushed himself inside of her. It was strange and slightly painful. She felt as though he had impaled her, but yet, it felt right. At first, he was the one moving himself, but Ariel found that she was enjoying this too much not to join in. They found their rhythm and their speed hastened. Ariel could feel a string of sharp lights forming in her mind as the warmth of Eric's body and her own begin to reach their peak. Their movements and Eric's lips sparked a keg of gunpowder off inside of her, and she found herself trapped under waves of explosions through her body. She let out a loud moan and rode the waves as best she could. When she was beginning to come down, she heard Eric give a short grunt and warmth enter her. He collapsed onto his back, leaving her to lie on top of him in his arms.

It took a few moments for them to catch their breath, till finally Ariel was able to give him a small kiss.

"That was amazing, Eric," Ariel sighed. "Promise me we can do it again soon."

Eric nodded and they both fell asleep to the sound of the sea and fireworks.