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The First Time

Tarzan and Jane from "Tarzan"

After nearly half a year in the deep jungles of Africa, Jane's English skin eventually adjusted to the burning sun and the constant humidity. She was now comfortable with the plants and could stomach the strange fruits. The new society of gorillas and tropical birds were better at socializing than any tight collared lady could ever be. She found spending her days exploring her new home more tantalizing than piano recitals. Most importantly, she had the most learned teacher one could have. If it wasn't for Tarzan, she would have been dead within a week. She felt grateful every day for the love they shared and wished nothing but a long life together.

Tarzan was the sweetest of men that existed anywhere in the world. Every day she awoke to a new bouquet of exotic flowers and a sweet breakfast waiting for her. He held her as they swung through the tree branches and made sure she never fell through the treetops. In the rainstorms that poured last month nonstop, he made them a dry hut from leaves larger than himself. Not to mention how dark his eyes or how his muscles flexed as he grabbed the tree vines…

"Calm yourself, Jane girl," She whispered to herself as she made her way down to the small pool right under a waterfall. "No need to get worked up this early in the day."

True, Jane did think those…thoughts…more often than naught. She wasn't exactly innocent back home having had suitors come to her in the dark. A few nights she spent under a man, but quite frankly found the whole process boring. She threw herself more into studies of the world and 'self-love.' It had been difficult seeing this jungle-man who she had fallen for strut around the forest in only a loincloth and not pray it would fall off. She sometimes lost herself in the fantasies late at night as she lay next her Tarzan and wonder what would happen if she made a move towards him. She had never seen him show any sign of sexuality or even wanting to do more than the light kisses he gave her every morning.

Sighing, Jane figured she would have a quick little shower under the waterfall before meeting her wild man. On her way she ran into Tantor and Terk throwing spoiled fruit at each other. It took a while for her to understand Terk, but she could make out the gist of what they were doing. Something about investigating an ant colony? She quickly excused herself, not wanting to deal with the ants and instead get to her private spot. Not many other animals knew or cared about this small waterfall so she was typically left alone.

Stripping away her garments, she stepped into the cool waters. Immediately the ideas she reveled in the night rushed through her. The images of Tarzan's strong arms taking her, clutching her hips, biting her neck circled her mind. Her hand found herself in the falling waters. She stepped back into the water, letting it wet her hair as she let her fingers pet herself. As soon as she began though, she heard a familiar voice calling her name. She gasped as the cool air hit her as she rushed to get out of the water and back into her clothing. The jungle may have tamed her, but English society still taught her not to wander naked.

"Jane?" Tarzan called as he entered from deep of the trees.

She had managed to get dressed before he found her. Sighing, she gave him a small smile before she noticed something was different about him. Tarzan had a gained an animal-like look in his eye, and he smelled the air around him.

"Tarzan?" She silently asked as he came closer to her.

The air seemed to grow still around them. There was a strangeness that both frightened and excited her. As she had seen him do dozens of times to vines, he quickly grabbed her wrist and sniffed her fingers. She could feel his body tense through the clenched hands. Lightly, he licked her finger with the tip of his tongue from the bottom of her pointer finger to the top. She let out a soft groan at his touch.

"Jane…you smell amazing." Tarzan muttered.

There was no time to respond as he grabbed her hand and led her away from the opening sunlight and into the darkened jungle. They ran for what seemed like the whole day, but must have been only minutes, before they came to a desolated bed of leaves and grass. She turned to kiss him but instead he pushed her to the ground. Feeling just a tad bit rejected she propped herself upon her knees. That was when he wrapped his arms around her from behind, his large hands gripping her breasts and her lips sucking hard against her neck. The heat rose in her and she gasped when he moved one hand down to her now exposed private area. He moved quickly, working his fingers in her and causing her to moan and sweat.

"Do…do you know what you are doing?" Her English upbringing had come through and left her wondering. He paused for a moment, allowing her to turn her head to him. He looked quite serious as he whispered the words in the air.

"I'm mating with you."

In one fluid moment, he pushed her back onto all fours and settled himself behind her. Before she had time to register what was happening, he gripped her hips and pushed himself into her. This was what she had been wanting her whole sexual life. Tarzan, a man she trusted and loved, was taking her completely in his control. She had never been so heated in her whole life. She found herself pushing back against him. The dirt was between her fingers and her knees burned from scraping into the ground. She begged for him to thrust harder and screamed in ecstasy when he grabbed her shoulders to get a better angle.

Tarzan's soft grunts became louder as his hips wildly buckled against her. So much seemed to take over her in this strange act. She loudly moaned and dug into the earth as every emotion was washed away with a flowing heat that seemed to rise from the core of her stomach and up her spine. She arched her back like a wild animal on the hunt and called into the morning air. When the coolness took over, she felt as if she might faint when she heard Tarzan growl and a rush enter her before he collapsed to the ground.

When the passion died away, she found herself in his embrace. There were no words she could find to express what she had felt. Still, she found comfort in the smell of his skin and the pulsing over her body. With all the strength she had left, she hoisted herself up and straddled herself on his lap. Laying on him, she listened softly to his heart as he ran his hands up her back.

"Jane…Tarzan…are one." He whispered to her.

Her nose crinkled as she smiled at him. This man she had chosen to stay with had managed to show both love and passion in a matter of moments. He had her moaning one moment and then calm and secure the next. This was something she could easily get used to. Even the most proper English lady had a wild side to her and Jane was proud to let it out.

Meanwhile, with the mouths agape and their eyes wide, Terk and Tantor stared at the couple. Their ant colony long left aside, they weren't sure if to be frightened or disgusted at what they had just seen. Out of all places to find an ant buffet, it happened to be the same place that their old friend decided to…well…

"I will never speak of this if you don't," Tantor mumbled.

"Deal, now let's get out of here," Terk responded and they both fled knowing they would never get that sight out of their heads.