In AD 2101, war was beginning.

"What happen", the Captain asked as his chair wound towards the helm.

The mechanic shouted over the intercom, a crackling SOMEBODY SET US UP THE BOMB breaking from engineering. The ship rocked, waning lights of the bridge flickering as the operator dialed away at his console.

"We get signal" the operator reported to the captain, who slammed his fist down in response.
An irate and tormented WHAT escaped his lips.

"Main screen turn on." the operator reported as an image burst into view. The captain's confused and disheveled semblance settled into a paradox of anger and calmed satisfaction.

"It's you."

"How are you, gentlemen?" buzzed from the forward display,
the inscrutable CATS beckoned, smirking with a mechanical mockery.

"All your base are belong to us. You are on the way to destruction."

"What you say?" the captain screamed, clutching his head in disbelief at the mere strain of his ship's misfortune.

"You have no chance to survive. Make your time. Hahaha"

CATS cackled with the precision of a blender and the humor of a an electric whisk as he terminated the communication.

"Captain!" shouted the operator. Only silence returned,
broken by the idle pulse of the sensor systems and the static of the radio. Raising his head from his hands,
the captain's stern face hid a vast ocean of despair and discarded promise for the future.

Regardless of what may lay ahead, the fathoms of the dark beyond held not a sliver of escape, no safe haven to turn to in his fated confrontation.

"Take off every Zig." the captain muttered.

"You know what you doing. Move Zig, for great justice."