Romeo! Germany and Juliet! Italy. au. human names used. Also a touch of spainxramano
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The mask of the enemy


Feliciano Varges stood on his balcony, his eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of the wind blowing through his hair. Downstairs the masquerade ball his father had told him he must attend was already taking place, but he felt no want in his chest to leave this hiding place. Noise from below drifted up to him as a few more guest were let in, and the brunet caught sight of the two before they disappeared into the crowed.

'Now is as good a time as any to leave' he thought with a sigh. The Varges slowly walked back inside, closing the glass balcony behind him, and changed slipping on the white dress shirt, he admired himself in the mirror before placing his simple black mask on.

Quietly Feliciano slipped out of his room and down the stairs, the sound gradually growing stronger until all the chatter and music was around him. He stood for a second, one hand still on the railing until his mother spotted him.
"Feli," the brunet woman said, walking up, "what took you so long dear? Come, there are some beautiful ladies out tonight." She winked at him then took his hand. With much reluctance, he let go of the banister and fallowed his mother who was pulling him deep into the crowed as she continued to talk.
"Yes there are many beautiful girls here tonight. Oh! There goes one now!" She pointed at a girl with raven black hair and an elegant gold and silver mask on. Her white dress had a trim of gold thread that twirled up the dress and twisted into the shape of flowers.
"Uh, mother….." the young Varges tried to argue, but his mother was already pushing him forward.
"Go on, go on, and just say hi. You never know what it could turn into." She urged and with one last push, sent him stumbling forward. Right into one of the guest.
"Ah! S-sorry!" Feliciano said and pulled back looking up at the stranger his mother had pushed him into. He gasped as he met the amused blue eyes that were behind the hunter green mask. His blond hair was slicked back and his dress shirt was the same shade of green as his mask.
"Enjoying the view?" the man asked and Feli blushed.
"I- uh-I-I'm sorry. I was just…" he looked over and saw that the young woman his mother had pushed him towards was being asked to dance by another man.
"No need to be sorry," the blond said, and then with a blink of an eye another man was pulling him away. Feliciano caught sight of the silver hair before they both disappeared.
He was still frozen in the middle of the floor when his father found him.
"My son, what are you doing just standing in the middle of the floor?" the handsome Romulus asked, "There are many beautiful girls here!"
"I-I'm looking," he lied and placed a timed smile on his face.
"That's my boy," he smiled and clapped his hand on Feliciano's shoulder briefly then went off to find his wife.
'Hmm, now where did those two disappear to?' the small brunet wondered and started to search for them. He found the two strangers again in the middle of the room, talking to each other. Blue and brown eyes met for the second time that night, and something about those eyes made Feliciano's breath hitch.
"You know its love at first sight." He remembered his father saying. "When you can look in the other's eyes and get lost in them."
"Well hello again," the blond said.
"Hello…." Feli answered hesitantly. Now that he got a good look at the blue eyed mans partner, he was slightly unnerved by the man's oddly colored eyes. Was he seeing them right through the silver mask? He had always been told red eyes were the sign of the devil.
"Burder…" the silver haired man hissed.
"Oh calm down Gilbert, I can talk to the guest can't I?"
"You don't know who is connected to the Varges!" Came the hiss. Feli stiffened a little and knew at this moment that he should keep his mouth shut.
"I'm sure this little..." the blond pulled Feliciano forward and twirled him, "Isn't that much of a threat." Next he took the brunets face in his hands and made him look at him, his blue eyes. "Right?"
Feliciano nodded and the man smiled, "See bruder, now calm down. Enjoy yourself a little."
The man called Gilbert calmed a little and he casually looked around. Feli should have left then. Should have bid the strangers good day then went and told his father of their presence but instead he found himself asking, "What's your name?"
A mysterious glint shone in those blue eyes as the man leaned forward. "Can you keep a secret?" Feli froze. He smelled so good, the scent of….was that gunpowder? Hum, such an odd scent to be attracted to but…
"Yes I can keep a secret."
"Well, I," the blond straightened up a little in pride. "Am Ludwig Beilshmidt, son of Ulrich Beilshmidt."
It took a second for the information to register in the young Varges' head, but when he did, he had to swallow his rising fear. "What are you doing here then?" I heard your family hated the Varges'," he said. 'That's right Feliciano, keep up the charade..."
"Oh yes, which is why I'm here; to crash the party," Ludwig said with a devilish grin then, "sorry. Your name?"
Fate was not on the poor boys side that night for no sooner had his so called enemy asked the question that his brother's boyfriend decided to make his presence known.
"Feliciano Varges! There you are you little devil! Do you know where Romano is?" Antonio asked, breaking out of the crowed.
Ludwig's eyes snapped open wide and he stumbled back a few steps. Gilbert was glaring at Feli as he hissed to his brother, "I told you not to trust…"
"Who are your friends?" the new guest asked.
"Ah….Paris and Anthony Cross," the burnet lied quickly. Well, he had told Ludwig he could keep his secret.
"Hmm, I've never…" Antonio started, staring at the brothers until another person joined the slowly growing group.
"You basterd, stop messing with my brother," Romano said, crossing his arms, Despite the fact that he was in the attendance of a masquerade ball, he was not wearing a mask.
"Oh my lovi, there you are!" Antonio said joyfully and took his hand, "Come! We must dance!"
After Antonio led the protesting Romano away, Ludwig turned to Feli.
"Thank you Varges," there was a strange way the name rolled off his tongue. Almost harsh, "but why did you do it?"
"I told you I could keep a secret." He said simply. "Now go before my father finds out you're here. He's not as forgiving as I am."
"How can we trust that you won't have your people waiting for us when we reach the door?" Gilbert asked harshly.
"You can't trust me. You just have to try." Feli said and with that, turned on his heel and went to find a girl. He had to distract his mother and father after all.