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Chapter 7

One Month Later:

"Are you ready Feliciano?" Romano asked from his position beside his brother. The boy being questioned nodded and looked at their target once more. Their father had given them the order to take out the Beilschmidt the day before saying with a smile that, "only my boys are capable of handling such a job".

The man they'd been stalking wasn't a new face. At least, not to Feliciano. The wound the man had inflicted on him had just finished healing; a scar that now ran from the middle of his chest to his left side in its place. Oh yes, he'd remember that face anywhere.

Romano led the way, jumping down from their position quietly with Feliciano soundlessly fallowing. Feli could almost feel the weight of the two knifes that were stuck into his brown leather boots, his black pant legs tucked in with them to keep them from cutting him.

His brother held up a hand, pausing as they came to a stop on the ground He peered around the corner, his hand resting on his sword. He was right there, his brown hair falling in front of his glasses as he guarded the front door.

A sudden breeze of wind that blew past softly caused Feliciano to freeze and his breath hitch. That sent… a sent he'd pushed out of his mind to keep the hurt away. Gunpowder. The young Vargas put a hand agents the wall, his senses suddenly becoming overwhelmed by the scent.

"Feli, get ready to move," his brother whispered. Feli knew he had to get his mind together, had to snap back to reality, but that all fell apart as he heard the voice of his own personal angel.

"Roderich, my father would like to see you in his study," Ludwig's voice spoke with authority. Feliciano felt all the walls he'd worked so hard to keep up break apart into small specks of sand.

"I'll take on the blond while you get your revenge on the target," Romano said to his brother. Feliciano knew that his brother was only saying this because he knew he couldn't attack Ludwig. Not the man he loved so much… Oh, the pain he felt now that his mental barrier was down. He couldn't understand how he had survived without those blue eyes looking into his…

"Feli! We must move now!" his brother hissed at him, yanking him forward. The young Vargas knew what he had to do, but the thought that his Beilschmidt was so close was clouding his mind. He tried desperately to empty his mind till nothing but his task remained but it was so hard with that enticing smell in the air. He heard his brother counting, knew the time had come, but he couldn't react in time.

Suddenly he found himself running out from his hiding place with his brother. Romano had a strange; almost battle cry coming from his lips, and Feliciano saw that they had caught the two Beilschmidts by surprise. It was inevitable that he would meet Ludwig's eyes. There was no way it could have been avoided. And when they did, Feliciano found himself freezing in place. Ludwig was looking right back at him and he heard his name fall from those lips, no other noises registering to him as he head that one word, "Feliciano."

Then his world suddenly came to him in fast forward. Romano was running at Ludwig, his sword pulled out and Roderich had his sword out also. The Brunet Beilschmidt was running at his brother.

"No!" Feli screamed and quickly ran forward, ramming into the man. Romano still ran at Ludwig, but now the blond had a sword of his own, and as they met, there was a loud clatter.

Feliciano gathered himself together as he felt the man next to him move, and the Vargas pulled out one of his knifes, jumping up. He panicked a little, there was no way he could even touch his component unless the man dropped his sword, which was very unlikely.

Romano and Ludwig were in a heated battle. Romano was still very upset about his brother falling in love with the blond and blamed it all on him. Ludwig refused to let the Italian's advances on him overcome him though, and sliced back with just as much vigor. The only thing that would stop either one of them was if one was to defeat the other. Or the very strong voice of a head of house.

"Cease this at once!" a commanding voice rang out. Roderick instantly pulled back from his advance on Feliciano, much to the young man's relief, and Ludwig and Romano eyed each other cautiously. Feliciano looked up to see a man with a regal air to him standing before the four men. Gilbert stood at his side.

"What are you two doing here?" the man, obviously the head of the Beilschmidt house, commanded, looking between Romano and Feliciano. Ludwig walked to his father's side.

Romano scowled at the three Beilschmidts before him. "We're here for revenge for my brothers wound," he said defiantly.

"You were fighting for more than a wound," the Beilschmidt snapped back. They glared daggers at each other, but Feliciano wasn't paying attention once more. He was staring at Ludwig, who was also staring back with such longing that Feli's own heart ached.

"And you," Feliciano jumped and found that blue eyes were staring at him angrily, blue eyes that ice and froze one's soul, "What are you doing staring at my son so?"

Feliciano didn't know whether to blush or be scared witless. He looked at the Beilschmidt though, but did not answer.

"Father," Ludwig spoke up, his usual strong voice soft. The man looked at his son. "This is the boy; Feliciano," he said even softer. Anger flashed in the man's eyes.

"You did not tell me that he was a Vargas! You did not tell me he was Romulus' son!" he snapped.

Feliciano found the words leaving his mouth before he even know what was happening," Does it matter? So things between you and my father didn't work out, but why must we be dragged into this also?" He felt the anger washing through him, but the Beilschmidts eyes only became colder.

"Romulus forced me to leave him, gave me no choice, the way he forced our families into this hatred. Do not blame me for your father's actions," he said.

"What do you mean, you left our father for that bimbo you're with now!" Romano snapped back.

"I did no such thing! He was hiding his wife from me the whole time! He knew and yet he played me!" the blond fired back.

"Something's seriously wrong here…" Feliciano whispered, stopping the argument, "Something that could stop all thing nonsense fighting."

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