"What are you saying?" I asked, feeling confused.

Sara looked over her shoulder to make sure nobody was listening. She bent her head towards me. "Look. I'm saying—you cannot marry Prince Edward," she spoke in a hushed tone.

I frowned. Really, Sara was being totally weird today. Come to think of it, she has been acting weird ever since I told her about Edward's proposal. "Why, Sara?"

She looked at me gravely. "You will never fit in. His world is completely different from yours, believe me."

We paused at a magazine stand. I picked up a copy of Arosia Cosmo, eyeing the side story: 'Most Eligible Bachelors: Prince Edward Ranks #1!'

Sara sighed. "Look, just because all of Arosia thinks he is the most eligible bachelor doesn't mean he is right for you."

I stared at Sara, shocked. I knew these Arosian people were very protective of their royals, but this was ridiculous. "Sara, I am not marrying Edward because he is the most eligible bachelor. I couldn't care less. I know I'm just a servant but I love him, and he loves me. I know he does."

Sara met my gaze unwaveringly. "If he loves you as much as he says he does, Princess, why don't you ask him to tell you the truth," she spat.

I blinked. What was she talking about? "The truth?"

I had to admit, if Sara was trying to scare me, it was working.

"Ask him, Bella," Sara hissed, eyeing the people around us warily. She hesitated for about a split second. "Because if I tell you, then they'd have to kill me."