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In the beginning


I sat at our table in the cafeteria playing with the stalk on an apple. Emmett and Rosalie where discussing their plans for Friday night after the football game. I was vaguely listening but my mind was elsewhere. At that moment Bella walked in talking to Alice and Jasper. They had headed for the lunch line. I was watching them and out of nowhere the thought of how fantastic Bella's ass looked in those tight jeans. I slapped my inner thoughts I mean come on Bella has been my best friend since kindergarten. That is not how I should ever think of her. Lately I keep having these thoughts and its getting worrying. The rest of our group walked over to the table and sat down. Bella was laughing at something Jasper had said. We planned to go out on Friday after the game but my mind was distracted by the sight of Bella adjusting her shirt. What is going on? I play the field and so does she the idea of that with Bella just doesn't seem right. I had the idea of taking that strawberry blonde Tanya under the bleachers after the game but now I am not so sure. As the star quarterback I can have any girl I want. It just seems wrong that right now all I want is my best friend.

Friday night

This is getting ridiculous now last night I dreamt about a naked Bella riding me all night long. Her tits where bouncing and face had a look of shear ecstasy. Oh great now I am getting a hard on just thinking about it. I really need to concentrate now. Tonight is one of the big games of the season and I really need to play my best.


Edward keeps giving me really strange looks. I just hope he hasn't realised i have a crush on him. That would just be so embarrassing. I always tell him I am playing the field and we laugh about other people together. Truth be told I have only been with Tyler and Mike and neither of them where exactly great. Maybe I am just really bad at this whole sex thing. Arghh. I am reading way too much into this. I shook myself and concentrated on the game and sometimes on Edward as he ran across the field. Alice was sitting next to me laughing.

"You should really tell him you know" Alice said.

"Tell who what?" I gave her an innocent look.

"Tell Edward that you like him silly. I just know that things are going to work out well for you two. I see a happy future I am psychic you know."

"Oh give over Alice. Predicting that Emmett is going to nick Jaspers lunch when he is not looking is hardly psychic"

"Just you wait and see. Maybe tonight will be the night" Alice whispered in a mysterious tone.

Silly damn pixie.

Three hours later we where at Alice and Edwards house watching a movie. I was snuggled up in Edwards arms and I swear he was smelling my hair. It was just weird there is no way he could like me that way. I tensed as I felt his hand stroking my arm. I snuggled in closer. This was heavenly. Edward bent his head and asked if we could step outside to talk. Edwards mom Elizabeth was in the kitchen and smiled sweetly at us as we walked past. When we got outside Edward led me to bench under the trees. He was still holding my hand and had a very nervous smile on his face.

"I know this might wreck our friendship so if you don't feel the same way just please let me know "Edwards's voice was shaking. He bent his head and I felt his lips press against mine. Our lips moulded and I wrapped my arms around him pulling us closer and deepening the kiss. If this was the end of our friendship then so be it. I had a feeling this was going to be so much better.