Ron, Hermione and I were walking down the corridor towards the great hall when I literally ran into someone "oops sorry" I said to the person I knocked over. "Hmm, Potter I see that you just cant keep your hands of me, can you?" a familiar drawl said and I replied instantly not even thinking that Malfoy would twist my words "Bite me" "you'd like that wouldn't you Potter" he smirked at me, "No, but you would" I said before brushing past him letting my hand brush firmly over his cock.

As I was walking back to the common room from were I ditched Mione and Ron, I was grabbed from behind and manhandled into a broom closet (Pun intended) a hand covered my mouth and I could feel warm breath over my ear "yes I would like that Potter" the usual sarcastic drawl gone replaced with a seductive voice that made me want to get naked and let Malfoy have his way with me right there and then. Oh My God he's sucking and biting my neck just under my ear, don't moan, don't moan "ahh ohh" I moaned. "Now let's get these pesky clothes off of you" he said turning me around and giving my ass a squeeze "Merlin" I moaned warrantly "No, Draco" he replied before attaching himself to my mouth pulling at my clothes.

2 hours later

"See you tomorrow Potter" Malfoy said with a smirk. "Yeah see you tomorrow" I returned the smirk pulling him in for a quick kiss before strutting away. I think broom closets are my new favorite place.

This is my first attempt at smut,or kinda smut i guess, im not really the romatic sorta writer, i'll leave that for Jasmine.. anyway feed back is always welcome good or bad