One year. It's been over a year since I left Sarah in Ohio. It's been one of the hardest years of my life. Being separated from her is worse than any physical pain I have ever experienced. The feeling is intolerable. the torturous burning inside me is an every day reminder that what he have is real.

Leaving her was the most difficult thing I have ever dealt with. Sure I had trouble fighting monsters and mastering my Legacies; I could deal with that. This however, this heartache was much worse. I will never forget the look in her dazzling blue eyes when I pulled away in that truck. They were filled with pain and love. The pain of not knowing how long we were going to be apart, but also the love that would keep us bound for however long that would be.

There had been a time when I was able to call her on the phone. A few months back, I had managed to convince Six to allow me to call her. We had been in a safe and isolated enough area for me to make the brief phone call.

When Sarah had answered the phone, her voice left me speechless. I felt shameful for almost forgetting what she sounded like, how beautiful it was. It took her a few 'hellos' before I finally muzzled up the courage to say something. When I did, I heard a clunk on the other end followed by a small curse. I was pretty sure she had dropped the phone. After she scrambled to get it back, I could hear her uncontrollable sobs. I tried, but failed to fight my own.

We had talked for over two hours, but had only felt like minutes when we were forced to say goodbye. I didn't care though. As long as I got to hear the sweet, soothing melody of her voice. Even the soft, rythmatic beat of her breathing was good enough for me. I couldn't have asked for more.

Talking to her made me realize how much I missed her. Not a minute passed that I didn't think about her. There would be times when I wouldn't be paying attention to the complicated things Six tried to shove into my brain. She would see the dazed look in my eyes and give me a good slap across the face. I'd tell her I was paying attention the entire time, only to receive another whack.

Even Sam was starting to get annoyed with me. He had always been so patient and understanding with me up until about two months ago. Whenever I talked to him about Sarah, he'd always seemed to know exactly what to say. Now, he just ignored it completely.

As much as I missed Sarah and spent so much time trying to conjure up ways to go back to her, I never lost sight of who I was and why I was here. I Am Number Four, the next in line for the Mogs. I needed to be careful, not careless. I had a responsibility to my race and our survival. I needed to do my part in finding the others in order to restore life on our planet, Lorein.

However, I also knew that I had a duty to my heart. To Sarah. I left them together, broken and alone. I promised her that I would come back and I will do whatever it takes to keep that promise.


It's been over a year since I watched John leave, my heart with him in that old truck. At the time, I hadn't known what was happening. I felt lost and broken. My body was present, but my mind was long gone.

After he was out of sight, I had collapsed to the ground in a rush of tears. I had silently prayed that I was dreaming. This wasn't real. John hadn't left. No, we were somewhere far away. Just the two of us together, forever in each other's arms. Oh, if only that were true.

What I also hadn't realized that day was the presence of Mark, my ex- boyfriend. The one person I really am not comfortable being alone with in a cemetery. Not on that day; no, that day I was happy he was there, for once in my life.

While I had been wallowing in my tears, he knelt beside me and pulled me into his strong arms. I didn't fight him or scream at him for even coming near me. I didn't care. I just didn't want to be alone at the time. He didn't try to woo me or tell me I was better off without John. He just sat there with me, telling me that it would be ok. I would forever be thankful to him for that. I knew there was good in him somewhere.

But now I just sit here, all alone in the world with only my memories of John to company me. I only hope that one day, those memories will become real again. The gentleness of his touch when he breezes his hand across my cheek. The protection of his arms bound around me when we lie together either in his room or mine. The soft puncture of his lips on mine. The way he trickles his fingers down the small of my back. His laugh when he feels me cringe after he hits a delicate spot. I love his laugh. The breath taking ring it has as flows through my ears makes me want to scoop it up in a jar and hold onto it forever. Sometimes I can even hear it, echoing through my head when I'm really missing him.

Spending so many months away from him, has made me realize that I have fallen, very deep, in love. After Mark, I honestly never expected to find real love. I didn't even think I would fall in love when I had first met John. But nevertheless, I did; and I don't regret it. Even though it's torture that I don't know how long we'll be apart, I know that our love is able to with hold that dangerous storm of life.

A/N: So now that I think about it, I would consider this to be more of a prologue to the story I'm going to write. As you can see, nothing really happens. I was just kind of getting out John and Sarah's thoughts and feelings after being apart for so long. So let me know what you guys think and hopefully I'll post the official first chapter soon :)