How Tim got himself into this situation was hard to explain and it was most embarrassing . Tim was never very adventurous in his sex life and his bed partners was always female. How he ended up in a gay club ,with overtly BDMS themes , he couldn't explain , it was where his subconscious led him. After another miserable day of listening to his partner Tony's barbs that he was either gay or so unattractive and boring ,that no female would look at him twice , he had to break out of his boring routine and do something so over the top,that it pacified his inner wimp.

Tim rarely indulged in hard liquor ,but tonight he ordered Absolut vodka straight on the rocks. Soon he started to relax and his ruffled feathers settled down and he got his courage back to start looking around. The club was full and Tim saw a lot of masters with their subs. In front of him was a young sub draped over an attractive , muscular man's knees. His perfect rounded butt was bare and his pants lying on his feet, his master was giving him a good spanking,his butt turning bright red. The young sub was moaning and although a few tears was running down his cheek,he kept perfectly still, the trust in his master so obvious.

The scene in front of Tim kept his gaze captured,although he was blushing bright red , he felt the arousal running through his groin. He couldn't help wondering how it would feel to have that big,strong hands spanking his own butt. He relished the thought of giving over all control to a strong master that had his goodwill at heart. Tim was surprised that when he was thinking of a strong master,his mind formed the picture of his own Boss. His cock hardened instinctively just thinking of his Boss's strong,calloused hands spanking his bare butt. He could almost hear his Boss's strict voice telling him to count every slap.

Gibbs have always lusted after his youngest team member , the inherent shyness and innocence of Timothy McGee was alluring ,to a sexually commanding man as him. The day he told agent Timothy McGee that he was his from now on,he meant it in more ways than Tim could understand at that moment. Through the years he waited for any signs that Tim was ready for their relationship to move further.

Gibbs was an experienced master and although he hasn't practised for years,he could spot a sub any day. Timothy McGee was a born a sub and how he stayed unattached for so long was a mystery.

When Gibbs saw Tim walk into the club that he frequented regularly, it felt as if one of his greatest wishes was granted.

He watched how Tim was at first embarrassed and then got hooked on the scene in front of him,looking at a master spanking his sub in public. He could see the arousal in Tim's face as well as the intense longing. Gibbs could also see the predatory looks from other hopeful masters fixed on Tim,he didn't blame them,Tim was a sub that any master would want to own. The boy was beautiful with big green eyes that mirrored every emotion he felt,his innocence was another great attraction. He had to act now, before someone else lured him away.

Tim's eyes was still locked onto the scene in front of him,the strain in his pants evident,he didn't even notice the predatory looks directed at him. Tim was mortified when he heard his Boss's voice speaking into his ear,the warm breath panting against his neck,"Like what you are seeing Timmy?"

"!", he stuttered,his mind going into overdrive,looking for answers that couldn't be found in his head,his vocabulary feeling inadequate. He kept his eyes on the table in front of him,to embarrassed to look at his Boss,his blush turning his ears bright red.

Gibbs smiled,it was going to be so much fun to play with Tim. "I can smell your arousal and the evidence is tenting in your pants." He slid into the chair next to Tim.

"..oss I don't kn...w what to say. Its my f..irst here." Tim would have liked to crawl under the table,but he couldn't avoid his Boss like that.

"It is okay Tim,it sure as hell turn me on. I would like nothing more to give you the spanking you crave."

Tim was feeling breathless,this conversation was going in a direction he never in his wildest dreams would have imagined . He looked at his Boss to see the confirmation in his steely blue eyes. What Tim saw there was hunger,a hunger that was directed at him.

"Remember that first day ,I told you,you belong to me,I meant it in more ways than you ever perceived . I still want you and I can give you what you need. Do you trust me,Tim?"

Tim answered without thinking,"Yes Boss,I trust you with my life." A warm hand gripped his straining cock firmly,Tim couldn't help the gasp that escaped his mouth. "Then lets go home." Tim followed his Boss out off the club.

On the way to Gibbs's house Tim started to feel nervous,there was an anticipation that was foreign to Tim. Gibbs knew he had to move fast before Tim started to hyper analyse everything,once the door was locked behind them ,Gibbs pushed Tim up against the wall and started to devour his mouth. The first sign of submission Tim showed was when he opened his lips so that Gibbs could move his tongue into Tim's mouth and really taste him. The kiss soon turned more heated and became a brand of possession.

Tim was breathless ,all his senses was overpowered,this kiss was so much more than the kisses he was used to,it took possession of his soul and body. Tim wanted more,he needed more. A heartfelt groan slipped out of his mouth,his face was flushed with arousal,his pupils was widely dilated and his heart was galloping at a fast pace. When Gibbs lifted his head,his lips was swollen and sensitive,he leaned his head against his Boss's shoulder fighting for control of his haggard breathing.

Gibbs took Tim's hand and led him to the couch,"We have to talk about a few things." Tim sat next to Gibbs,feeling just a little bit of fear,he knew his Boss was going to need to ask personal questions and that he would have to bare his soul. Tim never felt comfortable revealing his inner thoughts ,he was a very private person. He looked in to his Boss's eyes and waited for the interrogation to start.

"Have you ever been with a man before?" "No ,Boss,I never wanted to before."

"We have the weekend off,I want you to stay here so that we can see if this is what you want." "Its what I want,but what about you,Boss?"

"Tim my mind is already made up,I have wanted you for a long time. I have to warn you,this isn't going to be easy,There are some rules to follow,and if you disobey,I will come down on you hard. From now on I owe you,your only function is to obey me and to see to my sexual pleasure,in return I will protect you,teach you and give you what you need. Is this acceptable to you?" "Yes Boss,I want this."

"If you belong to me,I will punish you when I see the need,not only here at home but at wok too,if you agree I will be your master 24/7. You have no right over your body and you may only come if I give permission. Is that understood? No one but me touch you." "Yes Boss."

"At home you address me as Sir or master,Boss is for work." Tim blushed bright red,"Yes Master."

"Good boy. We will use a safe word that you can use whenever something gets too much for you or you panic. I will not stop,but we will do it a different way or I will adjust the way we do it or give you some time to recover. I want you to use it and will not be angry or think that you are weak if you use it. What word would you like to use as a safe word." Tim thought for a while and then chose the first word that came to mind,"Tornado ,Sir."

"Okay get up and strip for me!",Gibbs said in a commanding voice. Tim hesitated for just a fraction of a second and then started to strip nervously. Gibbs kept his eyes on his new sub,Tim had to get used to the fact that he owned his body now and that he could touch it when ever he wanted to. Tim's face was bright red,he stood naked in front of hi master,he wanted to clamp his hands around his exposed genitals,but knew better than to do it. His hands stayed fisted next to his body,his eyes fixed on the ground.

Tim's body was beautiful,the skin was alabaster white,nothing marred the perfect,smooth skin. His body was soft,but the underneath muscle could be seen,it was a healthy body."Turn around." Tim's buttocks was beautifully rounded,jetting outwards perfectly. Gibbs felt his own cock harden. He stood up and walked over to Tim,standing near Tim,not touching,just gazing at the beautiful body of his sub.

Tim could feel the soft,slight brush of his Boss's clothes against his skin,it made him shiver and goosebumps broke out over his body. He was biting on his bottom lip,waiting in anticipation to be touched.

"Lift up your arms and put your hands behind your head. Keep them there until I tell you otherwise." Tim followed the order,blushing again,he felt exposed and vulnerable. He was still waiting to be touched,but noting happened,he could feel his Boss's gaze on his body,it was tantalizing erotic. His aching cock was standing up straight,leaking pre-cum. He gasped when he felt those warm,calloused hands ,starting to run down his body,they touched him everywhere,he felt like a prised horse being inspected,by his new owner.

Gibbs trailed his hands over his new subs body,feeling elated about how responsive his sub was,he let his sub know through his touch that his body was now owned by his master. He stepped up to Tim and pulled his body against his,he couldn't see Tim's face,but the groan his sub let out,was enough evidence that he liked it. He ran his hands up Tim's front,until,he got to his hard nipples,he took both in his fingers and started to tweak them, at first lightly and then progressively harder.

Tim was gasping, the tweaking of his nipples bordered on pain,but he could feel it reverberating through his groin,he wanted to come. Gibbs kept on playing with Tim's nipples,his sub was now moaning,standing on his toes .Gibbs chuckled,he had never seen a sub as responsive as Tim before. One hands slipped down and wrapped around his straining cock,Tim screamed,he almost came."Don't you dare come Timmy." Tim had to control his breathing,tensing his abdomen muscles in a desperate act not to lose his load there and then. The hand set a slow murderous pace ,jerking him off. Tim was lost in the wonderful sensation,but the need not to come was almost too much to bear ,he was fighting against his body."Please Sir ,please."

Gibbs stopped,sensing the impending orgasm,he moved away from Tim. His sub was standing there,breathing like an asthmatic in the throws of an attack. He sat down once again on the couch,just watching his sub. Tim calmed down eventually,standing there waiting in anticipation. He was starting to almost panic,why was he just left standing here,what was expected of him? His arms was starting to ache from holding the unnatural pose. He almost turned around ,to look for his master.

Gibbs sat on the couch,just gazing at his beautiful sub ,his own cock was achingly hard and he had to wage a war against his own body for control. He wanted to grab Tim and bend him over the couch and ride him hard and long,until both of them were sobbing for release,but he knew he had to take it slow,Tim was still a virgin and he didn't want to harm his sub.