Gibbs woke up the next morning feeling happy and refreshed,the sex he and Tim had the previous day relieved a lot of stress and he was happy that they rekindled the previous spark in their sex life. It was time to collar his sub and he was trying to think of a way to make it special for his lover,but try as he may he couldn't come up with an idea. He pondered on it while he watched his adorable lover sleeping,waiting for the alarm to go off and and announce the beginning of a new working day.

Tim woke up feeling the small aches in his body, that were signs that he had great sex the previous night,his nipples were still sensitive and when they rubbed against the bedding,sparks of lust raced through his body. He blushed thinking that he never knew that he had such a vigorous sexual appetite,but since he became Gibbs's lover,he spent a whole lot of time thinking about sex.

Gibbs watched as Tim woke up and saw the healthy blush on his lover's face,he knew Tim was thinking about the incredible sex they had the previous night. He brushed his rough finger's over his lover's nipples and was rewarded with a gasp,they were still red and tender,from the clamps that he applied the previous night."Every-time they rub against your shirt you will be thinking of what I can do to you."

Tim groaned,his over-eager cock already twitching in anticipation,he really was turning into a sex-crazed teenager,with only one thing on his mind,sex and more sex. He almost jumped out of his skin,when the rough fingers found his cock and started to stroke him at a leisurely pace,wetting his appetite for what was more to come,he was hoping more was to come,but with his teasing Master you never knew what to expect.

He was starting to pant,bucking his hips to push his cock eagerly into the hand that was teasing him,but the contact stayed soft and teasingly slow,driving him out of his mind. He wanted so much more,in fact needed so much more,his body screaming for release already and his Master hardly even touched him."You are really ,a little eager slut,my Beautiful Boy! Do you think you deserve to come,Boy?"

"Yes ,Sir!",it was followed by a pleading,"Please,Sir?"

The alarm chose that very inappropriate moment to announce that it was time to get up. Tim ignored it angrily,still focused on achieving his goal,he moaned miserably when the teasing hand was taken off his aching cock."Sorry,Timmy,its time to get up."

Gibbs smiled inwardly,it was so much fun to tease his sub and if he made his lover wait for release,the end was so much more explosive,he knew that it was one of the things that turned his sub on. He didn't always enjoy the wait himself as his sexual drive was just as demanding,he grinned evilly and once he got out of bed he snapped his fingers,waiting for his sub to comply.

Tim instantly fell on his knees in front of his master,waiting with his hands behind his back in anticipation. "I need release and I want you to use your mouth to pleasure me."

Tim started instantly licking his Master's hard,powerful cock,he licked it like one would lick a melting ice lolly on a hot summer's day,relishing the salty taste of his lover. He moved downwards sucking one of the hard, tight balls into his warm mouth,sucking firmly on it ,while looking up into his Master's eyes. Gibbs groaned in need,it was so hot and sexy looking into his subs eyes ,while he was worshipping your cock and balls,he wondered once again just when did his innocent sub turn into this eager wanton lover. Tim moved from one hard testes to another,paying both equal amounts of attention,his eyes never leaving his Master's.

Gibbs felt his hips thrust forward on their own account when his lover took his straining cock into his warm mouth,he let out several grunts and moans as his lover teased him by swirling his tongue around the sensitive head and stroking the sensitive vein ,running on the bottom-side of his cock . He couldn't wait any more and gripped his sub's head firmly and started to fuck his mouth earnestly,his pace frantic as his need for release increased,"Look at me,look at me!",he ordered harshly and then came down Tim's throat with one last hard shove,his cock spurted load after load down his eager sub's mouth,his lover's nose was buried in his pubic hair.

Tim kept on kneeling on the ground,watching his sweaty Master sitting back on the bed to catch his heaving breath,his own cock still hard and neglected,dripping pre-cum."Come time for shower!",his Master ordered,Tim knew he was going to have to wait for his release.

The day went by at a snail's pace,Tim often found himself focusing on sex,when his tender nipples brushed against the rough material of his shirt,his cock was still semi-hard ,hopeful that he would have some chance of release when they got home. Gibbs watched his sub's agony,smiling by himself,it was such a powerful feeling seeing his sub in such need and want. He knew that he owned the beautiful man sitting in front of him,it was a heady feeling knowing that Tim only belonged to him.

Tony could see the difference in his Probie,it was obvious that his partners rekindled the spark in their relationship. He was surprised that he felt happy for them both,after his own interest was turned down by their boss,but he had to admit they made each other happy and if the intense ,lingering looks they gave each other was evidence of their happiness,they were very happy indeed.. He couldn't help teasing his Probie and was rewarded when Tim blushed bright red after he said,"It looks as if you got lucky last night Probalicious?" Tony didn't mind any-more as his own thoughts were on a hot Goth and the naughty things they did in her coffin.