This is my first LxLight fanfic. The chapters will- I hope- alternate between L and Light's perspectives, without being too OOC. There may also be lemons, but for the minute I'm rating it a T.

It's mildly AU in places- Light is visited by Ryuk occasionally. Rem is still hanging around and being a pain though.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, more's the pity.

Chapter one


Light-kun complains a lot. In truth, I believe it to be his favourite pastime. He complains about my eating habits, my drinking habits, my sleeping patterns, my clothes. In short, Light-kun complains about me.
It is his firm belief that I do not care about, or listen to, his complains.
He is wrong. I do listen, and I make sure that I do not change. In fact, I often go out of my way to continue with the things that annoy him.

Today he was picking on my hair.
'Do you even wash your hair, Ryuuzaki?' Light-kun demanded.
I turned to look at him coldly.
'Yes. You know I do.' I rolled my eyes. 'We shower together, remember, Light-kun?' I jerked the chain, wondering if I could make him fall off his chair.
I never claimed that I was not childish.

'Cake, Ryuuzaki?' Matsuda asked, sensing, and preventing, the impending awkwardness. Matsuda is really a lot more intelligent that anyone realises, possibly more than he himself realises, it is an intelligence that centres around people. Matsuda is people smart. I believe that is the appropriate term.
'Yes, please.' I could have kissed Matsuda, if he hadn't been, well, not Light.
Because that was it, I, the great L, who could solve any case, read any person, had fallen in a wholly unrequited love with Light Yagami. With the man who was, in all probability, Kira.
It was why I annoyed Light so much. When he complained about me, it meant that I was, for just a few seconds, crossing his mind.
I knew how illogical it was, and, what was worse, I didn't care.

L cared. L, the black, gothic L on the computer screen cared. That part of me knew how ridiculous I was.
L Lawliet on the other hand was a mess. That side of me got butterflies as the sound of Light's voice, had to fight back a blush when we spoke and was equally pathetic in a million other ways.
So L was always in control. I couldn't risk the alternative of utter humiliation.
It distressed me that my first, and only friend, was also a mass murderer.
There had been a time, between Light's incarceration and the Yotsuba operation when I had known that he was not Kira. Before that… well.

Matsuda set my cake, and a fork, down in front of me with his customary cheerful smile.
Infuriating as he was, I liked him. When he brought me cake.
Light-kun had stopped complaining.

'Yes, Light-kun?' I turned my chair to look at him.
'I... I'm sorry. I made you feel uncomfortable earlier.' Light-kun was, I decided, ill. He never said sorry.
'It is quite alright, Light-kun. I am used to you by now. I have been led to believe that the social protocol for this situation is to now spend some time together to repair our differences.' I was going on what Watari had told me of his arguments with Roger in their younger days. Logic dictated that things couldn't be too different now.
'We're hardly going to spend much time apart now, are we, Ryuuzaki?' Light-kun asked with a laugh, his usual charming self once more.
'That was not what I meant, Light-kun.' I kept my face and voice blank. 'I was wondering if you would like to go for a drink.'
It didn't take the genius that Light-kun was to realise that I was letting him outside the taskforce HQ. Or that we would need to be unchained for the duration of the evening.
'It would be my honour, Ryuuzaki.'
God, that boy could be such a creep at times.

Six o'clock came. The taskforce went. Light-kun and I were left alone.
It happened every day, and every day I felt the same irrational feelings.
Today was no exception, and, as I unlocked the handcuffs that joined us, a strange feeling filled my stomach, and I felt like I was going to be sick. Butterflies I believe they are called. And all because I was so close to that damn boy.
Neither of us spoke as we made our way to our room. The silence hung heavily in the air, leaving an uncomfortable feeling.
Upon reaching the room, Light-kun selected clothes, and then left for the bathroom across the hall. It intrigued me how someone so self-confident could be insecure about his body, but that was a mystery for another day.
I could have- in truth, I wanted to- go out dressed in my normal attire, but I didn't think my ears could stand much more of Light-kun's complaining. I rummaged in the depths of my closet, certain that there was something there.

With a small smile, I withdrew a box. It contained a birthday gift from Watari that I had never made use of, but fortunately, I had not grown very much in the past two years, the clothes should fit.
Inside was a pair of jeans, not dissimilar to my normal ones, only more tightly fitted, and a button-down white shirt. I think the outfit had been intended to be something I could wear if I ever had to meet people, and wished to look a little more conventional. Such a wish had never arisen, until now.
Once showered and changed I proceeded back downstairs to wait for Light-kun, he would undoubtedly take a ludicrously long time in the bathroom, so I sat down to wait, the tightness of my jeans making it a little more uncomfortable than was necessary. I felt like Light-kun.

Endless complaints.