How to Eat a Watermelon

by Alex(dot)Rain09

Author's Note: Hey there FFN readers! it has been quite a long time since i wrote a new story. This one's not actually new, just some homework our English teacher gave us that talks about how to eat a watermelon, hence the title, and yeah, i used Rin and Len's names in my homework. Quite short yeah yeah, anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this. This one actually got a perfect score! (brag brag brag) =)) so yeah, read on :P

I gazed across the street and looked at the tempting and luscious big balls of green about 20 meters from where I was. Using my vision of a perfect 20/20, I stared at it, wondering when I will ever eat one of that stuff. Just then, a big knife positioned on top of it, ready to slice it off. I waited, expecting a green inside but to my surprise, it was instead red. Red and green, I wonder if the name of the fruit is Christmas fruit, I thought. Before I had the chance to speculate my idea, a voice broke into my reverie.

"No Miss, that's a watermelon." I looked beside me and saw the most wonderful work of art the Lord has ever done. His hair was blonde, almost golden, and his eyes were the color of brilliant sapphires. "Only morons call that Christmas fruit."

I stopped staring at him and frowned. Did he just call me a moron? The nerve! "I am definitely not a moron! For your information, I'm one of the brightest students in our school."

The guy chuckled. "So it seems."

I glared at him and started to walk away but before I had the chance to take a step, he grabbed my hand and said, "My name is Len, what's yours?"

I looked behind me and saw his devilish grin, I replied. "Get lost."

"Nice name. Hey there Get lost." He said with a smile. I pulled my hand back.

"Why you-!" I tried to slap him but he held my wrist so fast I barely had to time pull my hand away. With embarrassment burning my cheeks, I looked down and whispered. "Let go of me."

I heard him chuckle which made my cheeks burn brighter. I was about to say something really insulting when he said out of the blue. "Would you like to eat a watermelon?"

I looked up and saw him smiling. I nodded hesitantly and followed him towards the 'watermelon' stand, as what he called the fruit, without him letting go of my hand.

"Mister, two slices please." He told the old man behind the stand. The old man smiled at gave him two long, luscious watermelon slices. My mouth watered involuntarily.

And then a thought hit me. "How do you eat a watermelon?"

Len stared at me for a while and then laughed. "Are you for real?"

I pouted. "Hey, it's my first time. Don't blame me."

He laughed again. "You're cute."

"I know, there's no need to tell me. So, what do I do first?"

"So, first, you need to take the slice in your hand," Len started, placing one slice in my hand, "and then take a bite. As easy as that." He took a bite and closed his eyes. "Heavenly." He whispered.

I imitated him and took a bite. As the red meat touched my tongue, I closed my eyes and savored the juicy taste of the fruit. I chewed on it, and chewed and chewed until…

"Ouch!" I complained when I felt a hard thing got stuck in between my molars. I touched it using my tongue and said, "Hey, this thing has seeds?"

Len laughed. "Of course. You really are cute." He ruffled my hair and walked away.

"By the way, it's nice meeting you." He looked at me and stared into my eyes. "Rin." And then he walked away.

I was left there wondering. How did he know my name?

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