Crazed Fan



Zoom in New York City. Cut to WWF's New York. Fade to New York City night- lights. The Rock arrives with wife, Dany Garcia-Johnson, fans scream as they walk inside the building. Cut to man dressed in all black approaching the building. Fade back to the Rock. He stands on the podium. He holds his wife hand. She kisses him on the cheek. Cut to man dressed in all black walking inside the building. Fade back to The Rock seating his wife by his side.

The Rock: Finally the Rock has come back to New York City

The Rock smiles. He looks over to his wife. Dany responds with a smile. Background music gets louder. The Rocks takes his sunglasses off as he notices the man walking in. His smile removes off his face. Dany notices his smile removing. She looks over at the doorway. Fans begin to turn around. The man takes out a gun pointing at his wife. The gun goes off; The Rock pushes Dany out the way, yelling and screaming enter the room. The music stops. Fans start running all over the place. Dany tries to sit The Rock up. She looks at her hand. Blood is everywhere. Tears begin to well up in her eyes. The Rock holds his wife hand. He tries to speak. Dany covers his mouth. The Rock eyes close. He's gone. Dany begins to cry even more. Camera fades to opening theme.

Opening Theme:


Scene One: Crime Scene (WWF's New York: Time Square)

Camera cut to News crews arriving. Cops surround the building. Fans stand behind the yellow tape. Cut to Eddie and J.C arriving to crime scene. Eddie looks at Dany; she is rapped in a blanket. Cold tears dry up on her cheek.

Eddie: Ms. Garcia, I am detective Eddie Torres from the 4th precinct, can I ask you a few questions.

Dany tries to stand up. Eddie helps her up

Dany: (Sadden) Wah, What do you want to know

Eddie: I know this a bad time for you; I know that Dwayne was a good man. I personally loved his work. It would mean a great deal to us if you could perhaps tell us what happen last night

Dany: It was dark. Dwayne was talking having a good time with his fans. I remember someone dressed in all black following us earlier today. He was here when those shots went off. That's all I remember. I am sorry I could not have been more help to you detective.

Eddie: Thank you anything else

Dany: No that's it. If that's all I see my mother-in law coming.

Eddie: If you remember anything give me a call (Eddie hands her his card)

J.C approaches with a young lady

J.C: How's Ms. Garcia

Eddie: Upset, sad, frightened (pause) who is this

J.C: This young woman told me that she seen a man drive off right after The Rock was shot

Stacey: I'm Stacy Rodriguez, that guy he was dressed in all black. He drove off in a black Navigator with a busted headlight

Eddie: A needle in a haystack

Stacey: But he had a picture of The Rock's wife in the left window

J.C: Can you come down to the 4th precinct to look at some mug shots

Stacey: Whatever I could do to find the bastard that killed Rock

Camera fades to J.C, Stacey, & Eddie walking away. Scenes of New York City

Cut to LaGuardia Airport

Scene Two: LaGuardia Airport

Zoom in on Nina waiting at Gate 11. Cut to people walking off the plane. Melissa appears. She spots Nina and walks over to her. Nina gives her a big hug and kisses her on the cheek.

Nina: How was your flight honey

Melissa: Long

Nina: (laughing)

Melissa: Where is Eddie

Nina: Oh he is at the precinct. He wants to see you, which is why were going to stop over there

Melissa: Great I can't wait to see him.

Nina: I know (laughing) you want to see G

Melissa: (smiling) (laughing)

Nina: You really like him don't you.

Melissa: Mom

Nina: Aight I would leave it alone. Let's go

Camera fade to 4th precinct.

Scene Three: 4th Precinct

Zoom in on Eddie sitting at his desk. J.C sits across from him on the phone. Cut to Stacey walking down the stairs with Cooper. Nina and Melissa walk into the building. Eddie raises his head and looks at Nina. Melissa runs over to Eddie. Eddie picks her up and gives her a gigantic hug.

Eddie: How ya' doing

Melissa: Now that I'm here, I feel great!

Nina: (Laughing)

Eddie: Well alright then

Cooper approaches with Stacey

Nina: Cooper you remember my daughter Melissa

Cooper: How can I forget. Nina has spoken fond of you.

J.C: Did you point out something for us.

Stacey: No, I am sorry.

Cooper: If you remember anything just come back okay

Stacey: Yes ma'am.

Stacey leaves. Fade back to Nina, JC, Cooper, Melissa, & Eddie

Eddie: How's is my baby doing. (He rubs Nina stomach and kisses her on the cheek)

Nina: Eddie she is fine.

Eddie: She… No (pause) you mean our son.

Nina & Eddie start laughing

JC whispers to Melissa what they have a Shem… They laugh

Cooper: Detectives

Eddie: Sorry Leu

Nina: What case are we working on

JC: Didn't you hear. The Rock was shot last night.

Melissa: Not WWF's Rock huh

Eddie: You were a fan of his.

Melissa: Yea, wasn't everyone. He is, was so fine. I cannot believe this. (She hugs Eddie)

Nina: Honey it's gonna be okay

Melissa: Why all the fine ones have to die

JC: Not all fine ones (he smiles)

Nina: Am I working on this one?

Cooper: I think you should stay off your feet for a while

Nina: Leu, I'm pregnant not handicapped

Cooper: I know that, but just stay off your feet! Understood

Nina: Understood

Eddie: Maybe you two should get going and let the men handle this

Nina: Excuse me. We gonna see when you get home Mr. Know it all

Nina & Melissa leaves

Cut to commercial


Scene Four: Davie, Florida (The Rocks residence)

Zoom in on Dany sitting on the sofa with a white gentleman

Dany: You said there wasn't going to be any witnesses

Man: Don't worry they won't. That girl didn't see anything

Dany: But what if someone tips the cops off

Man: You just make sure you keep your end of the bargain. I kill your precious husband. In return you give me ten million dollars. Everything is well taken cared of. You have nothing to worry your pretty lil self with

Dany: May I remind you that I have a nine-month-old baby to take care of. I don't have time to go to prison

Man: Look Dwayne was killed in New York. They wouldn't come all the way to Florida to find evidence

Dany: What type of evidence

Man: That you and Rock were having problems, the murder weapon, etc. But don't worry I got rid of the gun. I'll keep in touch

Dany opens the door. Zoom in on a cop across the street looking at Dany through binoculars

Scene Five: Cross the street

Detective Domar: Dany most really think she's slick. Kill husband; collect on the insurance. Get off scott free

Man picks his head up from the back seat. Surprisingly it is The Rock

The Rock: I can't believe she would try to have me killed. What are we going to do

Detective Domar: I will fax information to the NYPD leaking Dany to the crime. Wait for her to make a move and bust her

The Rock: You make sure my daughter is safe

Detective Domar: Don't worry I will make sure not even a fly harm her

The Rock: Good looking out

Detective Domar: Get out here before someone spots you

The rock creeps out the car. Camera fade to the 4th Precinct

Scene Six: 4th Precinct

JC and Eddie sitting at their desk

Eddie: I don't get it; The Rock was a good man. Why would someone want to kill him

JC: Look at his wife

Eddie: What! Man please. Dany loves him

JC: Millionaire murdered. No witnesses no enemies. This case is a needle in a haystack

Eddie: To solve this one we need a miracle

Phone rings, Eddie answers

Eddie: 4th, Detective Torres speaking

Chipmunk speaking voice: I know who killed The Rock. Follow the one who will benefit most. Meet me in Miami, Florida for more details. Only you and your partner. I'll call you to update you.

Eddie: Who is this

Dial Tone

JC: Who was it man

Eddie: I don't know. They said that to find the killer look at the one who will benefit the most. Also we should meet then in Miami

JC: That's it. No address

Eddie: They said they will contact us to give further information

JC: You think we should go

Eddie: Of course

JC: But I have G, Chantel is out of town. Remember she got this job working in Washington. I might have G for good.

Eddie: Send him by me. You meet me at my place. I'll book our tickets to Florida

JC: Okay your place one-hour

Scene Seven: Torres Residence

Eddie walks in. Nina and Melissa in the kitchen cooking

Eddie: Mmm something smells good

Melissa: We're cooking your favorite food. Etouffee

Eddie: Oh really

Nina goes over and they kiss passionately

Melissa: I don't think I should be seeing this. (She covers her eyes)

Nina: Ooh Papi lets take this to the bedroom

Eddie: I would love to (his smile fade away)

Nina: But

Eddie: But we got a lead on the Rocks case. We have to fly to Florida as soon as possible

Nina: And who is we

Eddie: Me and JC

Nina: What! But we were going to celebrate Melissa's homecoming

Eddie: I know and I'm sorry

Nina: but that's what you have to do. (Under her breathe) so much for the celebration

Eddie: Are you okay ma'ma

Nina: I'm fine, absolutely fine

She throws the cooking spoon on the stove and walks to the bedroom

Melissa: That's okay Eddie I understand. You have a job to do

Eddie and Melissa hug

Fade to commercial


Scene Eight: Williams Residence

Cut to JC packing his bag. G walks in with his bag

G: All packed

JC: That was quick

G: Keep all ready to go

JC: (Laughing) my poor son

G: What

JC: You got it bad

G: No I don't. Can we get going now

JC: The Moreno women do that to you

G: What like Nina had you

JC: Nothing happened between us. You remember that

G: That's why I caught her half necked in our house. Yeah right

JC: Now you listen, you better watch what you say

G: Don't worry Dad I will keep your little secret

Eddie walk in

Eddie: What secret. What's going on

JC: Nothing, I thought we were meeting at your place

Eddie: We were, but Nina is pissed. Never mind that, are you ready. We could drop G off on your way to the precinct. Cooper needs to see us

JC: Oh yeah lets go

Eddie walks to the door. G gets his bags. The three of them leave

Cut to 4th Precinct

Scene Nine: 4th Precinct

Fade in on Cooper talking on the phone. She raises her eyebrow. She informs them to sit down.

JC: What's this about Leu

Eddie: We have a plane to catch

Cooper gets off the phone

Cooper: Why didn't anyone tell me that you two were flying to Florida.

Eddie: We thought you knew

Cooper: does look like I knew

JC: Sorry, we got a lead on the ROCK'S murder

Cooper: I didn't give you two any authorization to fly to Florida

Eddie: Does that mean we can't go

Cooper: No, you could go, but make sure this type of thing doesn't happen again

JC: Understood

Eddie: lets go we have a plane to catch

Cooper: You have two days. If you don't find anything in that time bring your ass back here. I know Nina is upset with you, I don't want to have you two fighting on my time.

Eddie: You talk to Nina. How did she sound

Cooper: Go to Florida detective

Eddie: Lata


Scene Ten: Johnson & Johnson Inn

Zoom in on Eddie & Jc unpacking their bags. Eddie takes out his wallet to see how much money he as and notices a picture of he and Nina on their first date. A smile comes across his face. He picks up the phone

Eddie: Come on Nina pick up. I know your there, pick up the phone. Look I'm sorry I had to leave on short notice, but you know how that is. I love you Nina. Please pick up the phone.

Scene Eleven: Torres Residence

Fade in on Nina and Melissa standing by the answering machine.

Melissa: You not going to answer. Can I talk to him

Nina: No!

Scene Twelve: Johnson & Johnson Inn

Cut to Eddie sitting on the bed

Eddie: Well I guess you're not in. Call me Nina. You have the number. I left it on the refrigerator

JC walk in

JC: Nina not there

Eddie: Yeah she is just not speaking to me.

JC: Let's go pay a little visit to Ms. Garcia

Fade to New York night-lights

Cut to Natalies

Scene Thirteen: Natalies

Zoom in on Nina & Cooper talking at a table.

Nina: I can't believe Eddie left us like that

Cooper: He's a man. You know how men get when they're working in a popular case

Nina: Yeah I know but I was hoping tonight would be our night

Cooper: You two having problems

Nina: No, we are great it's just that he pays more attention to his cases than me lately. When I first got pregnant he was so excited, but now its like he don't care. And I'm not sure that I still feel the same way as I did before he left

Cooper: You still upset about Eddie leaving you

Nina: I thought I wasn't but I didn't stay faithful to him

Cooper: He would understand, you thought he was dead. We all did. I know he didn't expect you to just sit around dwelling in his death

Nina: Leu you don't understand

Cooper: Nina what are you trying to say

Nina: That night when we finally busted Jordan, Jc and I went dancing. We got drunk.

Cooper: Where are you getting at

Nina: I slept with JC

Cooper eyes widen. Nina puts her head down. Tears fill her eyes.

Cut to the Rock's residence

Scene Fourteen: Rocks house

Cut to Detective Domar. He notices that Eddie & JC are pulling up to rocks house and pushes the Rock to wake up. They look at them.

Cut to JC & Eddie knocking on the door. Dany opens it with her daughter in her hands

Dany: Detectives what what are you doing here (she gets nervous)

To be continued…