This is Part II, I hope everyone like it. Sorry it took so long to post the continuation.


Eddie: we just have a few questions for you, that's all, nothing to worry about.

Scene Fifteen: Cross the street

Detective Domar points out Jc. Jc looks over. Domar tells JC to come over. Jc walks over

Scene Sixteen: Rock's house

Eddie: Jc man where you going.

JC: I be right back

Eddie walks in side. Cut to Eddie sitting on the sofa. Dany holds her daughter in her arms.

Dany: As you could tell I am very busy so if you could keep this short

Eddie: Don't worry I plan to. Do you have any idea why someone would want to kill your husband

Dany: I don't know, Dwayne was a very nice guy. He was liked by every body.

Eddie: Apparently someone hated him enough to have him killed. Now who would do that

Dany: I don't know! Why are you here?

Eddie: I am here to solve a murder. Why are you hear

Dany: I live here.

Eddie: Why you yelling

Dany: What are you trying to say

Eddie: I think you killed Rock.

Dany: I was with him at the time of the murder. He saved my life

Eddie: Did he or was that a cover up

Dany: I have no reason to do that

Eddie: Dwayne was rich. All his money would go to you.

Dany: I want you to leave.

Eddie: I am not going anywhere until I get answers

Dany sits down. Fade to cross the street

Scene Seventeen: Cross the street

Zoom in on Jc shocked by Rock's appearance

JC: I thought you were dead

Rock: I knew my wife was trying to kill me. I protected my self. I want her to pay for trying to kill me. I loved Dany with all my heart. I can't believe she would do something like that.

JC: Do you know why she would do that

Rock: We were having problems. She thought I was having an affair, but I loved her too much.

JC: What do you want from me

Rock: I know Dany. If she sees that there is no way out she will come on to one of you. I believe she will try to sweet talk that other detective so he would believe her.

JC: Trust me Eddie won't fall for it. He is in a relationship.

Rock: Dany has skills. That's how she got me.

JC: Where do I come in.

Detective Domar: I want you to ware a wire. Try to get a confession of out her.

JC: No, that won't work. If you want the truth have Dwayne make an appearance. Get her to confess.

Rock: What is she try to kill me herself.

Detective Domar: You could ware a wire and a vest.

Rock: I like where you are going with this.

JC: Lets do it then.

Fade to Commercial


Scene Eighteen: Natalies

Zoom in on Nina crying. Cooper gives her a hug to consul her.

Cooper: Tell Eddie. He will understand.

Nina: What is he leave me and my baby

Cooper: Tell him.

Nina picks her head. Cooper looks in her eyes and wipe away her tears. Camera fade to Torres Residence.

Scene Nineteen: Torres Residence

Fade to G and Melissa on the sofa watching the X Files. G puts his arm around Melissa. She moves closer to G.

Melissa: I like you G

G: I like you too

They smile at each other

Melissa: what do you want to do

G: We could kiss

Melissa: I'd like that

G and Melissa move ever closer together. G puts his lips on Melissa. They kiss. Melissa lays on the sofa. G gets on top of Melissa and they kiss ever more. Melissa pushes him off her.

Melissa: We can't

G: Why not

Melissa: Cause I want to wait

G smiles

G: I understand, we could just kiss

Melissa: I'd like that better

They kiss, fade to Rock's residence

Scene Twenty: Rock's house

Cut to Dan putting her hand over Eddie's face. She gets close to him. Dany kisses Eddie. Cut to Dwayne walking in the house. Zoom in on The Rock's face. Eddie looks at the Rock as if he sees a ghost. He pushes Dany away. Dany covers her mouth.

Rock: Dany

Dany: Dwayne I-I thought you were dead

Eddie: Mr. Johnson

Dany: He-he came on to me honey, I am sorry

Eddie: Maybe I should leave you to alone

Rock: Your partner is waiting for you in a van across the street

[Eddie exit]

Dany opens her arms.

Dany: Aren't you gonna give your wife a hug

Rock: Where is my daughter

Dany: In her room sleep

Rock: Why Dany

Dany: Why what. What are you talking about

Rock: I loved you. You were my world. I did everything to provide you love. I did everything for you. I would kill for you. You meant the world to me. You, me, and Samone. We had our own little family. Why would you want to ruin that.

Dany begins to cry

Dany: I didn't want to, but when I seen you kiss that girl I-I lost that

Rock: Come here

Dany slowly walks in Rocks arms

Rock: Look at me, she doesn't mean anything to me. It was a friend kiss. Nothing more, nothing less.

Dany: I'm glad you're hear. I never will try to kill you again

Rock: But you did try to kill me

Dany: Yeah baby but you have to believe that I am truly sorry. I love you

Rock: And I love you

Dany: But

Rock: I have to do what I have to do. Come get her detectives

Danies eyes widen. Cut to Eddie, JC, and Detective Domar walking their house. Eddie pulls out his handcuffs. He puts them on Dany.

Eddie: Mrs. Johnson you have the right to remain silent anything you say and do will be held against you in the court of law.

Dany: Dwayne no

JC: I am sorry man

Eddie: You have the right for an attorney. IF you cannot afford one, one will be provided for you by the courts.

Dany: Dwayne no!

Camera fade off as Eddie brings Dany out to the cop car.

Camera fade off to commercial


Scene Twenty One: 4th Precinct

Cut to Eddie and JC sitting in Cooper's office

Cooper: Detectives you did wonderful on this case

Eddie: It's just messed that Dany tried to kill Dwayne

JC: What will happen to her

Eddie: Since The Rock wasn't killed they will give her two years for attempted murder.

Cooper: I say she deserves it

JC: That's kinda harsh don't ya think

Cooper: Why don't you take the rest of the week off. I know JC you have your son and Eddie, Nina needs to talk to you.

Eddie: What about

Cooper: I think it will be better if she tells you

Eddie: I guess I will head home

[Eddie and JC exit]

Eddie walks to his desk to get his jacket

JC: Do you want me to pick up G

Eddie: Let him stay at my place. Besides it's late

JC: Sure

Eddie: Yeah I am sure

Camera cut to Torres Residence

Scene Twenty Two: Torres Residence

Camera zoom in on Eddie walking in his house. He drops his bag by the door and puts his keys on the counter. Cut to G sleeping on the sofa with one foot hanging out. Eddie laughs to himself.

Fade to him in his and Nina's bedroom. Zoom in on Nina sleeping. Eddie walks over to her and softly kisses her on the cheek. She wakes up.

Nina: You're home

Eddie: I love you

Nina sits up.

Nina: I love you too

Eddie: Turns out Dany tried to kill the Rock

Nina: Tried

Eddie: He faked his death. He know about it all along

Nina: That's messed up

Eddie: Yeah I know

Nina: Eddie I know it is late, but there is something I have to say

Eddie puts his finger on Nina's lips

Eddie: No, I already know

Nina: What

Eddie: I found out a week after you and JC sleep together. I don't blame you. I understand the situation.

Nina: Oh Eddie, you're not mad

Eddie: Nina listen, I love you too much to let that happen

Nina: I love you too

Eddie: Nina, usted es mi y solamente. Nos significan para ser juntos. No hay nada que puede mantenerme ausente de usted. Estoy aquĆ­ con usted. Te amo. Usted e I por siempre.

Nina gives Eddie a hug. Camera fade off