I've known you for a long time

But you don't know who I am

You've never even heard of me

But I love you all the same

You may think I don't understand

That I never could

I'm hopeless, I'm worthless, like the others

I should really just give up

But I've got news for your chainsaw

You won't get rid of me so easily

I live free and die hard

You'll never kill me

I've memorized your lifetime

Your past is infamous

Trust me, I feel sorry

If I could have stopped it...

After all, did you deserve it?

Did you need any blame?

The fires dance inside your eyes

The answer, always no

Baby, baby, I know why you're hurting

Baby, can I try?

The damage has already been done

But maybe I can stop any more?

Silent monsters lashing at you

Invisible to the rest of us

And who on Earth would ever think

These creatures are only words?

I see the intangible scars

Whip-like marks that never go away

More appear before my very eyes

How do you even have the will to live?

Don't listen to them

Don't let their words bruise you

I hate to see you hurting

Come on, you know they're just lying

They're jealous of us

They're the ugly ones, not you

Why don't you believe me?

I've always told you the truth

I understand what you've been through

'Cause I've been there a few times too

Every part of me aches

Just to have us belong

Being different isn't bad

It just means you're special

Don't look at me with those eyes

I swear I would never lie to you!

That's right, you can lay your head on me

My shoulder's never occupied

The rush of so many years of pain

Just let it go... let it go... let me take it now...

There, now don't you feel better?

I've wished forever to be so close to you

I've loved you for so long

Now just try to understand...

How it feels to have you love me back...