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Yep… and this is a Takari fic… and a fic of my new fave pairing, KiriNe! (Kiriha x Nene from Digimon Xros Wars)

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By the way, this is set post-Xros Wars, but since Xros Wars is still ongoing as I made this (specifically the first 10 episodes of the 2nd half with the story focused on Taiki, Nene-sama & Kiriha-kun), I don't know what will really happen at the ending. (for now xD)

EDIT (Oct. 7, '11) – Now I already know and watched Xros Wars' ending, so I'm kinda editing some parts of this chapter. Nothing much changed though, except the parts that contradicted the ending xD

So yeah… Some spoilers ahead people. I'll follow the anime as much as possible for this… Oh, and this is set in the one-year gap between Xros Wars and Xros Hunters/Season 7 =D

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Chapter 1 – "A New Digital World! The Another Side"

The Another Side

An Organization lurking in darkness, wishing to become equal with the light.
They do everything to eradicate anyone part of the light; Digimon & especially the humans who have the power to strengthen their Digimon partners.

They'll stop at nothing to overpower the forces of Light… The will do everything to win victorious at the end.

It's understood that their intentions are pure…
…But their means are evil.

Thirteen Digimon composed this Organization, with only one goal;
to justify the Digimon of the darkness, and to prove that the Light's belief that Darkness is evil is false.

Firstly, The Seven Great Demon Lords:

Lucemon of Pride.

Lilithmon of Lust.

Barbamon of Greed.

Beelzebumon of Gluttony.

Belphemon of Sloth.

Demon of Wrath.

And Leviamon of Envy.

Emperor Bagramon, leader of the fallen Bagra Army.

Admiral GranDracmon, King of Vampire Digimon.

Commander Ritdracmon, The Undefeated Dark Dragon Knight Digimon.

Lieutenant Löwemon, Ritdracmon's right hand; the Warrior of Darkness.

And DarkAkumon, the Warrior of the Evil Darkness.

Even though they're short of a member, they were still a powerful force.
They were almost successful in conquering the Digital World.

However, they had was their constant threat;
two Legendary Warriors.

-Tokyo Koto District, Japan-

It was another boring hot day in Japan… It was a perfect day for ice cream!

Xros Heart General (one who has the Xros Loader, the Digivice in Xros Wars) Kudou Taiki invited all his friends he met in the Digital World for a reunion after the Bagra Army's defeat.
Yes, including the Digimon! They returned to the Real World to visit their human friends after the final struggle with DarknessBagramon.

His friends Tsurugi Zenjirou & Hinomoto Akari happily sat on the bench with Taiki, waiting for all of their friends to come.

Zenjirou was impatiently waiting for "the idol of his heart", while Akari was "melting" from the heat of the sun… Somehow suffering from heat stroke, maybe?

Taiki: Hehe! Is everyone here yet?

Akari: We're still missing Kiriha, Nene & Yuu… Uggh, the heat…

Zenjirou: Don't you think that… Kiriha is messing up with Nene-san again?

Akari: Oh, come on! Nene doesn't like you at all, Zenjirou! Don't try to expect her to like you…

Zenjirou: [steams] GRRRRR! He can't do anything with the idol of my heart, get it? Or else he'll get a taste of my Kendo skills! [brings out his kendo stick]

Taiki: Oi, oi! You know Kiriha. He's the hardy type, remember? He doesn't interact with people much.

Zenjirou: B-b-but, remember the time when we were fighting Tactimon in the Digital World in Sword Zone? While I was gone, I'm sure those two were having a moment that time!

Taiki: Nene's just convincing Kiriha to fight alongside us, actually.

Zenjirou: D-d-demo…!

Shoutmon (in Taiki's Xros Loader): Hahaha! Bad for you Zenjirou, it seems Kiriha did get Nene this time, look!

Nene: [waving her hand and running] Minna!

Running towards Taiki, Akari and Zenjirou was the beautiful General from Xros Heart, formerly Twilight, Amano Nene. The little boy holding her hand was her dear otouto, Amano Yuu, who was influenced by the evil DarkKnightmon when he was the holder of the Original Darkness Loader.

Walking behind them with a straight face was Aonuma Kiriha, the "Rival" of Taiki and the General of the well-known Blue Flare army, led with pride & power. Seeing his face, you'll know he's not someone you can take on so easily.

Taiki: Hey Nene! Nice to see you guys again!

Yuu: Looking good today! Especially Nee-san!

Nene: [giggles] You don't need to say that, Yuu.

Yuu: Aww! But it's true! Right, everyone?

Zenjirou: Of course! [rushes in & holds Nene's hands] Because Nene-san is the love of my life!

Nene: H-hey! Let go of my hands! [slaps Zenjirou]

Akari: I told you so! Hehehe!

Zenjirou: This… must be the pain of love… Owowow… I'm gonna die…

Taiki: Zenjirou, you don't need to react like that, you know.

Zenjirou: You don't know how this feels, Kudou Taiki! To see someone stealing your girl from you!

Taiki: Eh? How did you say that someone is stealing Nene from you? It's not Yuu, of course.

Zenjirou: THIS ONE HERE… [pulls Kiriha]

Kiriha: I'm not doing anything like that. Let go of me, you freak! [hits Zenjirou's hand]

Zenjirou: Oh, want me to use my kendo skills eh?

Kiriha: Shut up.

Nene: Kiriha-kun, stop being so hardy!

Kiriha: Hmph.

Taiki: Say, we're just in a private place, so… Why not reload the Digimon? Reload, Xros Heart!

Shoutmon: Yay! Finally, a day with all of us again! Now hear the shout of my soul! [speaks into his mic] WAAAAAAAH!

All: [covers ears] EEH?

Ballistamon: That seems to be a bad idea.

Dorulumon: Are you okay, Cutemon?

Cutemon: Yep! But it's so hot, kyu!

Kiriha: Reload, Blue Flare!

Greymon: It sure is hot here, Kiriha…

MailBirdramon: I'll stroll outside for a bit. [flies away]

Yuu: Where are the others?

Kiriha: Deckerdramon & Cyberdramon, along with the rest of the army, went somewhere else. They're bored, you see. I'm sure they'll handle themselves without me.

Akari: Where's your part of Xros Heart, Nene?

Nene: They're having fun at beach. They said it's hot so they went on without me…

Yuu: Don't worry, Damemon is at our side!

Damemon: Yep! I'll protect Yuu & Nene, dame! And I can transform to Tuwarmon at anytime too, so no worries, dame!

Taiki: That's nice! Well, let's get some ice cream!

Akari: I'm melting… I don't wanna move.

Yuu: Are you okay Akari-san?

Akari: Somehow… ughh… I will be after I eat ice cream…

Nene: I'll go!

Zenjirou: I'll go with Nene-san too! Please, please, mighty please!

Yuu: I'll pass on it for now… It's so hot…

Nene: It's okay, Yuu. I won't force you to.

Yuu: Thanks, Nee-san!

Taiki: So… who'll accompany Nene? I need to check you guys out here, so I can't go.

Nene: Well… who's the only one left?


Zenjirou:I'm ignored…

Kiriha: H-hey, why me? I-

Nene: Aww, come on! [drags Kiriha away] You'll just have to accompany me in buying ice cream!

Kiriha: B-but! [facepalms] Ugh, this is horribly mortifying…

Taiki: Umm… Did you just see Kiriha reacting like that for the first time?

Yuu: He… just acted like crazy!

-Ice Cream Stand-

Nene: I'm sure they'll like the flavors I chose. What do you think, Kiriha-kun?

Kiriha: Hmph, I don't care.

Nene: Taiki with Vanilla, Akari with strawberry, Zenjirou with Rocky Road, and of course, Yuu's favorite, chocolate! Mine's Mango. What's yours?

Kiriha: Think I'll pass.

Nene: Aww, come on now! What's your favorite?

Kiriha: Who cares…

Nene: I do, now say it!

Kiriha: [looks away, blushes] U-uh… M-mango…

Nene: Another mango flavored ice cream, please!


Nene: Here you go! [hands over his ice cream]

Kiriha: (This is so embarrassing… Ugh…)

Near the path Nene & Kiriha was walking, a familiar green hole was found behind the bushes… They went near to see it.

Nene: Doesn't this seem familiar?

Kiriha: …Their ice creams will melt. We should better give them first.

Nene: O-oh, right!

Back at the meeting site, Taiki was standing there cheerfully, waiting for them. Zenjirou turned white after seeing Kiriha with Nene… again.
Akari suddenly stood up and hurriedly snatched the strawberry Ice cream from Nene!

Nene: Wait… How'd you know that's yours?

Akari: It's my favorite! [eats the ice cream whole] Yum!

All: Uhh… [sweatdrops]

Nene: Here's yours, Taiki! [hands his vanilla ice cream]

Taiki: Wow, I missed this! Thanks a lot Nene!

Nene: And last but not the least… Here's yours, Zenjirou.

Zenjirou: [suddenly returns his color] THANK YOU NENE-SAN! YOU SAVED MY LIFE! And now I must confess… I-

Nene & Kiriha hurriedly ate their ice creams and went back to where they saw the familiar green hole.

Zenjirou: EH? Where did she go? Tell me, Kudou Taiki!

Taiki: Maybe they went to buy more ice cream…?

Akari: Wait! They were in a hurry! Maybe they're in a date!


~ o ~ o ~

Nene: [looks behind the bushes] See? Doesn't this seem to ring a bell…?

Kiriha: It's… It's Digital Airspace!

~ o ~ o ~

Damemon: Woah! I sense something bad near your sister, dame!

Yuu: Huh? Let's go find her, fast!

Taiki: Shoutmon and the others, hurry!

Xros Heart: Un!

Greymon: Kiriha!

~ o ~ o ~

The portal quickly increased in size upon Nene's accidental touch of it.

Nene: Don't say it's like the same one Yuu & I encountered! Nigeru!

Kiriha: Nngh! [turns around quickly]

They did their best to run as fast as they could!
…However, they had no escape as the portal quickly sucked them in. Too bad.

Damemon: Digi-Ninpo Martial Transformation! Tuwarmon!
Yuu-sama,It seems that they were sucked into a portal.

Yuu: No, Nee-san!

Greymon: Grr, I failed to guard Kiriha!

Taiki: Nngh… We were too late…

Shoutmon: If we only went here earlier!

-Digital World-

It seems… like that the Digital World is an entirely different world. It was so unfamiliar to the two Generals, even though they went all around it when they were on a journey to defeat the Bagra Army. They look around; it was dark. Everything was blown up, like they were remains of a fight… Is there a war going on around there?

When Nene & Kiriha fell into the Digital World, Nene accidentally sat on Kiriha's back…

Nene: Ow… my back… O-oh, gomen, Kiriha-kun!

Kiriha: Get off me… Anyway, is this really the Digital World?

Nene: Woah… It's so… barren. Is this what is actually happening while we're gone?

Kiriha: We can't that for sure now. Although, with the Bagra Army gone, this damage would've been impossible for normal Digimon to inflict.

Nene: I wonder why… Wait, let's take a look around! Reload, Sparrowmon!

Nene suddenly remembered something important… All her Digimon were left in the Real World!

Nene: I-I forgot…! My Digimon… they were all reloaded at the beach!

Kiriha: Nani?
…Darn! Even my Digimon went to do their thing too. Grr, I should've put Greymon in my Xros Loader instead…

Nene: Well… what are you planning to do now, Kiriha-kun?

Kiriha suddenly paused, standing in place. He thought about it for a while…

Kiriha: …We're the Legendary Generals! You know that we can't lose now, can we? We're a prideful team!

Nene: But you know… We're just normal kids without our armies. Even if we have our Xros Loaders.

Kiriha: B-but! Hmph! I'm not a kid!

Nene: If you say so. But we're nothing without our Digimon, am I right?

Kiriha: …Fine. I'll lead the way, and I'll show you that I'm not just another human trapped in this world!

Nene: Go on. (Here's Kiriha's attitude problem again…)

-The Another Side's Secret Base,Castle of Desolation-

Everything you can see is darkness. No trace of light can be seen, as they LOATHE anything about it.

There seems to be an assembly in the Organization. All members were present for the event.

Lucemon: Good evening, my fellow members of the organization. I called you all here for a special announcement.

GranDracmon: A new member has joined our ranks. Please, let's welcome our newest member, RageDevimon.

Löwemon accompanied RageDevimon to the room. He was apparently hiding his form under a black coat.
It made him look ominous & mysterious to everyone… as if he's hiding something from them.

Ritdracmon: Great work, Löwemon. Introduce yourself, newbie!

RageDevimon: …

Ritdracmon: What the… I am the commander here! Speak up, or else you'll-

Bagramon: Silence, Commander! Now, you may go in your room, RageDevimon.

RageDevimon: … [walks away]

Löwemon: S-sorry for the bother. It seems that he is yet to be used here in his new life.

Beelzebumon: [almost shoots Löwemon] Yep, now you go there and get him to talk.

Ritdracmon: Hrr… He's my right hand man! I should be the one talking to him, got it?

Beelzebumon: Whatever.

Ritdracmon: HRR!

Löwemon: Calm down, Ritdracmon. Things will go fine now. Now, I'll go accompany the new member.

Ritdracmon: …As you wish, my right-hand man.

~ o ~ o ~

Löwemon: Here, RageDevimon. This is your room.

RageDevimon's room was almost empty… The only thing there was his bed. His hard bed, actually… No wonder no one likes to sleep there.

Löwemon: Sorry if you'll stay here; there are no more decent rooms left for now… Only the Highest Ranking Members gets to experience such places.

RageDevimon: …

Löwemon: Well, I'll be better leaving you here. See you later.

After Löwemon went outside RageDevimon's room, the door was left ajar.
Red eyes tried to look into his room for some reason after the Warrior of Darkness left…

RageDevimon: [looks at the door] …?

?: ! [runs away]

RageDevimon: …

-Digital World-

The two Generals went further in the new Digital World… Not very far from them, there was a Digimon village that seemed to be perfectly tranquil. Like, it wasn't affected by the damages brought by the "war".

Nene: Is that… an undamaged Village?

Kiriha: Let's go look. I'm sure they have something to say about the state of the Digital World now.

~ o ~ o ~

Inside the village was a group of young holy Digimon. Nene & Kiriha then went to find someone very knowledgeable about this madness…

Nene: Hey, let's ask that Baromon over there. It seems to be the one to be asked by many of the villagers here.

Kiriha: [harshly] Oi, you! The one with the mask!

Baromon: And who are you to speak to me like that?

Nene: Gomenasai! My friend here's really like that, so please excuse him…
[whispers] I knew that you were going to scare the Digimons again…

Kiriha: [locks his arms] Hmph. Anyway, we're just going to ask what's actually happening in here.

Baromon: You mean you don't know?

Nene: Actually, we're sucked into a portal leading here from out of nowhere…

Baromon: I see. You see, we are in a state of total confusion now.

Kiriha: But why? Without the Bagra Army now, dealing damage that big would barely happen now.

Baromon: It's not just a normal fight, boy. It's a war of Light & Darkness. A war to know who's right.

Kiriha: That's stupid.

Baromon: Beware, you two. If you don't side with anyone from the Light or Dark, you're dead, I tell you. The Legendary Warriors are our only hope in this side of the war.

Kiriha: Why? We're the Legendary Generals that saved you from the Bagra Army!

Villagers: Generals?

Patamon Villager: Wow, so you're the Generals of Xros Heart and Blue Flare! May we meet your armies, please?

Nene: Sadly… Our army was left in our world.

Baromon: So you're just kids with a useless toy called Xros Loader. Oh well.

Kiriha: Hmph. Don't go insulting what we can-

All of a sudden, a loud blast was heard from outside the village.


Nene: Take cover!

Kiriha: Hrr… who are these guys?

A group of Dark Machine Digimon started to bombard the whole village of the Holy Digimon.

Mechanorimon: We should leave no prisoners! Twinkle Beam!

The dark group of Digimon was mercilessly killing off the Digimon. Meanwhile, their leader, Tankmon, stepped up to the Generals.

Tankmon: You two, you are humans, am I right?

Nene: What do you need from us?

Tankmon: You two… are the human Generals who defeated Emperor Bagramon! We were told to exterminate everyone from the light; including you pestering humans!

Kiriha: Nani? [brings out his Xros Loader] See this Xros Loader? This is the very device that defeated the Bagra Army before!

Tankmon: Heh. You're kidding me! What are you without your army?

Kiriha: How did you know?

Tankmon: There's no sign of any Digimon on your side. Usually you DigiXros them at the sign of danger, am I right?

Kiriha: Hmph… [looks away]

Nene: Tsk…

Tankmon: Hahaha! You're just trying to make yourselves look like a fool. And now, I shall end your life! HRAAAGH!

Running for their lives, Kiriha & Nene quickly ran away from Tankmon's troops. They ran as fast as they could, however the troop managed to keep up as well.

Kiriha: Hmph! We can't lose to low Digimons like them!

Nene: Are you crazy? We're nothing but normal humans right now! We can't do anything to defy that! You told me before that we should accept reality, and now this?

Kiriha: [looks down] …

Nene: You're crazy, you know that? Stop being such a prideful person, Kiriha. You're making yourself a fool.

While running, they were being blasted by Tankmon's troops.
They were trying hard to evade it, but suddenly Nene tripped on a rock and hurt herself. She cannot move her leg, which was severely scratched by the rocky ground.

Kiriha: [looks behind] …Huh?

Nene: Run now, Kiriha-kun! Leave me here, unless you wanna die too!

Kiriha: …
…Hmph, fine! As you wish, Nene! [runs away]

Tankmon: Hehe. Poor pretty General, defenseless on the ground. Mechanorimons, let's finish her off!

Nene: (Yuu… My family… and everyone I know… I'm sorry…)

For some reason, Kiriha stopped running. He looked down & thought for a while…

Kiriha: Hrr… I can't believe I'm doing this. But I… just can't turn my back on a friend.
Worst of all, I can't believe I'm starting to be like Taiki… Hmph!

He started to run again. He shouted…

Kiriha: Help! Anyone! Tasukete!

He went farther away from Nene. This time he somehow panicked, being desperate to find help from anyone.
…Yes. The prideful Kiriha started to show his vulnerable side again… Like when his MetalGreymon almost died when he was absorbed by the Death General NeoVamdemon.

Kiriha: TASUKETE! Please, my friend is in danger!
[falls on his knees] I just can't… leave her alone… If I did, Nene will die… She'll be like MetalGreymon, and… like what happened before… I… I can't forgive myself! *sob*

?: Hey, are you okay? I heard you need help.

Kiriha: [wipes tears] Huh…?

Two Digimon stood in front of Kiriha. The one who talked to him had green Diamond armor & pink clothing, and brown hair. It seemed to have a feminine voice.
The Digimon she's with is mostly dark & sky blue, holding a lance on its left hand, and with blond hair. Judging by is appearance, it looks more like masculine.
Both of them had something covering their eyes, matching their color motif. They seem to look humanoid.

Digimon 1 (blue): So you're human eh? Don't worry, we're happy to help.

Kiriha: Really? Please, I need your help. My friend… she's being attacked by a troop of Digimon.

Digimon 2 (green): So she's human too, then? We'll go. And don't cry now!

Kiriha: Don't… say this to anyone. Don't say I asked for help & cried.
…Especially to her. [blushes]

Digimon 1: We're on our way! Let's go!

Tankmon & his troop of Mechanorimons were almost ready to fire at Nene.
The helpless General just closed her eyes and hoped for the best.

Nene: [cries silently] …

Tankmon: Hyper Cannon!

Mechanorimons: Twinkle Beam!

The attack was about to hit her…

…When suddenly two Digimon parried their attack effortlessly.

Nene: [looks around] …What just… happened?

Digimon 1: You guys again! Don't go messing around hurting innocent Digimon!

Tankmon: You… you can't be the…

Mechanorimons: …The Legendary Warriors!

Digimon 2: Yep! And if you're going to hurt this human, you'll get a taste of our power!

Mechanorimon: What will we do, commander?

Tankmon: …We aren't scared of you Warriors! You're nothing but runts!

Digimon 2: Really? Don't you know what we can do, commander Tankmon?

Tankmon: Hrr… attack! And don't stop!

Digimon 1: You guys are just a pain in the butt. Let us first introduce ourselves to you, before we finish this chaos once and for all.
I am the Warrior of Hope, FighterAngemon. No one dares to do evil when I'm around!

Digimon 2: And I'm his partner, SereneAngewomon, Warrior of Light! Being the warrior that represents not necessarily light, but good, I'll put an end to evil beings!

Tankmon: Fool! Your introductions won't scare us a bit! FIRE!

Mekanorimons: Twinkle Beam!

Nene: Gasp…!

SereneAngewomon rushed in front of her partner, blocking the attack. She puts her arms in front of her, with her diamond armor & hand guard in it.

Tankmon: Hehehehe! Is that the best you've got?

S.A: …Nope! We're just taking you easily.

Tankmon: What the…

Nene: Sugoi! You two are superb!

F.A: My turn! HAAAH!

FighterAngemon raised his lance, and slashed it down as fast as lightning. From afar, his lance generated a powerful wave!

Tankmon: NANI?

F.A: Kibou no Mori! GRAAAAH!

In a slash, they were defeated with F.A's attack. Not really formidable, it seems…

S.A: Are you all right, Miss?

Nene: Y-yes… Arigato. You two are indeed Legendary Warriors, protecting the peace of the Digital World.

F.A: By the way, you can call me F.A. for short. For her, it's S.A.

Nene: Nice to meet you two! I'm Amano Nene. A friend and I were suddenly sucked into a portal leading here… Though he's somewhat stubborn and left me alone. But I actually told him to do so…

S.A: You mean him? [points Kiriha behind them]

Nene: Kiriha-kun? I thought you ran away…

Kiriha: Hmph, only losers run away from a battle.

Nene: But you didn't actually do anything to help. You're careless, Kiriha-kun…

Kiriha: [locks arms] Hmph.

S.A: So, Nene & Kiriha, is it? You're accidentally brought here, eh? Seems we're not the only ones out here, F.A!

Kiriha: What do you mean?

F.A: I'm glad we met you! Here's what we really mean.

The two Warriors were surrounded by DigiCode. When it cleared out, two humans were there. Yep, F.A. & S.A. are actually humans, just like Kiriha & Nene!

Nene: W-woah…! I never expected that the Legendary Warriors are actually humans like us!

F.A: Hehehe! Well, I'm actually Takaishi Takeru.

S.A: Yagami Hikari! Fellow humans at your service.

Kiriha: (Humans… who could turn into Digimon? Such amazing power they possess… )

Takeru: I never expected other humans will get into the Digital World too… Actually it's almost impossible to enter the Digital World. It was sealed really shut since then…
…Well, with special means, however, you can easily travel back and forth.

Nene & Kiriha: Travel… back and forth?

The Organization's constant threat, the Legendary Warriors F.A. & S.A. were revealed to be humans like Nene & Kiriha, in the identity of Takeru & Hikari. Without their help, Nene will be killed off and probably Kiriha too. Takeru mentioned something about means of travelling back & forth between their world & the Digital World… What is it? And if the portal to the Digital World is sealed shut, how did the two Generals easily got sucked in the DigiWorld? Don't miss the next chapter, "Pursuit! Revival of the Legendary Victory Duo"

Jikkai wo hottokenai! ;)

Tasukete – help

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