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Chapter 5 – "Onii-chan, why? The Organization Strikes Forward!"

Rain drops were pouring outside again like the other day. The sky is jet-black as always, with the nimbus clouds seen from above, and only the occasional flash of white lightning illuminates the place. Near a large glass window was a tall figure, looking into the rain as if it was deep in its thoughts.

Moments after, another member passed by and noticed him. That member was inspecting his fellow member afar in the shadows, but seemed to know something on his mind. He gave a friendly pat to his shoulder.

?: Thinking about the old days again, Ritdracmon?

Ritdracmon, breaking his silence, calmly looked behind him and gave his reply.

Ritdracmon: You know I will never forget that stormy day. That dreadful and fateful day… I must pay a debt for what you did for me, Löwemon.

Löwemon: It is nothing. You know my own story. Besides, what better choice did I have that time?

Ritdracmon: I am thankful for that, and because of that I wouldn't be existing here today… and I would never gain this formidable power.

Löwemon: If the other members saw you instead, don't expect them to show any mercy. That's how harsh and strict this organization is, remember?

Ritdracmon: Huh… Right. Say…
That RageDevimon did a good job on his first mission. Not bad for newbies. Not unlike-

Löwemon: I know where this is going. Stop comparing two different members!

Ritdracmon only gave a smirk; his eyes looking at his partner while he faced sideways towards the other member.

Ritdracmon: Heh. Fine. But do you mean it… or not?

The lion-warrior stared at the ground, speechless.

Löwemon: …
(…This isn't going well now, is it…)
Well, I gotta go. See you around, partner.

Ritdracmon: Oh, wait, have I mentioned that we have a major meeting today? About the new additions to our organization, reports on our progress and development… and other things?

Löwemon: I wasn't informed. I shall go on later. I got things to do.

Ritdracmon: It'll be big news… so be there. The more, the merrier, they say… haha.

Löwemon: (New members? But I thought we were already enough?)

-Human World, Koto, Tokyo-

A day has passed after the search of the Blue Flare and Twilight generals. No much progress has made except for seeing suspicious Digimon at the site.
Back at the park were Yuu and Damemon, both sweating under the heat of the afternoon sun. Despite this Yuu didn't mind the the sweat coming down from his face just for the sake of his sister.

Damemon: Are you okay, Yuu? It's exactly noon so it's really hot!

Yuu: No, Damemon. Do you want to rest and sit down on this bench while I try finding a lead? This place is shady too.

Damemon: O-oh, no! I should be accompanying you as your partner or I'll be no good, dame!

Yuu: It's fine by me, then.

Damemon: I'll go find an umbrella! Oh, wait, how do I even go away without a disguise? And this form is even a disguise…
…Oh, what are these guys doing here?

The duo spotted three Digimon, one wingless and bipedal, having the form of a blue dinosaur with orange stripes and a metal helmet. Beside it was a blue flying mechanoid bird and a little flying robotic yellow bird with white gloves. Hey, these creatures are familiar!

Yuu: Greymon, MailBirdramon, Sparrowmon! Why are you three here?

Greymon: We're trying to look out if any portal would open. It's the only way to get to the Digital World without Wisemon's help.

Damemon: Hmm, so not everyone got to join here? I thought they were…

Sparrowmon: No. Wisemon had to stay back along with other Xros Heart members since only he can open the portal from the Digital World. I wonder if they're fine.

Yuu: I'm sure they are. Who knows, maybe Nee-san and Kiriha-san met them along the way!

MailBirdramon: We shall see. However, we have to find a way to get to them first.

Standing on top of a nearby building was Löwemon, hands on his chin, staring down at Yuu and the Digimon. Despite the harsh sunlight, the dark warrior was not bothered.

Löwemon: The plan is going smoothly. I better make use of my new "tools" too, to make my plan finally progress… Hm.

DA: What tools?

Löwemon: Gah! Y-you followed me here?!

DA: Yeah, I was completely bored back at HQ so I went over here. And when I saw you up here, I quickly caught up!

Löwemon: Oh… Well, this is supposed to be my time to do my minor job but… I guess I wouldn't mind turning this to a hang out, hmm?

RDvm: Hey DA, wait up!

Löwemon: You're here too?! O-okay then, shall we head off then?

RDvm: Umm, I only went with DA since she dragged me here…

DA: Oh, I didn't, I even DON'T want you here, zombie!

RDvm: I never knew you were so cold…

DA: …Nah, just kidding, you bonehead!

Löwemon: …Guys, let's go.

DA & RDvm: A-ah, yes!

~ o ~ o ~

DA: Hey, this place is pretty good! The branches are sturdy, lots of shade and wind… Perfect!

RDvm: We never get to experience to loiter on trees like this in the Digital World like this, since they're all devastated and ugly over there. I really like it here.

Löwemon: Yes, that's true. That's why I want to end this war…

DA: Oh, your plot on bringing the organization down! That'll be awesome, seeing the Digital World having this wonderful view!

RDvm: The Human World sure is nice, right?

Löwemon: Yes… Makes you want to be like them.

DA: …I would really like to be like them. They're awesome.

RDvm: "Awesome"? But they don't have powers…

DA: Yeah right, but they're so smart, having these things protected, making these buildings using machines…

Löwemon: Hmm, but they can't do it alone. They're weak, but irritating. That's why our mission is to eliminate any intruders in our world, but let's let them be here.

DA: Hey wait, I thought you like them?! I don't get it!

Löwemon: "To be like them" means "they're lucky to have this world for them". Not the humans themselves.

RDvm: Hey, may I ask something?

DA: Umm, yeah?

RDvm: Why are people playing around, laughing stupidly at each other?

DA: WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT?! You mean, you don't know?! Then how-
(Oh wait… There's one thing about this freak that's crucially missing from his mind: he thinks like a newborn kid for some reason!)

RDvm: Uh-

DA: H-hey, I'm sorry! I'm just that smart to know, whahaha! They're just enjoying random stuff. That's why they laugh at it!
…Hey, then what's with you laughing at me when you're fooling around last time, eh?!

RDvm: Laugh? I laughed before? I didn't know…

DA: Ah well. That's what zombies without a brain get!

RDvm: Sigh… and I don't even get your zombie joke.


RDvm: I don't know, they're just coming to me.

DA: *facepalms*

Löwemon: No more joking around. I must watch this boy's actions.

RDvm: Why?

Löwemon: He might hold a clue on the humans' weakness.

DA: Sheesh, we'll beat them with the tip of my finger! Nothing takes down DarkAkumon, the Evil Warrior of Darkness, you know!

RDvm: Aren't we disturbing you?

Löwemon: I was supposed to have a mission here. So-

DA: Ah, okay, you don't want us around anymore, so bye! [drags RDvm with her]

RDvm: DA!

DA: C'mon, we have better things to do!

Löwemon: Hehe. Now, about this boy… Information I gathered states that he is Yuu, the younger brother of Amano Nene. So does that make his full name "Amano Yuu"? Hmm.
And this little Digimon with him… a
Damemon, the disguise form of a ninja Digimon, Tuwarmon. For sure, he will prove worthy of my plan. This is getting interesting…

The sun was nearly setting. Lights were starting to open, illuminating the twilight sky. The place looked like this when DarkAkumon and her innocent friend RageDevimon set foot on this strange site… where a lot of people were riding machines to have fun.

RDvm: DA… what is this place?

DA: It's an amusement park, where everyone's happy!

RDvm: Umm… What's an "amusement park"?

DA: It's where everyone gets crazy and laughs until one loses his breath!

RDvm: You mean, this is a place where people enjoy themselves until they die?!

DA: (Oh gosh… You're going to make this place exactly what you said to me!)
No, silly! What I mean is that they're going to laugh until they get tired of it! Get it?!

RDvm: Oh… I didn't know.

DA: Let's get over it. Hey, let's go into that Horror House!

RDvm: "Horror house"? What's-


RDvm: B-but-

With no time to ask, RageDevimon headed off to his friend, albeit with hesitation…

~ o ~ o ~

Pitch-black surroundings greeted the duo along with high-pitched screeches. RDvm felt like a sharp object hit his ears, so he immediately covered them. DA was only laughing and laughing… and laughing.

Security Guard: You two kids enjoy okay? Your costumes fit this place. Have fun!

DA: Hehe, thanks man! WHAHAHA!

Flying bats and people in ghost costumes tried to scare them by holding their leg from the floor, but only RDvm was scared… or is he, really?

RDvm: DA, what is this place?!

DA: The answer's right under your nose! This place is meant to scare us, duh! Don't say you're scared, you zombie!

RDvm: Aah! Why are they doing this?! Is this an ambush?!

DA: You're so paranoid! They're just creeping us out. Calm down, will ya?

"White lady": You're coming with me, boy...

RDvm: Grr!

In his rage, RageDevimon summoned his Zetsubou no Mori in his hands.

DA: H-hey, what do you think you're doing?!

RDvm: This is enough! Haaah!

The devil flies right through the air, ready to attack "intruders". The "ghosts" backed out, ironically frozen in place as if RDvm was the true ghost.

"Reaper": Oh gosh. It's… it's a real ghost!

"Vampire": Maybe we're being cursed by our job… RUN!


DA: W-what the?! What are you doing?! You know we weren't supposed to make humans aware of our identity!

RDvm: You shall pay beings of darkness! Surrender now or you will SUFFER!

"Ghoul": Please spare me! I'm only doing this for my family, to earn money!

RDvm: Why would-

DA: Darn, we gotta bounce!
Sir, we're sorry, b-but I think an evil spirit possessed my friend! Bye!


-Castle of Desolation-

Every seat, save for one, is occupied. Everyone sat in place, and stared at the stormy window while waiting for their session to start.

Lilithmon: What's taking that man to come here?! If he doesn't come, I'm going to explode!

Beelzebumon: Enough with that boom expression. It's getting annoying!

Lilithmon: Shut it, Ba'almon!

Beelzebumon: How many times do I have to tell you that I'm not the same guy as that Beelzebumon before! I'm the Demon Lord, not guardian.

Bagramon: We shall wait a little more for our lieutenant.

Belphemon: Grrr…

Demon: Don't be so impatient, Belphemon! Calm down.

Lucemon: Has anyone heard about where he is?

Ritdracmon: He's on a recon mission. He's going back soon.

Barbamon: Ah, there he is!

The black warrior jumped on and stood on his seat from the window, and slowly took his seat.

Löwemon: Sorry if I'm late. What is the meeting about?

Grandracmon: About new plans and changes.

Löwemon: If so, Admiral, don't we need number 12 and 13?

Grandracmon: They have no involvement in the meeting today. Let them be.

Löwemon: Then that should be the way it is then.

Lucemon: Let us start.

~ o ~ o ~

Lucemon rose and stationed himself about five meters away at the middle of everyone, their orientation being in a semi-circled manner. Bagramon sat on his large throne decorated with bones polished to be suitable for display, situated in front of the seats, just beside Lucemon's position. A dim light shone over him. It was the signal to start.

Lucemon: My dear co-members, to formally start this meeting, I greet you a good day. I am your spokesperson for today, as always. Emperor Bagramon, care to outline the meeting's coverage?

Bagramon: Today, we will discuss our major moves against the rebels. I feel that they will be more of a threat than the Light. Second, we have new changes to our army and arsenal to be able to pursue our justice for us deserving individuals. Lastly, we will make use of operations organized by Barbamon to dispose of any obstacle ahead. You may now continue, Lucemon.

Lucemon: Thank you. Now, on with our first topic.
As we all know, our enemies have taken up a notch higher. The side of the Light is the same as always, nothing new with them, but the other rebel group has now become active in bringing us down. Initially we only had to deal with the Angel Warriors, FighterAngemon and SereneAngewomon, but as we are still in the midst of our clash, two new adversaries came: Aonuma Kiriha and Amano Nene, two of the Generals that took down Emperor Bagramon during the reign of the Bagra Army. They are powerless themselves, as their armies were left in the Human World, but the famous Victory Duo lent their power to both of these people; SiegKriegermon chose the boy and Shourinobimon chose the girl. We have had handled those initial rebels in the past… But after the appearance of the humans, they have unexpectedly grown in power.

Grandracmon: Any background info on this "Victory Duo"?

Lucemon: For that, I shall ask Barbamon to share his knowledge.

Barbamon: Ah, the Victory Duo, hmm? I have heard of them in the past when they were in the limelight, during my humble days. They were not the Victory Duo before, but the "Victory Trio". You have seen that coming, did you not?
They once had a leader named VictoryPaladimon, known for its endurance, defense and speed, and his armor shines as gold. The three of them dominated the battlefield, no matter who the opponents were. In short, those folks were an unstoppable force. Scary, no?

The day came when their leader left due to unknown reasons. The non-stop quarreling of the warmongering warlord and the mysterious maiden is the reason, perhaps? No one knows. They were still an overwhelming force, but they suddenly disappeared out of nowhere. And now, they have shown themselves again. This makes me interested to see how they fare… Hm hm.

Lucemon: Thank you. So it seems that they really aren't a joke.

Ritdracmon: They will lose, I tell you. They're just pathetic humans using the duo's power!

Bagramon: DO NOT underestimate them. I have seen Kiriha and Nene's potentials. They are a force to be reckoned of.

Ritdracmon: But how do you know that?

Bagramon: I chose Kiriha in the past to be my General. I have seen the thirst for power in his heart. For Nene, her will to fight for her brother is undying, after my deceased brother gave her her brother's Xros Loader. She had surpassed trials just to prove that, and she also has unique commanding skills. That's how I know, Commander.

Ritdracmon: Tsk… So you're the reason why he has that device. Okay then, continue.

Lucemon: We should make a move for this. In that case, we decided to add new weapons in our arsenal. Well, it isn't what it exactly says, but we have changes to our army. Please welcome our new members:
the revived Death Generals of the former Bagra Army!

As Lucemon finished talking, 7 figures appeared at the right of the speaker. Some wore serious faces, some mad, and some smiled.

Olegmon: Gappo Gappo, viva Oleg-na! We're back in business!

Zamielmon: Nyahyahyahyahyahya! I never imagined we would be back. Time to squash bugs!

Dorbickmon: Hmm, I agree. I never expected to have a second chance.

Splashmon: I won't spend this chance for nothing!

NeoVamdemon: I feel ashamed… for a vampire to fall in defeat, lifeless. But now here I stand, making a move!

Gravimon: Life won't be boring again. Oh wait, I just came back from the dead! Hahaha!

Apollomon: I feel this is urgent business. What are we here for?

Bagramon stood from his seat and faced his brother's former minions.

Bagramon: We meet again, Death Generals.

Death Generals: Bagramon!

Bagramon: Do not be afraid, for I will not betray you like how my younger brother did. I summoned you all here for a special task.

Gravimon: A task?

Bagramon: A task… to ward off rebels.

Apollomon: Wakarimashita. We shall do our best.

Löwemon: But, I thought 13 members were enough?

Bagramon: They aren't technically new members. They are special, since they will also serve a special role in our organization.

Lucemon: For this, they will be put under a Demon Lord's command. They shall assist them, including me, whenever necessary.

Leviamon: For real? This will be helpful.

Lucemon: I shall now assign them to their respective Demon Lord. Olegmon, you go to Leviamon; Zamielmon to Demon, Splashmon to Lilithmon, Gravimon to Barbamon, Dorbickmon to Belphemon, NeoVamdemon to Beelzebumon and Apollomon to yours truly.

Dorbickmon: What's the plan to take these rebels down, anyway?

Lucemon: Anyone with ideas on this matter? Feel free to speak.

Lilithmon: My only plan is to attack them with all the troops we have and blast their souls out of their body! Such irritating pests…

Beelzebumon: Oh c'mon. That's lame. You know what's awesome? Getting into battle yourself and get crazy! That's how it is, hoho!

Lilithmon: (This guy has more screws loose in his head than Ba'almon…)

Belphemon: GRRAAAH! [punches at the floor]

Leviamon: Crushing them by yourself? Don't leave me out. I want to drown them in my seas!

Demon: I suggest we build up on Lilithmon's idea, but with our troops divided into their functions and a corresponding strategy.

Barbamon: How about bringing up the operation we proposed?

Bagramon: Yes, yes. Put the side comments on the back for now. Grandracmon will clarify that operation for you.

Grandracmon jumped and landed on the ground with his four feet with a loud thud. He didn't flinch, as if the impact had no effect on him.

Grandracmon: Greetings! Here I will tell you about Barbamon's newest discovery: revival and artificial power upgrades. For the former, it was proven successful by reviving 5 of the Death Generals – except for 2, Olegmon and Apollomon, who were already alive beforehand. We may use this technology to make use of slain Digimon. For the latter, we have been working on an experiment where we would input artificial power upgrades by making use of modified power sources to be inserted or ingested by the user. This power can make the recipient acquire its desired abilities with 100% chance. Have you ever imagined using this to young Digimon for it to acquire strength like that of Emperor Bagramon? That's how it works!

Leviamon: Amazing… Who are the test subjects then? We aren't sure of that procedure's accuracy yet.

Lucemon: The missing members.

Löwemon: Wait… RageDevimon and DarkAkumon?

Lucemon: Yes. You know about their background, don't you, Lieutenant?

Löwemon: Tsk…

Ritdracmon: (Going to ruin his proposed plan eh? Hehe… I know what Pardner thinks.)

Löwemon: I-isn't there another way?

Lucemon: That's the plan. Why are you questioning the operation?

Beelzebumon: Because he has use of those losers.

Löwemon: It's not what you mean. I… have my reasons.

Lucemon: Oh, so what alternate solutions do you have in mind then?

Löwemon: …Take me as your subject.

Lilithmon: What?! Isn't that absurd, Lieutenant? How if you die or something?

Löwemon: It's fine. I'm here to take risks.

Barbamon: Interesting… Who knows, he can get the benefit of the project, hmm?

Löwemon: Yes, I accept.

Ritdracmon: (What is he thinking, ditching his plan? What in the world are you doing?)

Lucemon: So that's it. Lieutenant Löwemon has decided to donate himself to our experiment. I hope it goes well, sir.
And now our meeting is dismissed.

Löwemon: (RDvm, DA… I'm sorry. I… have to do this. I have deceived you…)

The Another Side has finally stood up with lots of tricks out of their sleeve to combat the warriors. One of their big steps is a dangerous operation that Löwemon decided to take on despite the risks, just for his friends. But… is that really his motive, or something else? Why did he said sorry despite not doing anything wrong? The answers will be on the next chapter, "Missing You – The Dawn of the Dusk"!


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