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PS this is after the war. SK's dead, Velina and Mandarin are honeymooning – jk, they're … somewhere else for the moment. Wandering the galaxy in search of the Hyper Force.

PPS the OCs in this stoy are from my Galactic Fuse mini-series and some of my short stories. On 'A Reason' Luna Cooper is the mother of Leo. On 'The Blind Glare' Grayson Stellar is Miles' grandfather. And in 'Chosen', Ri is the father of the Stellar Twins.

"Empty your mind, Chiro," Antauri advised as they both sat cross-legged in a meditating position. Antauri hovered while Chiro did not.

"Okay…" Chiro closed his eyes tight. "It's empty."

"Now. Reach deep inside of your soul. Feel the Power Primate ins—" Antauri broke off breaking the meditation position and clutching his robotic head in painful focus.

"Antauri?" called Chiro. "Antauri—what's wrong? What is it?"

Antauri's optical sensors closed tightly, and he managed, "I…I sense…something amiss."

Grayson Stellar, a human, a boy genius at the age of sixteen, groaned and sat up. "Ohhh…"

What happened, wondered he.

He struggled to recollect the memories and events that had just recently taken place and set them in order. He had been on a supply mission…or was it a scouting mission…scoping the outer rim of the galaxy perhaps? Scoping the more isolated areas, perhaps? He, his brother, and their childhood friend had been together for that mission, he recalled. Whatever that mission may be. And there had been…some rainbow portal. Or was it rainbow gasses spreading across the space before them? Oh well. Something rainbow. And in space. He had closely observed it through the view port of the star cruiser. Labeled it as some sort of supernatural residue. Residue of what?

As his consciousness slowly returned with his memories, he felt disproportional. His head felt heavier than he recalled. His stature shorter… And his hand was cold as it touched his brow…his furry brow.

Grayson's eyes, or should it be said optical sensors, flew open. Metal limbs, furry body—he was a cyborg of some sort…A cyborg what, though? He looked himself over.

His arms were gray metal, his body elsewhere was covered in dark gray-blue fur, and he caught in his reflection off his metal arms silvery-gray optical sensors. Then he noticed the tail…

Grayson yelped an exclamation, "Egads!"

His twin brother, Horatio Stellar, had regained consciousness as well and was noticing Grayson's changes. "Gray…bro…you're a monkey."

His optical sensors narrowing with dull sarcasm, Grayson turned his head to face Horatio, "Oh no, you don't say?"

To any Earthling, his incredibly thick accent would sound Australian or British. To any Beta (dweller of Galaxy Beta), it was clearly Nirvein, a species well known for their intelligence. His brother's accent was much fainter though.

Grayson blinked once in surprise, looking his once redheaded sibling over. Now, Horatio was a cybernetic simian as well. His fur was blood red as his hair had once been, and his optical sensors were a coppery, golden-biscuit shade.

"You…you're a simian too," he noted aloud.

Horatio looked down to see himself. "Wha—no! No, no, no, no—I am not a monkey! I am not a monkey!"

"Calm yourself," snapped Grayson. "You are doing no good by panicking."

"What happened—how the heck did we—" It dawned on Horatio. "Looney!"

Luna, their childhood friend and additional passenger, sat up groggily as her consciousness came back to her. "What's all the screaming about, you two?"

Then, she saw them. "What the—"

She looked down at herself seeing bright, magenta fur. Her brilliantly golden optical sensors darted back up and she looked to her friends. "What…the heck…happened to us?"

"I am…working on that," Grayson replied, standing. His pants, having become much too large for him, were at his feet. He paled a shade. "Ehhhhgh…I fell so exposed."

Now calm, Horatio stood and shook his faded jeans off. "Speak for yourself—l kinda like not having to wear pants."

Luna rolled her optical sensors and stood, glancing out the large view port. She gulped. "Uhm…guys…we have a situation."

Gibson stepped back from the controls as the radar detected an unidentified crashing object. Something had entered their atmosphere. And was now heading directly toward the Super Robot on its crash course.

"What's that black speck?" Otto asked.

"That black speck is an unidentified flying object on a collision course with the Super Robot," Gibson replied with urgency in his voice.

Sprx, the genius of the Hyper Force, asked, "Then, why don't we just move, Brainstrain?"

Gibson shot him a glare, "Because, Sprx, there may be people in there."

His eyes having been closed this whole time, focusing on the power primate, Antauri looked up and stepped forward, "There are three life forms on that ship—"

"So it's identified now?" Sprx asked with a smart alec tone, smirking at Gibson as he folded his arms.

Nova took initiative and smacked him in the back of the head, wiping the smirk off his face.

"Cut it out—we need to get those people out of there before they crash!" Chiro said, standing tall.

Antauri nodded, "I agree, Chiro—but there is something out of line in the Power Primate—something to do with the beings inside that ship."

Taking command, Chiro stated, "We'll worry about that later—let's get out there and slow that ship down."

Grayson's hands flew over the controls. Being the expert pilot, he was the one they all turned to for this sort of emergency. But when the ship appeared to have the aftermath of an ion cannon—meaning the power was kaput—there wasn't anything he could do. Yet still, he tried.

Out of a force of habit in these particular situations, he ordered his brother, "Flame up and try to slow us down from the outside, Horatio."

"I would. But I'm a monkey. Not a fire mutant. 'Least not anymore," Horatio pointed out.

Grayson's balled fists slammed down onto the useless control panel. "There has to be something—"

Luna took a look at Grayson and Horatio's bare backs. "Uh…Gray—what's that thing on your back?"

Grayson's tried to crane his neck to get a look but couldn't turn far enough. He glanced at his brother seeing the same thing on him. Going up behind him, he began to study it closely.

"It appears to be a jet pack," replied the gray-blue cyber simian. He glanced at Luna. "You have one as well."

"Then what are we still standing here for?" Horatio demanded.

In agreement, Grayson hurried down the small hall conjoining the lounge with the spacious cockpit. "The emergency hatch is our only exit without power."

The three cyber simians raced to the emergency hatch and hurled themselves out after activating the jetpacks. They discovered the activation of the jetpacks was initiated by mere mechanical thought.

They turned back, hovering, to watch the cruiser.

As realization dawned on her, Luna exclaimed, "If we let it crash, it could kill someone!"

Horatio glanced at her, "I can't do anything—I don't know if I still have my flame or superstrength."

Grayson swallowed a dread, "I can't either—I couldn't even in my old form."

Flying away from them and closer to the ship, Luna ignored them. The twins exchanged glances and followed.

She came to a halt and her hands began to glow neon lime green. No—not the Power Primate. Instead, it was a power she had inherited from her father—the Mind Wielder. The glow in her eyes and around her hands was called Mind Matter. And she was about to generate more of it.

In front of the cruiser, a huge, levitating bowl constructed of semi-translucent, lime green Mind Matter materialized and caught it. Sparks flew and Luna jerked forward slightly at the sudden contact and the effort it took from her.

Grayson reached out and grabbed her arm, stabling her. He informed, "There is an empty lot fifty meters to the left and twenty above the position you have the cruiser in."

Luna gritted her teeth in deep concentration and willed the cruiser to move to his directions and dropped it when Grayson gave the clear.

The Hyper Force, their jetpacks hovering them in the air, watched the scene in awe. When the cruiser was dropped, they looked around for the ones that had done this. That's when they spotted three simians with jetpacks activated as well. One was supporting a rather exhausted looking one, practically carrying it, and the other was hovering not to far behind.

"No way," gasped Nova, "We're the only robot monkeys…"

Sprx blinked several times, "I'm seein' things."

Gibson hovered beside Antauri, "Is this the disturbance you were referring to?"

Silently, Antauri nodded.

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