Ok just to explain something about Ray's 'Wolverine'-like claws—to many of you that probably seemed very sudden and out of place. To understand why he has that and why he knew he had that, you'd have to know about his family tree. His dad, Richard Stellar, was the son of a fire mutant and a Stealloid which is an alien species that has steal bones and a certain number of claws on the back of their hands. Ray knew he had metal bones and two claws on either hand because he'd used them before. He just went out on a limb and took a guess that he still had those powers.

"Mindorians are tricky," began Luna as they stood in the training center. "I'm a Mindorian descendant so I've got some of their powers, and I understand them pretty well. If they can imagine it, they can generate it out of something called Mind Matter. Of course it depends on their strength and energy when it comes to how large it gets."

Otto interjected, "Can you do that?"

With a nod, she replied, "Yep. I'm the daughter of the Mind Wielder—creative generation is my specialty."

"Can you generate a big pie?" asked the green simian.

"Yeeees but you wouldn't be able to eat it."

"Why not?" he quizzed, slightly dejected.

Luna paused to gather her words, "Well, because. Mind Matter isn't edible I didn't think. It wouldn't taste that good either."

"Can we get on with the training please?" Sprx asked impatiently.

"I was wonderin' the same thing, Looney. Less jabbin' with your mouth and more with your sword," Ray said, the claws on his hands ready.

Luna shot him a glare and turned to face him. "Okay, Hothead. But since I have the Mindorian powers I have Alchem's role."

"Doesn't bother me," Ray shrugged, "Just hurry it up a little."

Luna's optical sensors started to glow lime green and around her hands swirled green mist. Then, in her hands materialized two lime green ninja swords. She stood ready for him.

"By the way, Looney—Alchem has one sword," Ray pointed out before charging.

He leapt over her head and then came around with a balled fist about to sink his blades into her back. Expecting that, Luna whirled and caught the blades in the crook of the X her swords made when she put them together.

"Take note of this, guys—this is how Alchem'll get you to back off," Luna said right before her eyes flashed green.

Ray started levitating and was then thrown against the back wall. He slid down slowly, dazed. Immaturely, he remarked, "You…did that…on purpose."

"Maybe," Luna shrugged, turning back to the Hyper Force. "Since Alchem has telekinesis, he tends to levitate his opponents to either throw them back or bring them right to his sword. If the crowd of opponents is too overwhelming though, he won't be able to do that."

Ray had gotten to his feet and charged a second time.

Luna didn't flinch, still explaining, "And there's something called the Mindorian Flash. It's a form of teleportation. But depending on the Mindorian—or Mind Wielder's strength is how far they can Flash."

Green mist swirled around her like snakes and then she disappeared in a flash of Mind Matter. Ray sank his blade-like claws into the empty space she had stood in before. Luna reappeared on the other side of the training center, leaning against the wall casually with her arms folded.

"Now, I'm not the strongest of Mind Wielders, so I can't do that for much longer," she explained, her eyes flickering do to the power that had drained. "Alchem won't be able to use it very much either. But the thing is—he uses it to either A) run away or B) sneak up behind you and run you through—like this."

Luna used a great deal of focus to Flash behind Ray and the point of her green sword came through his furry chest. He sucked in wind fast, caught off guard—not realizing she planned on using him as a demonstration.

The Hyper Force were all shocked and stood on edge about to lunge at her.

Luna effortlessly pulled the blade to the side, it passing through Ray harmlessly. "The funny thing about Mind Matter is it can be made to phase or be like an illusion. But when you need it to—"

She verified her point she was about to make by using the flat of her sword to bang against Ray's helmet.

"—it's as solid as a rock."

Ray clutched either side of his head. "Ow! Hey—stop using me to make your points!"

She shrugged. "And that's about it for Mindorians I guess… Did I cover everything, Hothead?"

"If you didn't, you're not using me," he snapped.

With a roll of her eyes, she looked to the Hyper Force. "You guys got everything? Any questions?"

Antauri was the first to ask, "When you said that Mind Matter could phase, did you mean that you could also phase yourself?"

Luna nodded, "Yup. Not only can I phase myself, but I can phase others."

As her hand rose toward Ray, he began to glow lime green and sank into the floor. When she stopped, Ray was stuck in the floor from his waist.

He propped his head up on his elbow and tapped his fingers on the floor impatiently, glaring at her. "Seriously?"

She grinned widely. "Yes. Seriously. Anymore questions guys?"

Otto raised his hand and waved it widely, "Ooh, oooh, pick me! Pick me!"

Narrowing one optical sensor in perplexity, she pointed a finger at him. "You."

Otto asked, "Can you make the pie now?"

Well, that was the big explanation chapter. Yes, I realize it is not very long. I kind of expected it to be longer… Well stick around! If it isn't already, I promise—it'll get fun! Please, please, pleeease review! –do I appear desperate to you?