Summary: England has to babysit Prussia… and hell happens.

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia… obviously

(This story is called 'A true man keeps his word' on Da, but I liked this title better =D )

"Oi, explain to me again why the awesome me is here?" England tried to ignore the demanding voice, currently enjoying his tea. "Hey, eyebrow idiot, answer me!" Trying was the word.

"Look here, I enjoy this no more than you, but I promised Germany that I would babysit you today."

"Babysit." The albino snorted, crossing his legs. "Fuck it, I'm older than West, why do I have to be babysat?"

"Probably because he expects you to do something stupid if he doesn't find someone to keep an eye on you." Okay, so maybe the Brit enjoyed this a little bit. Just a little bit.

"Fuck you." The arrogant man glared, trying to look self-confident, but failed. It wasn't easy to look good when you were being handcuffed to a chair. "And get these damn handcuffs off me, I'm not gonna play any of your kinky games."

The green-eyed man placed the cup down on the table, glaring murderously at the foul-mouthed man. "Do you remember the reason why they are there in the first place?"

"Because you have a fetish?"

"No, because you," The Brit got up, stomping over to the albino, poking the said man in the chest, "the first thing you did when Germany left, was to almost destroy my whole rose garden AND cut down my finest apple tree!"

"Well, it's not my fault if they couldn't handle my awesomeness!" Prussia protested, shrugging slightly, lifting up the hand that wasn't cuffed to the chair to point it at the Englishman. "Look, just let me go and I promise I will leave right away! Great deal, right?"

The albino almost thought he had won as the tea-lover sighed, but as he saw the look in the other's eyes, he realized so was not the case.

"No, a true gentleman always keep his promises and so will I. I promised Germany I would take care of you today and I will. So," Arthur got a bit of his punk side out, leaning closer to look intently at the red-eyed man, "don't do anything to fuck with me and we both might actually survive this day. How 'great' of a deal isn't that?"

Gilbert cursed his bad luck, wondering if the rumors about the former pirate were true, or if he would risk breaking the chair and making a dash for it without being cursed half to death.