Hey guys, thanks for all of your reviews. This is ridiculously short; to be honest it isn't really a chapter for 2 reasons:

Nothing really happens.

The reason I wrote it at all is just so that if I ever do decide to do a real chapter in Alice POV I will be better prepared to write it and it won't be as rubbish.

So really it's more of a test for me.

Alice sighed as she looked through her vast collection of books, although on the outside Alice may not look like the type of person who read books she had an extreme love of reading- especially the classics. While Emmett had his videogames, Rosalie had her fashion magazines, Jasper had is interest in war and Edward had his music, Alice had her books, but that wasn't to say she didn't enjoy fashion, music or even the occasional videogame.

She eventually accepted the fact she was not in the mood to read any kind of book. Normally Alice was perfectly content with curling up on a Sunday afternoon and reading a book, but not today; for the past fortnight Alice had felt distant and detached from everything because she had not been having any visions. No matter how much she closed her eyes and willed the visions to come they never did.

On an almost subconscious level Alice felt like something big was about to happen in the near future, which only increased her anxiousness about having no visions.

Alice absentmindedly wandered out of her room and down the stairs so and eventually she ended up sitting on sofa in the family living room.

"Hey Alice" Emmett said absentmindedly as he played some kind of mind-numbingly boring video game.

"Hey Emmett" She replied.

"Still having vision difficulties?"

"Yes" Alice responded, not feeling in the mood to clarify further.

After that there was an almost laborious silence until the time came to prepare for school.