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[Night 1.5]



He found that telltale hike in her heart rate very fascinating whenever his warm lips occasionally brushed against her cool satin skin. He could even feel a delightful shiver run through her, the Outsider's body…

It was simply ecstatic.

Aquamarine eyes widened when she tried to reach at the back for his arm but found herself in too awkward a position to do so effectively. He had her left hand pinned on the brass knob of the wooden door, her body bent over in a near ninety degrees while his taller form blanketed her from behind and her one free hand on the right was folded behind her back like a chicken wing, having a hard time grasping the sleeve of his moving arm that kept moving. The edge of her gown slid past her calves and up her thighs in a seductive warning of what is to come.

"W-wait! I-I change my mind! If it's my heartbeat you want then go ahead and listen and be done with it!" Alice said through clenched teeth, trying hard to overlook the objection that had surged in her when she said those words.

Ace merely chuckled as he pressed his ear close to her back. Oh how he wanted to pull away the thin piece of fabric just so he could hear her more clearly, the rhythmic beating of the Alice's core. He wanted, no… needed… to go deeper, to bury and lose himself in her rising heat, to feel just as alive as a Foreigner would be compared to the cold and metallic tick-tocking machine that resided in his chest.

"I already am," The red-eyed man sounded pleased with himself. The game was his this time. "You'll have to offer me more than that."

"H-heh? ! " She exclaimed, her puzzlement matching her rage as she turned her head to see his irritatingly handsome face with that silent and uncanny smile. It's not possible to listen to one's heartbeat from the back… is it? Wouldn't one need a stethoscope for that? My dress! His hand! Stop his hand! Her mind felt giddy from it all, being thrown off balance by the attacks of a psychotic and perverted knight who wasn't normal to begin with, or as Julius would call it, a true- blue 'freak of nature'.

"Are you kidding me? ! S-stop it Ace!" She quickly changed her plan to tugging down the edge of her dress. The poor fragile thin cloth was pulled taunt between them; Ace smirking with an unrelenting grip on one side while a furiously blushing Alice scowled at him, still struggling to inch the hem lower.

"You need to do a better job than that Alice, I can already see your panti-"

"One more word and I WILL kill you!" Her voice grew low as she emphasized her threat, her face becoming even hotter while steely orbs of cool teal flashed fumingly at his idiotically grinning face.

Kill me? Ha ha ha! Nice… Very Nice… Ace grinned even more, softly laughing at her struggles. He decided he liked this angry part of her. I can't leave things half-heartedly now, can I?

"P-put it down already! What the hell do you think you're doing? !" She hissed her displeasure at him though she was already wavering on the inside. Clutching hard at her dress in vain, she could already feel the cool draft fingering high up and near her bottom. Alice couldn't comprehend the situation and she had come across MANY, but none were to this helpless extent.

It was humiliating. And in a way, exciting even, but she wasn't going to give into that damn irritating male satisfaction of his, no matter how annoyingly handsome he was.

"Didn't Julius tell you not to wear this?" He murmured lightheartedly, the mysterious and low vibrations of his voice tickling into her ear and down her spine, nearly undoing her resolve. She sucked in her breath when she felt him graze his teeth on her left shoulder. The red-eyed man nipped onto the ribbon-blue strap and pulled it over, letting it fall off its place like the one on the right before his tongue playfully graced the expense of creamy smooth flesh that lay before his sight. Her lids began to drop as she drowned herself in his licks and laps. Her skin felt wet but her body was ablaze as Ace trailed his tongue up her neck to behind her ear, whispering in a tone so heavily laced with blatant charm.

"You can't expect a man to not want to play with you after seeing you in it."

"Well excuse me… but I wasn't expecting late-night company like you in the first place." The girl retorted with a quirked eyebrow and cute snort of disdain. She was already counting down the second to when her gown would rip from the pressure between them and she pulled her brows together in vexation, "I need to remind myself to wear an armor the next time I sleep!"

Ace blinked at her blankly as he advised with a most serious expression, "Why would you do that? I've tried them before, they're not comfortable."

She swore she would have slapped her forehead there and then had her hand not been busy defending her chastity.

"Argh, fine!" The long haired girl grumbled, badly trying to shut off the lingering and heated feel of his mouth. "I'll buy some pajamas the next time, so will you let go already!"

"Aw but I like it this way!" Ignoring her request, he grinned cheekily at her, finally letting go of her gown but before she had the chance to fully cover herself again, he slipped his hand underneath the dress. Alice inhaled audibly and arched forward when Ace's gloved fingers touched her bare back. A dizzying second later, she felt her bra come loose, causing her to release both of her grip on the gown and the door to protectively hug her chest.

Hang on… Now that she had both of her hands free, then where was his other one?

"Ha-ah!" Alice squealed when she realized that Ace's left hand also managed to sneak beneath the front of her gown, his fingertips feathering up the side of her thigh, hip and barging past the barrier of her arms that had guarded her bosoms. He had her dress bunched up, barely covering her stomach. There was no escape and no opportunity to hide. Alice felt feeble as both hands attacked her breasts fiercely, pushing away her fumbling arms and bra till it was cupping her soft mounds.

"Julius may complain but I'm not going to. This is so much easier to take off after all." Ace murmured suggestively through half-lidded eyes as his fingers expertly kneaded, juggled and felt the weight of her smooth breasts.

"Hn… A-ace…!" A breathy cry left her throat when his fingers grabbed and pulled in a hypnotically wonderful cycle; bringing the fullness of her breast up, squeezing them together, and then bringing them down slowly but harshly as well, a combination that had her yearning wantonly to have his hands and body on hers skin-to-skin without his gloves. The sensations he was inciting left her legs so weak she had to brace her hands on the door as he continued to play with her body.

"Hmmm… I thought you'd be smaller but you fit real nicely in my hands." Alice heard him purr, obviously happy with his 'findings'.

And Ace certainly was. Besides the need to nuzzle into the suppleness as he listen to her heartbeat without any obstructions, he also had half a mind to turn the girl around just to see what he was holding and have them in his mouth as he savored her expression, but he did not want to lose the advantage he had right now. Not yet anyway… He told himself patiently, but his fantasy left his throat dry.

"Look Alice, you're so firm yet so soft… and incredibly sensitive..." He admired with a strained and husky voice.

"I-idiot! Don't tell me that!"

Damn that stupid knight, but he made her look. Glancing down her body, the mere sight shook her with equally unexpected and erotic joy as his urgent fingers felt about for that rosy and erected bud, all hard and stimulated under his touch as he pinched, rolled and pressed it playfully. His thumb rubbed and flicked the underside of her nipples and along with small tugging motions, that particular move already had her breathless.

Resisting the moans that threatened to sound, the girl quivered involuntarily when he ran his warm and wet tongue around and in her ear, her reaction further fanning flames that pooled low in his pants. A mewing cry of shock resulted when the knight suddenly nibbled on her ear lobe teasingly, the feel of his sharp teeth created a short burst of pain.

Satisfied with the response he got, the russet-haired then soothed the stinging flesh in between his soft lips. "You're too careless, especially with me. Am I perhaps not dangerous enough for you?"

She could hear the light, amused and strangely reprimanding tone as he drawled, his lax body tensing up a little and dear god it excited her even more then she would have liked to admit.

"O-of course you are!" Alice snapped back at him in frustration. The word 'dangerous' itself was not even enough to describe the cold, harsh and merciless psychopath that hid behind a smiling and happy-go-lucky facade! Yet time and again, she found herself drawn to him like the blinded fool she was. It took all she had to flinch away from his invading fingers but he had only to massage more into her flesh to have her body pressed tightly back against his.

Ace let out a grunt, his ruby-red eyes hardening at her with the unexpectedly testing demands of his own body. The more she arched and squirmed, unconsciously rubbing invitingly against his groin, the more aroused he got.

"Alice is being restless. Maybe you're getting tired of this?" Ace briefly closed his eyes as he spoke against her long golden strands, taking in the scent of her shampoo as a knowing and scheming grin forming on his cool, humorless face. "I guess you're telling me you need something… more?"

For a moment, he felt Alice stilled instantly at the suggestion as icy fear and fiery lust ran through her veins. The Role-holder could sense her confliction when she silently shook her head, an almost indiscernible movement, and he smiled down at her wolfishly.

More… Something more…

Alice frowned with pursed lips. His words had blanked her mind and her senses, drugged, till it was ruled by a strange sense of excitement, of waiting, an adrenaline rush fuel none other by anticipation.

How could I want more… from a man like Ace?

But she did. Her body demanded it and as if he could read her mind, she heard him answer, slurring with honey-coated words:


"I'll give you more if that's what you want… Alice."


Suddenly, she stopped thinking all together when she felt his right hand leave her breast, shaping under her ribs and to her back again where he had started. His teasing, testing touches that had fluttered on her skin like a butterfly's wings became hard and insistent, tracing down her spine with certainty, onwards to the elastic edge of her underwear.

He spoke against her shoulder as a hint of cruelty lined his smile, "I'll touch you elsewhere then, and satisfy the both of us."

More than anything, he needed to push her to the edge of insanity and break her down to achieve what he had planned for her.

Instinctively, she tried to curl her body away from his wandering hand but his other arm prevented that as it slid through the valley of her breast and up past the neckline of her nightgown, his fingers cautioned in a deadly caress that spanned around her slim neck while he cuddled her upper body against his. The fabric of his sleeve felt painfully rough as his arm snuggled in the middle of her sensitized breasts while he pushed open her leg with his, widening her stance.

"D-Don't…" She weakly pleaded, rolling her head back onto his broad shoulder while the man continued to explore the flimsy protection that was her underwear. Ace took a side step to give him more room to move. From behind, two velvet covered fingers ran on her inner thighs alongside the narrow covering. It tickled her a little when all of a sudden he added his middle finger, pressing it into her underwear. Alice nearly lurched herself out of his arms as that finger of his rubbed and shoved, spreading the lips of her womanhood as the length of his slender finger grinded itself into the thin and damp piece of cloth. She loudly gasped at his attack and her elbows gave way even as she anchored herself to the door.

"C-cut it out… W-whatever you're trying to do…" Damn, she sounded weak, like she actually wanted what he was doing! Ace knew it too for he only replied her with an amused chuckled that had Alice cursing under her breath when she already had just enough to keep her from passing out from the sheer pleasure. She bit her bottom lip and squeezed her eyes shut, as if willing all that was happening to her to be a dream and just a dream…

Or maybe not.

Alice knew all too well; she had seen this coming. Ace was corrupting her with his darkness and she was already lost to the immoral lure of her heart's lust and craving.

"You're pretty impatient aren't you?" Ace said languidly though the lower part of his body throbbed when her hips began to move on its own against his hand. Her ragged moans sounded like deliciously sweet music to his ears and he wanted more of it, to consume her innocence and vulnerability with dark obscurity.

Through her haze of desire clouding her mind, curiosity began to stir when the fingers on her neck reached and tilted her chin up before smoothing the index finger along her full bottom lip.

But it didn't stop there.

"Remove my glove, Alice." He ordered with a persuading kiss on her temple and then nipping on her neck till she complied. It was like a play of dominance for an impatient and spoilt brown dog. But she wasn't his master. Control wasn't hers and neither was choice when he demanded her obedience like that. Still shivering from his fingering that continued to dig into her panty, Alice managed just enough strength to lift herself from the door, freeing her hands long enough to pull the grey glove off.

"Ah!" Her wide teal eyes flew open in surprise when his middle finger stopped moving but her underwear was hooked up hard by the other two fingers. At the same time, Ace had also slipped his index finger into her opened mouth as he held her jaw, muffling her protesting. He pulled and brought the width of the underwear together, tightly tucking it into her womanly slit till it ran in between the cheeks of her bottom and it rubbed harshly right into the line of her most prominently aroused region with a different kind of pain. She winced while her face flushed into a deeper shade of red at the new sensation. Even her butt felt different.

"Oh? You got my gloves drenched even though I'm not directly touching you yet..."

From the corner of her eye, she saw him smirk triumphantly as he brought his other gloved hand to his mouth, his eyes shone with interest and ulterior intent. The room was well lit but those red orbs were darker then the blackest night, colder than winter's ice and deeper than the richest blood. His gaze was immovable and it captured her as he bit on the edge of the dampened middle finger, deftly and sensuously pulling the glove off, tasting her wetness before letting it drop to the floor.

"Hng…" She whimpered when his bare hand finally touched her, playing on the soft mounds of her exposed bottom, his fingertips roughened by his work as it skimmed across her sensitive skin. All of a sudden, she felt him pull the line of panty to one side, the rush of cool air somewhat relieving until his fingers dove in, one of it dipping into the core of her dripping heat with unrelenting fervor while Alice thrashed her body back onto the hard wall of his chest, her cries stifled the finger in her mouth.

"Did you like that? Your body is as lewd as you are." She was licking his finger unconsciously all the while as it stroked her tongue and ran on the top of her teeth. The girl would even gently bite on his finger then curl her tongue alluringly around it, and each time she did as she looked at him with those strong and passionate blue-green eyes, the pain played more erotic images in his mind, the type he doubts she could even fathom what he was even capable of. And then there was another strong desire that grew till it almost drove him out of his mind…

A desire to kiss her.

"Alice…" Ace hesitated, opting to nuzzle her neck. He pulled his finger out of her hot mouth, wiping a trail of her saliva down her chin, neck and chest, before placing his hand around her waist to brace her and support her weight. Why would I…Why now? He bemused with a frown, clenching his teeth.

No… As long as I keep this up, everything should follow through…

Then, he dipped his finger deeper, slipping another along with it into her moist feminine entrance just as her heartbeat increased. He moved in her with more vigor, forcing the confusion to go away.

"Ace! S-slow down!" Alice begged under his intense ministrations. She couldn't even stand properly as wave after wave of pleasure rocked her body, his two fingers bent on stretching her. She felt them curling and plunging into her fiercely as it moved from side to side.

"Mmm… that's it, that's the way it should be isn't it?" He mused with considerable satisfaction, feeling the tight walls closing in on his finger. "I wonder how far I can go…"


The answer was already in her racing heart that was struggling to keep up with the onslaughts of his fingers that took her halfway to heaven and hell. But it never seems to be enough for the Knight of Hearts as another finger teased her entrance. Alice turns around and shot him a weak glare of defiance while she fought for a semblance of self-control.

"Enough Ace… I can't…take it-"

"I'm afraid you're in no position to say that… Alice." He objected with his usual calm composure and smile but a wicked and sly glint shone in his deadly solemn eyes. Separating his two fingers in her, he made space for a third.

His impenetrable will crushed every last ounce of her courage, as did the insistently pressing additional finger, "T-that's… too much-"

"No it isn't. You'll want it… and you'll open for me." Ace stated with a husky whisper as he pushed through her slit, widening her even more. She groaned and bucked her hips as he took his time to insert all three fingers in and out of her repetitiously.

This is mad... It's all wrong… She shook her head in denial when all she could think how good it felt to have his hands in her. Her shame teetered on the edge of her consciousness as the slick squelching wet sounds seemed to echo in the small room, along with Ace's hard breathing and her lusty moans. It wasn't long before the turbulent and rising pressure engulfed her and surely it didn't help when his hard arousal was prodding her from behind too. She reached her right hand back for his head, running her fingers hurriedly through his soft silky hair before cradling his neck, encouraging him, "I-I'm close…Ace…please…"

The next moment happened too fast for her mind to register. Just as she was about to climax, he had the audacity to withdrew from her, that man did. She nearly sobbed aloud when his fingers left her body but the sound that left her lips was soon replaced by a surprised squeak when a large hand curled around her wrist and pulled her hand away from his neck. In one violent tug, he spun her around and backed her up against the door, causing her to wince when her back met the hard wood while the other hand roamed down to her stomach and lower to push at her scrounged up panty, causing it to roll and fall till it met her ankles. Alice felt his strong arm around her thigh and when her feet left the ground, she frantically clung around his neck for safety as he guided her legs around his waist.

His chest mashed hard on her breast, both their clothing damp with perspiration while he kept her body straight and flattened on the door. Ace heaved while his eyes followed her trembling lips. It was a marvel how she could excite him this much with so little. He leaned his forehead on hers as he watched her mouth, knowing that she was eyeing his lips nervously as well. Long, curled lashes fanned downwards on her cheeks, scared of meeting his stormy gaze while she awaited his next move. Ever so gently, his lips moved torturously closer only to steal her shallow and fast breaths, which quickened at the sound of him unbuckling and unzipping his pants with one hand whilst the other cupped her bottom.

"I'm glad you're letting me excite your heart more."

Alice held her breath when her vision finally jumped to his serenely smiling face. But you're not even listening to it… Apprehension grew in her large, teal eyes at her realization even as she felt the smooth head of his arousal nudging the lips of her entrance apart.

Something was definitely off.

This isn't that simple… he's planning on something… She could read through the lie in his words. It was in his icy tone of voice, that seemingly sympathetic smile, and even his bold actions had a certain underlying indecisiveness to it, just like when he nearly wanted to killed her.

"W-what exactly are you-uh!" She was interrupted midway when the head of his hard rod began to invade her. He felt feverishly hot, large and eager.

"It's a little too late to back out now, don't you think so princess?" Ace smirked at her, loving it when her perceptive orbs of teal turned into drowsy bedroom eyes, liking the fact that he was the first Roleholder to be able to see this side of the Foreigner.


"Remember this, Alice...You asked for it."


With that, he thrust his hip forward and surged into her.

"Ah!" Alice flung her head back as he filled her entirely, her nails digging into his broad shoulders as he broke into her, going deeper than his fingers had.

She's tight…and so ready for me… A growl sounded from the depths of his throat as he buried himself in her without holding back, tilting her hips at a better angle. Even though she felt small, she sheathed him perfectly, lubricating his rod with a tight grip that kept milking him. Ace intended to continue moving but catching a glimpse of a drop of tear at the corner of her eye, he paused to bend over and lick it away, relishing at the bitter-sweet taste as she rode through the initial pain. The girl blinked at him, the both of them confused at his sudden affectionate treatment. She opened her mouth to speak when the silence was broken in the worst possible way she could ever imagine:


"Alice? Are you still awake?"



Panic paralyzed her until-

"Oh!" She cried out in shock when that blasted man chose to move at this inopportune time, thrusting his arousal into her once more.

"Alice? What's wrong?" The mortician's timbre voice boomed with worry from the other side of the door. The blood drained from her face instantly and her body froze in Ace's arms even as he kept moving in and out of her, swamping her with fear mixed with pleasure that lead to an unbelievably heightened sense of euphoria.

"Alice speak to me, are you ok?" Julius began knocking on the door.

Stop it! She glowered at the knight while biting her bottom lips to barricade her moans. To her dread, Ace just smiled at her, a look of dark enjoyment flitted across his face while his chocolate-colored bangs swayed every time he rocked his velvet encased steel length into her.

"I locked the door remember? Go on, answer him." Ace whispered his suggestion with a nonchalant grin as he inserted himself in slowly, "Or Julius might actually just barge in with a master key."


Bastard. Alice bit back her tears and anger, feeling every inch of him re-enter her as she replied with a shaky voice, "I'm ok… I just… knocked my feet against the table."

"Is that so? You should be more careful."

"I-I will…" Her back tensed up as Ace embedded himself deep, stroking her sensitive spots all over.

Heh… Julius sure sounds relieved… Ace stifled a chucked, savoring the way her reluctant muscles clenched when he slowly pulled out. But he could sense that she was relaxing and slowing down her breath, as if she gained a sort of comfort from the Clockmaker's presence instead. She always did when she's with Julius anyway… Grimacing, he reminded himself and yet the thought bothered him to no ends.

"I noticed the light is on. Why aren't you asleep yet?" The older Role-holder inquired gruffly.

"I...I couldn't sleep..."Alice fumbled in her words when a numbing pain shot through her. Ace's fingers had suddenly dug into her flesh, bruising her as he dove in fast and hard. She pushed at his chest and arm but he didn't budge.

"That's not enough to send him away." Ace murmured into her ear with a deadly edge that sent a chill down her spine. "Tell him your clothes got a little too wet in the shower and you're changing it right now."

What? Her eyes widened at his stone-cold features, his smile and eyes were devoid of emotions, a merciless predator bent on getting what he wants. Why the hell is he being such a jerk now? The question hurt as she shook her head in disbelief, the heat in her womb still rising to meet his pulsating arousal as it was pulled back before expectantly pushing through her again.

Stop it… Stop making me-

"If you don't then I will."

The whites of his teeth shone maniacally in his grin. The girl now had a maddeningly frightened but helplessly yearning expression on her face which was utterly priceless as she shut her eyes tight and complied, word for word.

"Ahem, pardon me then. I'll be retiring to bed now." The lower pitched male cleared his throat appropriately. "If you can't sleep then don't force yourself."

"Tell him you'll sleep now but we both know that's not true now is it?"

"I will. I… I'll be sleeping… soon…" She forced out through gritted teeth, hating herself for deceiving a friend, hating her body for quivering every time his hard, hot manhood caressed her insides and pierced her with dead accuracy…

And hating her weak mind and heart for allowing herself to be trapped by the Knight of Hearts.

"Alright then, goodnight Alice."

"N-night… Julius." She bid again for the second time that night.

As if he had everything staged, Ace held her to him with one strong arm while the other snaked to the switch on the wall. With a small click, diminishing footsteps of the Clockmaker could be heard as decadent darkness descended upon the couple, each step quickening the knight's pace as he mindlessly impaled her with his thick arousal.

"That was a nice lie… right, Alice?" The russet-haired blew into her ear with sickening satisfaction but Alice found neither strength nor words left to reproach him, wishing and letting the warmth that grew in between her legs erase the guilt from her conscience.

He then took the liberty to remove her interfering and damp gown and bra which she shyly but gladly squirmed out off. Ace glanced down her glistening and naked body hungrily before his lips latched onto one of her breast, lavishing licks and suckling hard as she arched further into his mouth out of pure ecstasy. Her legs tightened around his tapered waist while Alice clung onto his shoulders as he took her higher and higher in a dangerous storm of pleasure. Her fingers grabbed at his collar, undoing the buttons and trying to get to his skin. She could feel it, every bit of him moving in her so powerfully it blew her mind, hitting her deep and stroking her insides with fire till the pressure imploded into sheer bliss. Alice roughly pushed off his collar and bit his shoulder then, stifling her cry of release while pouring her rage at him into her bite.

"Urgh…" Ace flinched with a strained expression when her teeth sunk in deep, surprised when he came at the same time as well. His stomach muscles knotted up whilst white, hot cream bathed him while she embraced, squeezed and emptied him. He could almost taste the juices of their lovemaking mixing on the tip of his tongue, the pain of her bite only added more to his temporarily sated lust.

"That's not playing fair, Alice…" he chuckled amusingly as he brushed his lips against her hair. Strangely, he didn't mind the pain if it would appease the silly and foolish girl that was weeping quietly and thinking he was not aware. He did, after all, had his fun. A little pain wouldn't hurt… I'm getting closer to what I want now… Ace told himself grimly.

So then… where was the ache in his clock coming from?

A perplexed look shadowed his gaze as Ace lowered the girl onto the floor, spilling her long golden tresses on the cool ground. Only when he fully withdrew from her did Alice release her bite. The gouging marks on his shoulder stung, but it ignited another bout of fire in his groin and he quietly laughed to himself. He wouldn't expect less of the Foreigner named Alice Liddel. Still settling his body on top of hers, he hoisted himself on his arms on the floor beside her head, his fingers contented with playing and tangling into her hair again.

The room seemed even smaller now with blankets of shadows surrounding them as they caught their breaths, panting slowly. Moonlight lit his smooth and chiseled features; a beautiful façade carved out of marble. Alice frowned while her eyes took in his face and body and her heart lurched at the memory of moments ago.


Remember Alice…You asked for it.


His words echoed in her mind, a needless reminder to tell her of what and who she had just committed herself to. It was crazy and it was wrong… but it was done. Nightmare had mentioned before that it was in her nature to make the most of things, be it good or bad, and if she had to tame this particular man with a leash to keep both their worlds upright then so be it.

The question now would be 'how?', Alice asked herself. Tired, she shielded her eyes with the back of her arm.

"It's not difficult to notice, but your body became really excited just now, getting so wet like that." She heard Ace began, her wrist jerking back and hitting her head when he unexpectedly laced his finger through hers.

Her hand felt so small in his, Ace noticed, as he pulled her arm away from her face and pinning it above her head. Brilliant and glassy sea-green orbs stared into his turbulent and rich crimson ones as he studied her, finding it odd when she wasn't resisting.

"I get it…Did Julius do that to you?" He coolly stated with a grin as he watched her brows furrow. The mere thought was riling him up more than usual as aghast fell upon her shapely face. "Maybe Alice even wanted him to join in? I wouldn't have minded-"

Something caught his collar and pulled him downward with such force it took him a few seconds before realizing that it was her fist.

"How could you even say that? !" Alice flared straight in his face, wishing she could punch some sense into him. What on Earth does he take me and Julius for? ! It was certainly beyond her understanding how he could even think of something that outrageous! He had made her lie to Julius but she had no intention of letting him talk about their friend at his level.

Ace just thought she looked pretty charming when she's angry with beet-red cheeks. Tilting his head of short tanned locks, he asked, "Why can't I?"

Huh? W-why he says… The question caught her off-guard as she watched him lower himself on her. A hand shaped her waist and under her breast, his touch tingling her erect nipple.

"T-that's because he's a friend and you're-" She struggled for words, trying hard to assemble her thoughts while her body grew alive once more under his touch.

"And I'm?" Ace continued for her, his look softening as he caressed her breast. He laid his ear on her chest, finding that familiar and soothing beat of her heart. "Am I not a friend then?" He asked, wondering it himself.

There was always this thing about Ace that stirred and troubled her. At times like this, Alice could only see the scared little child inside no matter how many times she had warned herself. The vulnerability of being lost and alone, searching for a place to belong to… she was somehow familiar and very in tuned with this feeling.

Because I used to be like that too… She stared at the ceiling sadly as burry memory images of her past came to mind. At her mother's funeral, being compared to her elder sister, the rejection she faced not only from her ex but Edith and her father all lead to a sense of misplacement. Even now, it was difficult to say that her heart was tied to Wonderland when the right thing to do was to go back.

Maybe that's why I could never turn my back on him… Alice sighed aloud. "No… you're just… different." She replied, combing her hand through Ace's hair as the need for her well deserved sleep washed over her aching body.

"Hm? So I'm an enemy?" He mumbled nonchalantly as a hand hugged her closer as he kissed her breast just to hear that intriguing rise of her heartbeat.

"What stupidity are you going at now?" Resting her eyes, Alice arched an eyebrow while rubbing strands of his soft hair in between her thumb and finger. She heard and felt a low and rich laughter rumbling in his chest.

"Does Alice hate me?"

Sleep was brimming closer with the way his thumb was moving in long, drowsy caresses on her knuckle. She took a deep breath and decided to reverse the table, "Why are you asking?"

"Because you should." Ace simply answered absentmindedly while he mentally calculated the rate of her thumping heart as it slowed downed, just as weary as its owner. "So, do you?"

"Will you shut up now if I say I'll let you know in the morning?"

The knight only replied with a chuckle as she gave her awareness up to slumber, laying on the floor with Ace, a hand still holding hers tightly above her head while he listened to her steady heart as she slept, his mesmerizing voice sending her off to her dreams even though it didn't make sense to her… yet.




"… I'll save you, Alice…"


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