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WARNING: This story contains violence, torture, and m/m non-con. If that is not your thing, then don't read it. However, it is still an Abby/Connor story at heart, so I hope you'll give me the benefit of the doubt. It is very clear in the story what is happening, but it is not overly porny or excessively graphic. This is a serious subject matter that I tried to address with some degree of decorum. I hope you enjoy the story. Please read and review.

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Misplaced Trust

Chapter 1

Connor sat in the back of the car silently contemplating his new discoveries. He was so deep in thought that he didn't notice the silent conversation occurring between Philip Burton and the two other men in the car. Connor didn't even really notice as the car sped off deeper into the countryside and left the lights of London behind. All his thoughts kept returning to one word… Convergence. What did that mean? For the anomalies? For the world? For the literal fabric of space and time? What would that look like?


Philip Burton took a quick sideways glance at the young man in the backseat next to him. The all too trusting genius probably didn't even know what he had stumbled onto. Helen Cutter had told him this boy was smart. She had warned him that if any of them could work out what their plans for the anomalies were, it would be Connor Temple, especially now that Nick Cutter was out of the way.

When the two lovebirds and biggest threat to his plans had staggered, dirty and exhausted, through the anomaly, his initial thought had been to shut them out of the project all together. He had underestimated both them and James Lester. He didn't make that mistake again. Instead, he had put a tight reign on Connor and worked to drive a wedge between him and Abby Maitland. Philip had purposefully exploited the young man's obvious adoration for him. He had proved easy to manipulate and Philip had quite enjoyed doing it. He knew Connor didn't agree with all his decisions, but he was so willing to believe the best about him. Baby steps, Philip had told himself. Move the boy towards his agenda with baby steps.

Too bad Connor had discovered this major breakthrough so far ahead of schedule. Now he didn't have the luxury of turning Connor slowly and peacefully. He'd most likely have to resort to violence. He'd keep him isolated in a secluded location. Philip was confident that he and his men could convince Connor of what must be done. They'd break him if necessary. Philip smiled deviously to himself; he hoped it would be necessary. He hadn't broken anyone in a while and he had a suspicion that Connor would break very beautifully. He glanced over at Connor again; this time it was much more difficult to hide the predatory gleam in his eyes. The boy was still staring stupidly out the window, completely unaware that he'd willingly walked into the lion's den.

Oh yes, Philip was going to thoroughly enjoy this.


Connor roused himself with a shake. Where were they going? It seemed as if they'd been in the car for a long time. The sky had grown dark. Connor looked over at Philip.

"Where are we? Where're we going?"

"I thought it best if we had our discussion with as few interruptions as possible. My country estate seemed a good place. I hope that is OK? As I said, we have much to discuss."

"I need to call Abby. She'll be worried."

"By all means, we wouldn't want Abby to worry."

Connor pulled out his mobile. Nothing. No signal. Damn! Something didn't feel right. The hair on the back of his neck prickled. He looked around the car. The two men in the front, the driver and Philip's personal bodyguard sat staring out the front windscreen in silence. Philip was reading something on his iPhone.

"Do you have a signal?" Connor asked.

Philip's eyes moved to the top of the phone. "No, but out here in the country the signal if often very unreliable."

Connor nodded and sat back. "What if there's another anomaly?"

"I'm certain the core team can handle it. You and I have more important matters to see to," Philip replied.

"Are we almost there?"

"Yes!" Philip said, his annoyance at all the pestering questions showing through.

Connor, for once, took the hint. It had been a long day after all and Philip probably had a lot on his mind. Still he couldn't quite shake the niggling feeling that something was wrong. He glanced back down at his mobile. Still no signal. He returned to looking out at the dark landscape speeding by. There was a bit of lightning off in the distance. Perfect, he thought sarcastically.


About twenty minutes later, the car was gliding along beside a high, stone wall. A few minutes after that an ornate, automated gate swung smoothly and silently open next to a small manned guard-house and the driver guided the vehicle right up to the huge wooden double doors at the front of the stone mansion.

Connor, Philip and the two men got out of the SUV and Connor starred open-mouthed at the house, if one could call it that, in front of him. There were multiple gables and even a few turrets that, architecturally, made it resemble a sort of modern castle.

"Wow," Connor said flatly.

Philip smiled at him. "I was quite impressed with it myself the first time I laid eyes on the estate. I've, of course, made a few improvements and additions. I've added some security features as well as some science and engineering labs. There are a few other additions in the basement but we'll discuss those later. Right now, we need to get inside. Looks as if a storm is coming."

Connor glanced from the large house to the sky. The lightning was much closer and he suddenly heard the distinct rumble of thunder off in the distance. A cold gust of wind ruffled his hair and the scent of rain filled his nostrils. He took a deep breath and stepped into the warm light of Philip's entry hall.

Philip directed Connor to an opulent sitting room. Connor made a beeline for the phone. He picked up the receiver and… nothing. No dial tone, no busy signal, just silence. Connor sat on the couch and put his head in his hands; he was so tired. He felt Philip's hand on his shoulder as he had earlier, but he really just wanted Abby. There was another rumble of thunder outside.

"Connor, tell me. What have you found? Let's talk. Maybe the phones will be back up and running a little later, yeah?"

Connor nodded and proceeded to tell Philip everything he had worked out concluding with an impassioned plea for why they had to find a way to stop the anomalies.

Philip smiled back at him. "Are you certain that's what you want? I mean, have you ever stopped to consider what could be gained by learning how to control them instead of stopping them all together? What we could accomplish… together, your brains, my money. There is a broad new horizon out there."

Connor laughed. "You sound kind of like Helen Cutter." He looked up at Philip and his face fell as he realized Philip was serious. "You're serious. You want to try and control them? You can't. I've seen the future. The only hope we have is to try and stop them."

Philip glanced over Connor's shoulder and nodded. "I'm really sorry you feel that way. You truly are a good man, and that's unfortunate."

Connor's eyes widened, but before he could respond one of Philip's guards grabbed his hair and pulled his head back. Connor cried out as a sharp needle was plunged into his neck. Everything started to feel numb and heavy.

"I trusted you… I… I trusted…"

Philip stood up and loomed over him, smiling down at him as always. "You'll soon see things my way, Connor. I'll make sure of it. Just remember, the more you resist, the more painful and… unpleasant this is going to be."

Connor's last glimpse was of Philip reaching down to stroke and pat his cheek affectionately. His eyes slid closed and he descended into blackness.