title: The years of silence

fandom: SGA/SG-1

characters/pairings: John/Cam, Sam

word count: 470

a/n: This is an old ficlet, so please, be gently, and it's something like my private canon – Sam, John and Cam met in high school and became friends. Sorry for all mistakes. Written to prompt 91. Young.

The years of silence


"I'm leaving tomorrow. I don't want, but my parents have to look after Grandma, ya know, she is really ill, she's live in…" Cameron starts with a sad voice.

"Know. Understand." John is not happy too.

"I'll miss you."

"Me too."


In this night they are making love for a first time together.

They both have only sixteen years old, and not much experience, but a lot of desires. None of them is sure, who started this, but it does not matter anymore, at least not now. Only this moment is counting, which – like everything what is good, better than good – will finish too early, much earlier than they want.

That night they do not give any declarations; actually, that night they are not talking.

Only in the morning after that, when they wake up at almost the same moment, there are goodbyes and promises: I will come, I will visit to you, we will see soon.

None of them knows that these are only promises, which they will not keep.


The next time they are seeing each other ten years later, accidentally, of course. Then, when none of them is planning this; then, when none of them is expecting this.

That is not like that, that they are identifying themselves in one moment – ten years, after all, is a long time – actually, they are not identifying themselves entirely.

They are just a two people at the airport in Washington, who are having check-in at the same moment, at the same place.

They are sitting by now in their airplanes, when they are making out that they heard familiar names. But then is too late, because one of the airplanes starts.


The next time they are seeing each other ten years after the airport in Washington, twenty years after their last conversation. This meeting they are not planning too. It is happening just like that.

They are seeing each other on Atlantis – first of them has a mission to do there, second of them are living there. There are really surprised because of this meeting.

Sometimes through twenty years of silence do not lose something what wins by a few months of friendship. Like some people says: the miracles are happened.

They are talking with each other even better than twenty years ago – they really have much in common – and this time is even harder to say goodbye.

But this time they are promising themselves nothing.


"I'm Samantha, I want to have a degree in physics, chemistry and some others subjects, and I want to fly, I want to be a pilot." A beautiful smiling sixteen-year-old girl with a long blonde hair says. "And who are you?"

"Cameron. I want to be pilot too."

"John. Me too. Always dreaming about flying."

That is the beginning.