Lessons to Learn

(Placed as if they decided not to get married but Justin stayed with him.)

AN: hello there everyone, this is my first attempt at a fan fiction for this series. I hope it goes well and you all enjoy it. Be sure to comment and tell me what you think. Thanks so much. Tootles!

Chapter One: Changes For Brian...

Young mister Justin Taylor sat in the living room of the loft with sketch pad in hand as he drew the arrangement of fruit and vases before him. It was a boring, uneventful piece but he needed something to at least semi-distract him from his wondering mind making him think about Brian was late...again. It was 3:30 am. After the two had decided to not get married things basically went back to the way they had been before. Justin stayed at home most of the time working on his art while Brian was at work, at Babylon rebuilt or wanting to fuck him senseless into the sheets as always. Not that Justin minded the last one it was just annoying how his partner expected him always to be there whenever he was horny. Brian tricked enough as it was, why did he need Justin too?

The youth smiled lightly as he set his sketch pad down and stared at the ceiling as he reclined against the couch and thought about a way to make it clear to Brian just how important this matter was. He wasn't going to leave like before, he loved Brian and he knew Brian loved him back somewhere beneath that hard exterior "Brain-Fucking-Kinney). All Justin needed to do was carve that away for a second, that's all he wanted. He didn't want Brian to change, he loved his bad-ass rude way of going about life, it was hot to say the least, but he would have appreciated it if Brian actually saw him with some kind of worth. So that's when Justin got an idea. He knew Brian would come home soon from Babylon, most likely horny as hell and wanting to fuck, but that's where he would be wrong.

Justin got up from the couch and showered before brain could get home so he was nice and clean and in a pair of pyjamas, which was an odd choice for him. He got into bed and was reading a magazine with the normal blue lights on as always as Brian came swaggering through the door as always. He came in tossing his jacket on the floor and crawling onto the bed, immediately going for Justin's neck and nipping at it. "Good morning Sunshine..." he purred, God Justin hated that voice, it always made him give in.

"Good Morning to you too." He said softly as he kept reading the magazine and tried not to let the other get to him so quickly.

"What are you doing with all these clothes on?" Brain half growled as he started to unbutton the shirt of his top, all the while laying beside the blonde and kissing behind his ear.

"It's cold tonight, I don't want to get a cold or something stupid like that."

"I'm sure we can find a way to keep warm."

"Not until after you shower, you reek of cheap cologne and booze. You must have picked up some kind of trick tonight."

"Nah, no trick tonight, just dancing. Told you, I only trick once a week now.

"Oh that makes me feel so special. Go shower."

"Fine..." As Brian got off the bed and stumbled his way through the bedroom to the bathroom Justin couldn't help but smile. He was at least cutting back. He still went to the club but Justin trusted him when he said he hadn't fucked anyone. No one would know Brian to be modest or ashamed of his sex life.

Brian came back completely nude and dried off from his shower as he lay in the bed. Justin had set his magazine on the night stand and was now facing away from Brian's side of the bed and staring at the wall, then closed his eyes and tried to sleep. Brian was so confused, what was with the little twat tonight? The sex driven older man slide under the covers and pressed himself against the other from behind. He spooned against him and put both arms around the slim body of the blonde baby boy. He nuzzled his neck and was about to reach his hand down to that beautiful cock his lover sported when Justin laced his fingers with Brian's and held them up to his chest, hugging him and cuddling as they lay together. "Goodnight Brian. I love you." Justin yawned as he passed out in the bed.

*What the fuck!* was Brian's last thought before he gave in and cuddled with the other before passing out.

Brian awoke to an empty feeling that seemed to surround him. Justin was gone. It was Sunday and the other had the day off. What normally would have been a day of kissing fucking and sucking was now looking like a day of celibacy. Brian walked about the apartment to see no one in sight, no sign of Justin except for a small note that said:

Dear Brian,

Went out to lunch with Emmett and Debbie. We're doing some shopping. I won't be home for most of the day but here's the deal. If you can go all day without jacking off, tricking or having any kind of release before I get home I'll be sure to make it ten times your while.

Love Justin.

Justin's plan was simple. Slowly get Brian addicted to him piece by piece. He would reward the other for good behaviour but the minute Brian was late getting home, tricking or doing something that would have counted as cheating in any other relationship that meant no more sex. He further explained that in the note and prayed Brian didn't freak out. He'd surely find out when he got home.

However right now Brian stood in his kitchen dumbfounded. The little bitch was punishing him for being late last night. That's why he hadn't had sex with him! Brain got back into bed and though about it for a second. Which was better, get rid of his hard on now and be denied blonde boy fucking for two nights in a row or wait it out, make his lover happy and get an awesome rut out of it...*Dammit Justin, the thgins you make me go through...I'll wait for you* he thought to himself while he lay in his bed.