Lessons to Learn

(Placed as if they decided not to get married but Justin stayed with him.)

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Chapter Four

Justin moaned loudly as they kissed, that hot tongue thrusting into his own as they leaned back against the door. God Brian tasted amazing, he felt so good in every way imaginable. This man was perfection and his ego wouldn't let anyone forget it. He gasped as the kiss broke, swollen lips parted in a silent plea to move them to the bedroom but Brian made no action to move them from their place in the entrance way of the loft. He felt soft finger tips running down his pale chest, taking quick care of his dress shirt that was soon flung to the left side of the room. Justin tossed his head back as that devious tongue ran down his throat to draw teasing circles around his chest and dip into his belly button, all the while two firm hands kneaded his buttocks with vigour. His knees were starting to go weak but he remembered his plan, he couldn't give in and let Brian have all the spoils, he's only go back to tricking if he knew it was this easy to win the argument. Holding back a moan he stared down at the other who was kneeling with his teeth pulling at Justin's jean zipper. "Brian, please...wait.." he made the other stand and look at him. "You know.." he found it hard to speak and had to take a moment to catch his breath, a fact that Brian noticed with pride. "I can't do this so quick. Yes you just said we would be a real couple but...I need time...I need to be...I need to know you mean this." He whispered softly as he watched the other's expression, prepared for the worst.

Instead he was met with a sigh and an understanding smile from the other as he pulled Justin close, running his hands down the length of his back. "So along with monogamy I have to woo you like a teenage girl?" he teased, nipping along his lover's shoulders. "No tricking and no fucking you? You want me celibate?" Brian liked sex, alot. Going without something he wanted and enjoyed hadn't been common in his life for a very long time.

"Well...I mean," Justin sighed, "Anything but..." he whispered softly, blushing from head to toe as he watched Brian smile.

"Well then," he pulled Justin away from the entrance way and pulled him to the bedroom where he was soon pushed onto his back on the bed. Brian crawled over him, after ridding himself of his own shirt. "I suggest we get to exploring just how many other ways I can enjoy this delicious form." He kissed Justin passionately, distracting him as he removed the younger man's jeans.

Justin felt the draft but it wasn't long before he felt a warm and oiled hand firmly gripping him and beginning to stroke him to full hardness, but the stroking was so slow there was no way he was getting off with it alone. Leaning back he was left to moan lightly, licking his lips as Brian moved down and knelt between Justin's now spread thighs. His body bare to the hungry gaze of his old lover Justin tried to move his hips to meet the hand that was torturing him. "Beautiful..." he heard Brian whisper before that hot cavern swept down and engulfed him.

Sucking like a mad man he drove Justin just to the edge, fondling his twin sacs in his hands and keeping him right on the edge to the point it was almost painful before easing off and letting the erection wilt slightly before starting again. Justin was sobbing pleasure, having never been edged like this before his body was so confused and at such a high state of arousal no words could form, only cries of pleasure and moans of ecstasy. After what seemed like hours Brian took his mouth and moved, rolling Justin over onto all fours. But instead of their normal routine of Brian fucking him hard, he felt the other squeeze his cheek together and move between them, dry humping him slow as his hand curled around Justin's cock and stroked him in perfect time with it.

His breath caught his throat as he felt the pressure on his hole and he arched his back, bucking back against him and forward into the hand that pleased him so wonderfully. "Brian...I'm so close..."

"And that's where you'll stay my gorgeous boy. Until I get my fill..." he roughly turned Justin over and ground their arousals together, bucking against him and kissing the other fiercely. "You are mine," he growled, nibbling on his neck, "You will always be mine. Even when I don't feel you, even when I'm not fucking you, no one could ever make you feel like I do." Brian said in a factual tone, taking both their cocks in his hand and stroking them together. "I love you Justin, I will never say to anyone as I do to you. I will never fuck anyone else, and I have never made love to anyone else. You will be my only Justin...my only..."

Justin felt the hot tears running down his face as the words of love flowing from Brian. He met his eyes and Justin grabbed his shoulders, making the other lay back. Reaching under the pillow he grabbed a condom and rolled it onto the other's hot dick before meeting his eyes and hearing Brian ask him, "what are you doing? I thought you needed time.." not that he didn't want to fuck Justin, because god knows he did, but he wanted to make sure it was what he really wanted and not just the sex drive in him talking.

"Those words...for you to say it...means the world to me.." he leaned over and slowly sank himself onto the other's shaft. "Now show me...show me how much you want me..."

"My pleasure..." he growled.