Some things you never grow out of, but may learn to love more…

Rugrat /All grown up

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Chapter 1: Home is where your friends are...

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LA Airport

As he was walking through the airport gates in his ripped denim jeans and black leather jacket, he paused for an instant. Then removed his shades and turned to face the place where he spent 6 years of his life. He squinted his black eyes until it adjusted to the airports intense lights. Just for a minute he reminisced how all his dreams came true from the college scholarship to the big time directing career.

Tom pickles the 'legendary movie director'. That's what his agent actually printed on his business card he thought shaking his head with a faint smirk. At 24, He was the biggest thing in Hollywood. With his physique Tommy pickles was more attractive than most actors of his generation. His body was toned but his wasn't so muscular. You would never have said he was the man behind the cameras instead of posing for it. But he wasn't that vain. With a natural beauty he didn't have to be. With his purple hair curling at his ears and the creases in his eyes when his smiled, he definitely turned heads.

But his smile had been dormant for a while. Ever since the incident, nothing had been the same. Even his work was getting affected. All he ever lived for was his passion for making movies. It was more than that. Every time he sat in his director's chair he brought life on the big screen with his vision. He just hoped people loved watching his films as much as he enjoyed creating them. He even toyed with writing his own screenplays. Just his own side product for the fun of it. But recently it had all been chaotic. He couldn't remain in this distraught place. Don't get him wrong he loved LA but he had to get out of his own head. He tried seeing a psychologist. That was hopeless. Tommy Pickles wasn't one to complain and that's all it felt like he was doing in those godforsaken sessions. His agent suggested that he go on holiday so that was what he was doing. He needed help without asking exactly. Home was the only place he thought that could remedy any illness. And he was ill, alright. He wanted comfort. But did he deserve it? He neglected his friends and family over the last 6 years except for the participation in their lives that they were oblivious to. He kept tabs on their lives ever since he left and spent a few Christmas with them due to work constraints. But it didn't seem enough. He missed so much. He missed them so much. He wished he didn't. He hated this feeling…Loneliness. Tommy wished he could be a more active member in their lives. Life is too damn short.

"Excuse me sir? Did you forget something, we are about to seal the doors." The airport attendant asked.

Tommy snapped out of it, "Huh… no, no I didn't forget anything."

"Well do you mind boarding the plane …Mr. Pickles?" The attendant read off the ticket Tommy handed to him. "You wouldn't happen to be Tom pickles the director, ooh man I just loved the remake of jaws you made, in my opinion that was way better than the original." The attendant went on blabbing. Tommy couldn't take it, he had to escape.

"No, sorry, think you got the wrong guy." Tommy rushed to get away. He walked through the gate…

He settled into his first class seat and adjusted the seat lower. The lights were bothering him so he flipped their switch and buckled in. As he laid his head on the head rest he decided to think about what he had to look forward to.

He thought about his parents and how they were doing. His father was now a retired toy inventor but he still apparently tinkered in his basement every other day. What about Dil, he was in the NASA extraterrestrial programme. Not that Tommy was supposed to know. Dil's alias profession was a mailman, he thought with a chuckle.

His best friend Chuck, he thought with gratification was one of the best Lawyers in that district. Who would have known he would come out of his shy corner. Tommy did, he closed his eyes and smirked.

The twins were doing amazing as well. Lillian was in the American national girl's soccer team. She could probably take Tommy on with her eyes closed he imagined. Phil, or should he say culinary artist chef Philipe De-Ville was the head chef of the best gourment restaurant in California and rightfully so. He added an 'e' to the end of his name to seem more French. But that was the only thing that changed about him; Tommy recalled he was the same old Phil. His pastries were heaven. Or as Phil would say, heaven was his pastries.

Suzie was always the musical sensation in their block but now they block included the rest of the planet. She was amazing and has since then grew as an artist so he decided once the plane was airborne he would select her latest tune and listen to it.

These people, these friends were all destined for great things but the person who probably surprised him the most was his cousin Angelica Pickles. She always annoyed and tortured him but he always thought highly of her and gave her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe one day she would grow up. She did he thought with admiration. She was the CEO of the same company her mother had been once and a founder of many charities for orphaned kids. She was now humble and likable he thought with outmost awe. Having a child changes you. Brian was almost two he thought of his nephew he was yet to see in person. She definitely wasn't the same girl who picked on him as a kid. Yes she was snooty still, but her occupation proves she has a heart. Ah, his friends had adapted from a bunch of awkward teens.

Only one remained unspoken for. Kimi… He lingered on her name. Was he ready to meet her again, at least he told himself he was. She was never in town for Christmas and perhaps the only person of the gang that he hadn't seen for 6 years. He was kind of glad in a guilty way. If he had, he might never have gone back to LA. He had a kid crush on Kimi since he was 11 but it wasn't so kid when he was 18. The last time he was in her presence was that faithful day at the airport.


"Mom, dad, I'm ready and all set," Tommy shouted at the bottom of the stairs. His parents came down hand in hand. It was obvious to Tommy that his mother shed a few tears as much as she tried to conceal it. His father's eyes only glistened with pride.

"You sure you don't want us to drop you." Stu offered.

"Nah dad, the guys are taking me. So it's cool." Tommy felt a tad awkward. How do you say goodbye to the only home you ever knew?

"Well Tommy, are you sure you packed everything?" His mom asked desperate to stall him.

"Mom, for the millionth time, I have? I even packed things I don't need." Tommy hesitating, himself. Then he jumped in his parent's warm embrace. "I'm gonna miss you guys." He held on. His mother couldn't hide her tears anymore. His father pulled back and knocked his son on the arm.

"We are so proud of you Tommy. At 18 off to college and one day we just know you will be a famous director." Tommy was overwhelmed, and didn't have a response.

"We love you Tommy," Didi sniffed.

"I love you too, mom." He strengthened his embrace, let go and jumped in the car with Chuck. He waved at his folks as they exited the driveway.

"The rest of the guys are following us in Angelica's car because all your stuff is taking all the damn space in this car." Chuck informed him.

"Aww, you guys didn't have to come."

"You think you can get rid of us so easy Tommy Pickles, well not until we leave you at the gate."

"I would never try to get rid of you guys,"

"That's because you know we a persistent bunch of friends, putting it mildly of course," Tommy laughed. "Hey Tommy…"

"Yeah Chuck?"

" I just wanted to say I love you man, before I display it in front of a whole airport, give people the wrong impression and never get another date with a woman in this town. One of us still has to live in this town. So I love you man." Chuck stated.

Tommy couldn't help but smile, "love you too man."

At the airport, Tommy and his friends helped him check in the last of his luggage.

"Well, guys I guess this is it…" Tommy sighed. He didn't think saying goodbye would be so hard. It wasn't like he wouldn't be back in the summer.

"I guess it is. Just remember what I said in the car." Chuck reminded him.

"Alright bro let me know about the aliens in LA, you know that place is populated with them. Remember to read the cue cards I gave you." Dil hugged his brother.

"I will bro." He humored his little brother.

Angelica spoke; she was emotional but didn't want anyone to see it. Only Suzie knew. "See you Pickles, don't forget the little people. I was talking about them not me." Tommy laughed, he would even Miss Angelica.

"That's it? No insults?" He was slightly disappointed.

"No but don't think you are off the hook. They will be waiting for you when you return." Angelica replied and gave in to her need to hug him. She kissed him on the cheek and he was slightly touched.

"Haha, I'll miss you too, cuz."

"Hey Tommy, man, we will miss you, rock it big time." Phil embraced his friend.

"Yeah Tommy, you better come home every holiday." Lil commanded and joined in the embrace.

"You know I will, Lil." The twins followed Angelica, Dil and Chuckie.

"Suzie, lemme know when you make it up in LA, we will definitely hang." Tommy told her.

"Of course, I'll meet you in the big time." She joked.

"With your talent you definitely will. Where's Kimi?" He finally had the courage to ask. They were good friends. Why wasn't she here? That's what plagued him the most.

Suzie heard the franticness in his voice and replied, "she said she would be here and that she forgot something."

"What could be taking her?" Tommy looked at his watch. It was boarding time. Suzie raised her eyebrows. She wondered if they both knew how they really felt about each other. They were best of friends but didn't know a damn thing, she thought with pity.

"Anyway Tommy, I will personally miss you and your crazy adventures." She kissed his cheek.

"Thanks Suzie, I'll miss you too." He hugged her. She left and he was standing there waiting for someone he desperately wanted to see. But he had to board and turned to do so.

"Tommy!" he heard someone scream his name. She was running thanking god it wasn't too late. He turned abruptly that he bumped into her and caused her to off balance. He caught her and pulled her into him so she wouldn't meet the floor. They both had the breath knocked out of them. Kimi was fully aware that they bodies were touching and let go fast. He mimicked her actions and both of them blushed.

He spoke first, "I was just about to board."

"Yeah I saw I'm glad you didn't," she gave him a sweet smile. Kimi wasn't like most girls that he met. She wasn't fashionable like Angelica, or just naturally beautiful like Suzie. She was just Kimi, not ordinary in the least but she never made a big thing about standing out. She was wearing a simple low cut jean and a loose black T. To him she was the most beautiful girl he ever knew and she didn't know it.

He returned a mouthwatering smile back, "so what did you forget that was so important?" Her stomach always jumped at the sight of his smile.

"Oh right this…" She held out a cap. But not just any cap, it was his Reptar cap. The one he used when he made his first film on his camcorder his parents got for his birthday.

"Kimi…" He was lost for words.

"I thought you could use some luck, not that you need it." Her smile brightened.

"I… Thank you." He took the cap and settled it on his head. "How do I look?" He asked posing.

"Perfect… Perfectly four." They both laughed. They both heard the intercom call for his flight and were sad of the prospect of not seeing each other in a long time.

"I guess I should go…" He said with disapointment.

"I guess you should…" She shrugged. Both not moving a muscle. Then Kimi surprised them both and leapt into his arms, "I will miss you Tommy."

He held her in the air for a few seconds and let her down gently and their noses brushed. Their eyes met… For a second there was silence. Then their lips met softly for the first time. It was an incredible feeling of just. Two lips that felt meant for each other melted together in pure ecstasy. It was 5 seconds but it felt like a lifetime, when they released. Both out of breathe, and shocked. Kimi trailed her bottom lip with her finger and he dazed in a sweet dream he didn't want to wake up from. Eyes wary, but the intercom brought them back to life. She turned on her heel and he lifted his laptop bag and they departed in opposite directions.


When he closed his eyes he could still feel her lips against his. Sure it has been 6 years and he had many female interests but none so like that of Kimi Finster. He tried envisioning what she was like now, while the plane finally took off.


Kimi stuffed her pillow over her head to get the sound of playful laughter and inappropriate noises out of her head. Damn can't they keep quiet? Or better yet move out, she prayed. She couldn't bear it anymore and stared at her Hello Kitty alarm clock that she still owned since her fifth birthday. "Dammit its only 7am." She thought out loud. She woke up and walked to the left wall of her room and started banging on the wall. "Can you guys keep it down! Some people, normal people I point out, like to sleep to a more decent hour on Saturdays." The noise died down a little except for the tiny whispers of laughter. At least her point was made she thought with a satisfied smile on her half waked face. She glanced towards her bed ready to jump in and resume her unconsciousness. Until the noises increased volume again.

"Dammit Chuckie, if you don't cut it out. I'm… I'm telling mom and dad." She threatened and the noised died down so fast the only thing she could hear was only her breathing. She started shaking her head, how a 25 year old man still fears for his mom and dad is beyond her. Let alone they were in Paris for the month. Lucky for her though she thought smugly, jumped into bed and pulled her covers over her head.

That was short lived, as Suzie barged into her room. "Kimi, sweetie, are you still asleep."

"Yes …Don't you see the invisible do not disturb sign?" Kimi mumbled under the covers.

Suzie chuckled and pulled the covers off. "Hey!...What the.." Kimi tried to adjust her eyes at the sudden burst of light. She saw Suzie who was dressed in a simple satin robe. Suzie was naturally beautiful even when she had bed hair Kimi thought with envy.

"Shift up." Suzie commanded and slid in next to Kimi.

" Gross…You have a scent of Chuckie." Kimi flinched her nose and Suzie laughed. "Remind me again what it is you see in him? Suzie Carmichael, the singing Diva of the new generation. You could get any guy you want Suzie Carmichael more in your age group, instead of a younger kid. It can only be described as pitiful love."

" Haha…Joke all you want, one day it will be your turn then I'll be wise cracking your ass. You know Chuck is the kindest, the most dependable guy out there and I just fell for him irrespective of the fact that I'm only one year older than him. Plus I've been with older guys, and lemme say that the things those guys can do, Chuck can do with his eyes closed…So his more impressive when they open…" Suzie laughed when Kimi's expression went pale.

" Hey remember when I was 13 and you were 15 , we promised to tell each other everything." Kimi asked

"I seem to recall it, yes…"Suzie agreed.

"Well that was before you started dating my brother. I'm not nearly mature enough to hear about his sexual escapades." They both giggled.

"Hey I thought you like the fact that your brother and I are involved?"

"I love it. My brother and my best friend are in love. How many people can say that? He had a crush on you since I think he was 12 but he always assumed that you were out of his league. Then you kissed him one day for being your Knight in shining armor. Sigh… I loved that part but the thing I don't love is when that effects my sleepy time." Kimi pouted.

"Hehehe…I'm sorry Kimi, it couldn't be helped."

"Sure because you guys don't have sex like all the time and brag to the deprived already." Sarcasm was dripping from Kimi as she shut her eyes.

"Hey it's not like you couldn't have sex if you wanted to. You choose not to. Let see potential male participants are sexy eyes Brendon from the paper. George the cutie pie teacher and of course my brother is willing. Plus it was more of the occasion rather than the time."

"That makes absolutely no sense, what do you mean?"

"He asked me to marry him…"Suzie held in her joy as much as she could.

"He what!" Kimi sat up in a flash. Suzie repeated.

"Well, what did you say?" Suzie smacked Kimi with the pillow full in the face. "Of course you said yes?" Kimi inferred while rubbing her face. Suzie was so jubilant, Kimi couldn't help but beam, "lemme see the ring." They cooed and awed over the ring for a full ten minutes before Kimi asked, "hey, wait why didn't he tell anyone he was going to propose. I'm his sister after all."

"Well, he said he was afraid I would reject his offer and if I did he would pretend it didn't happen ."

Both girls stared at each other for a full second and said in unison, "idiot." They giggled. "We are going to announce it at Stu's fiftieth birthday to everyone."

"Then why did you tell me?"

"I want you to be my maid of honor."

Kimi was caught by surprise, "what about Angelica?"

"I sought of phoned her this morning, she suggested that you be my maid of honor. I kind of agreed with her. She said Brian on the other hand will definitely be ring bearer. He is walking nicely now. In fact he is running, she can't keep up with him." Suzie smiled.

"Whoa she really changed, didn't she Suzie? Brian really had an effect on her."

"Who wouldn't that blue eyed cutie have an effect on? " Suzie doted on her godchild. "So will you do it? If you even think about declining just remember I'm armed with a pillow in my hand."

"Damn, I will never survive another pillow attack, I'm forced to agree." Kimi smiled, kissed Suzie on the cheek and pulled her into a bone crushing hug, "Thank you and more importantly Congratulations."

They just sat in that position for a while.

"My two favourite ladies…" A grinning Chuckie was leaning against the door way, his hair dripping and a towel low on his waist.

Boy had Chuckie grown up. His torso toned and his messy red hair tamed out. He preferred to wear it short now. His dark rimmed glasses made him more sexy than dorky. Suzie's heart swelled up at the sight of him. He was a perfect combination of beautiful and flawed. The perfect lawyer combination.

Kimi stood up and strode toward him with a determined look in her eyes. " Oh no what did I do…" Chuckie started back stepping , arms in the air. " I know that look on your face Kimi Finster."

"I have a bone to pick with you brother." Kimi poked at his chest. He stiffened and she jumped into his arms. Chuckie was relieved but highly confused. " Congratulations, you idiot. I love you."

Chuckie laughed and squeezed. "Thanks I'm a lucky man with two beautiful women in my life now. I love you too." Kimi let go.

"Man you wet me." Kimi looked at her half drenched pajamas.

"Your fault…" Chuckie retorted. "Hey Hun, have you seen my blue tie, I've got a ten o' clock meeting today."

"But… It's Saturday Chuck." Suzie replied.

"I know, but I promised old Mr. Jackson I'd help him with his will for free." Some things never change Kimi thought.

" Okay babe, I think it's in the bottom drawer , I'll come help you in a minute."

" No don't worry about it, I'm sure it I'll find it." He left the room.

" You know he won't find it right…" Kimi tossed the idea in the air.

" I know…"

"Then what are you waiting for?"

" I just thought I should mention that Chuck's potential bestman will be attending Stu's party tomorrow." Suzie let hang waiting for a reaction.

" Tommy?" Kimi whispered in a daze.

"Yeah after 6 years of avoiding him, your meeting tomorrow is inevitable."

" I haven't been avoiding him. He would only come home for Christmas and you know I'm with my dad for the holidays." Kimi denied.

"Yeah maybe recently but in the beginning, it had nothing to do with the kiss?"

"No… It was nothing , I told you that." Kimi stared at the floor.

"Tell yourself that Kimi, I was there and when I turned around and saw the two of you, I couldn't breathe. Think about it. Lemme go help Chuck or he will be late." Suzie got up and left the room.

It was nothing. Wasn't it? Or he would have tried to contact her, wouldn't he? Kimi tried to shut her eyes but sleep wouldn't take her. So she just got up and raided her closet for her gym sweats. She decided that sleeping was going to be a hardship…For the next few days.

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