Author's note:

Hey there. I was cleaning my space for my report, and I found this, so I thought "why not?".

This was written by me last December, based on the episode "Winter Wrap up" which was coming for January, so don't be surprised on possible falsalities. There may be grammar mistakes because that was my first attempt, but more for exercise purpose which I presented on /co/ during a discussion about the Last Unicorn. Now that was an awesome novel. And I wanted to crossover both.

Please see it as an apology for the next 2 month break coming.


Clearly Schmendrick wasn't having a good day. Well, he admitted that life wasn't good on the immortal wizard at all. But nothing he encountered in his long life can't be this terrible compared to what is happening to him right now. Or rather what happened because of him, again.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE ?", Molly Grue did scream at the magician at him as she gripped at his tattered sleeve like the enraged harpy Celano who preyed on Mommy Fortuna. Dawn broke in and the sun started to rise and its bright light gave sight to what happened before the exit of Haggsgate. Dead trees were ripped from the carved earth out and splintered into a sea of wood. Deep wounds of hoof prints of the size of a little boy were scattering everywhere, its roads crossing, mixing or surprisingly supplemented each other into a bigger hole. Bigger and smaller rocks were scattered everywhere as if a small mountain fell apart as sugar, slowly to be covered by the snow which still fell down the unholy earth. It was as if the gods did declared war to each other and settled the battle on this gray decayed spot so that life around won't be involved to much. However, no blood has been shed since even the invincible can bleed, nor is there any sign of those who might has caused this havoc. Just two more or less ordinary looking humans, a kitchen maid and a half baked wizard who appeared even more wasted than his female companion. But both ignore the incredible scenario and focused towards each other in a rather spiteful situation.

"Get off me, woman", Schmendrick, the great wizard, demanded and tried to free himself from her rather sharp finger nails. But she kept him tight and drew the young appearing man closer to her baneful snarl.
"What have you done with her?", she seethed through her teeth, her eyes blazing as if she wished to turn him to stone. "I told you to change her, and what have you done? She...she..." Suddenly tears streamed down her eyes, and couldn't decide if she should let anger or sorrow overcome her. She decided for both and screamed at a metal scratching cry: "YOU KILLED HER YOU BASTARD!"

"I DID NOT", he defended himself, turning pale of getting such accuse ."A wizard doesn't kill anything, it just changes them-"

"Oh, so what did you turned her into? THIN AIR?", she further bawled at him, letting go of one hand to grasp for the next rock. She hoped she would find the same rock she might've thrown at Drinn's men.
"Now that's just ridiculous and you know it", he further struggles from those painful accuses, hitting him deeper than any ax could cut into. "Why should I turn her into air? It's as stupid as if I would turn a raven into a writing desk! Now let go of me, dammit!". Thankfully he freed himself before she had the chance to strike him with a sharp rock and stepped backwards quickly. "Now hold on! Calm yourself down and throw that rock aside. I, Schmendrick the great magician, can do unspeakable things, but not unthinkable ones. I didn't do anything."

Molly still rushed towards him and stroke again, and the wizard could avoid that attack, and she attacked again. The fight continued some minutes until the kitchen maid lost all her power and breathed heavily and sweat, slime and tears dirtied her face. She looked at the wizard with full hatred but calmed herself down. "Very well, so what have you done then? There are only two options you got, changing or removing. So what did you do? Did you managed to transform her into something else? Into stone? Into a small flower? Into a star?"

"As I said, I didn't do anything, my magic couldn't have done anything of the like", the wizard tried to reassure the angered woman with slow words. Ashe was sure she won't strike again, he turned toward the spot the last time he saw her. "What worries me however is that I can't feel her presents. It must have been something else."

He heard Molly's voice gasping but payed no heed as he went closer to the spot. "Do you think the Red Bull cursed her?", she asked while she trailed behind the wizard at a good distance. "I doubt it. The Red Bull can't use magics, his only gift are his horns and flames", Schmendrick answered plainly and stood right the spot where it happened.

He can't remember straight how it happened, he was still very drank from the last night but tried to think back what happened. But he knew it happened. It was like nightmare of forgotten childhood. The Red Bull, his horns pale as bone and his skin breathing like fire, was at the very point of turning the Unicorn into submission and guided her towards the castle. Schmendrick remembered that Molly pleaded her to do something, anything, but he was to scared to dare. He knew one way, a way his old master Nikos did one to another unicorn in order to safe it. But he didn't want it to let it happen to her, even it would bring him a step closer becoming a great wizard and free himself of this curse of immortality. It would maybe mean that the tale he and Molly was in would be added with another figure, and that felt wrong beyond any imagination. But he had no choice, it was the only way to trick the Red Bull, and he did it. Or he was barely able if not something queer happened in front of both humans eyes (the Red Bull was blind). He spoke his spell and saw his magic flew towards the unicorn, but instead of the expected effect suddenly the spell bounced before the immortal creature as if an invisible wall was being held before it. The spell landed somewhere else, Schmendrick didn't know. He was more watching at the whole which suddenly appeared out of nowhere and sucked the surprised unicorn in its stary realm. Then both hole and unicorn were gone.

He was shocked, Molly was shocked, the Red Bull needed a long moment to realize that the scent of its victim vanished and it went berserk. It would've tore the whole place down if not the first rays caught his skin and it was forced to fall back.

And that's what happened. And there was the other what Schmendrick has to figure out. The wizard didn't leave the spot and was deep in thought, deeper than the greatest philosopher might dare. Molly watched him for a while until he started to hum and made weird dance like movements. She rolled her eyes and went the opposite direction and started her own search for the disappeared unicorn.

Molly Grue searched for like 20 minutes around the dead land, she looked everywhere a woman's eye can unlike a man's one. She even made the foolish attempt to look under a small rock in childish hope of finding the beautiful white unicorn she loved so much. No luck. Hell, where might she be?
"HEUREKA!", she turned to the wizard's euphoric cry with surprise. "MOLLY, I KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!"

She quickly run to the foolish wizard and hoped for good news which was doubtful. She found him still on the same spot, only this time looking like he did a handstand with one hand only. He appeared a lot more mad now than he was before she concluded. "Is she still alive?", was her very first question in her mind she spoke out.

"She might be", he just replied after standing rigid. "I want to show you something." He pulled with all his strength a rock nearby up and let it go on the very same spot he and the unicorn stood. "Now look", he told his curious fellow. "This is a very easy spell, even I can do right. This will make the rock lift into the air for a few seconds, nothing more, nothing less. But let's go a few steps back." So they did, and then Schmendrick did cast his magic to the rock. But again, instead of hitting the rock, the spell bounced off and vanish. And again, this big hole appeared, this time both Schmendrick and Molly could look it into. It was like looking into the night full of stars. But not only stars, planets, galaxies, the never ending realm of space was beyond that hole and Molly could no longer look into this endlessness. Such as the unicorn did the hole pulled the rock in into its realm and both disappeared.

"I thought so", Schmendrick concluded and began to shake, not of fear, but of excitement.

"W-what is this thing?", Molly asked scared, even more scared from it than of the Red Bull.

Schmendrick started to grin as if he caught a lion with just one net and walked around it for a short while. "This, my dear Molly", he explained to her as if she was his pupil. " Is a link."

"A link?", she repeated it and looked it him with opaque eyes.

"Yes, but not just one link!", Schmendrick went on. "This is the link which holds the very universe we live in with every other. There are not many in this realm, and I shouldn't be surprised to find one in a deserted place like this." He stopped his pace and turned to Molly. "This is a link the gods created as they wandered through the realms to find a place where they can settle down and continue to exist. There are countless realms, Molly, realm not even we can think off. Every realm has its own universe, its own rules and ways, and this little spot here is what keeps us apart from them!"

He was fascinated by this realization that he started to make a weird dance as if he tried to summon rain and started to praise the gods wherever they were. But Molly stood still. She didn't liked to hear that and she said the undeniable conclusion. "So you mean, she..."

"Yes indeed! She is in a very different universe, far away from the Red Bull!", his eyes sparkled and the crazy magician continued his odd praise with singing "She is safe!" Only to be stopped by a punch in the back head.

"Why are you so happy about it! That's an awful thing! She could be in danger! We have to get her back before something happens to her!", she scolded the wizard as he rubbed his bruise at his back head grudgingly.

"No, we can't do", he contered and looked at her angry. "This link only leads anything to a different realm, not the other way around. And don't get the idea to follow her, we don't know in which realm we might land."

This disillusioned poor Molly and she looked away from this- link. "But what can we do then?", she whispered as tears sparked her eyes one more.

"Simple. We wait", Schmendrick said and turned away from the link as well. "We can wait for two days and hope for her return. Drinn will no longer look for us since he probably is convinced that we arrived the castle by now. And the Red Bull is not our problem for that moment." But he looked unsure about it, it was a turn even he didn't expect. He looked at the castle who was hovering over both humans like an eagle watching over its prey. "If she doesn't return, we must continue what she started, for her sake, and fulfill our role in this tale."

They were silent for a while. Then without talking they set a firing place up not to far away from the link. They ate their ration and switched patrol as one keeps to look for any hole which could appear for them while the other gets some sleep. But no matter who was looking for it, both Molly and Schmendrick did only have one thought recurring in their head over and over again.

I hope she ended up in a better place than this.