Chapter Four

What Now?

I told Ana about what Ilfort had said. She seemed to think it was a perfectly marvelous idea to attend the gala. I reminded her that it was a formal event.

"What about those dresses you have from India? Those… what are they called?"

"Saris. And I don't know..."

"Oh, come ON, Hal! I know they would look GREAT! And I bet our Pale-Horned friend would like how you look in the gold one. Besides, didn't you say we would be wearing masks? He wouldn't have a clue who you were and it could be just like a fairytale!"

"Ana, I don't think…"

"Good! Thinking is the WORST thing you could do right now! Now, just stop it and admit I'm right!. Come on. You know you want to. It'll be fun!"

"Fine! I'll do it. I'll wear the sari and I'll go to the gala. Happy?"

She smiled and squeaked her approval. This was going to get interesting. Anata could be so pushy sometimes, but I had to admit, I hoped she was right about more than just the fun. What could I say? He caught my attention.