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This chapter will start with a Bit of Gibbs/Tony. More of Gibbs perspective. Watching Tony and how the night before with Ziva had left him distraught. Then it will move into a tiny Tiva scene then a Ray/Ziva scene.

Chapter 7: I won't be made a fool of, don't call this love

The morning seemed endless; Tony remained in a horrible mood, despite all the head slaps he received from Gibbs.

Gibbs needed Tony to investigate a lead on a case they have been working on. It had been bright and early, the conversation and the night combined with the lack of sleep didn't help Tony at all. The first time, he felt like he didn't want to be there, he did not want to be working. All he wanted to do was be alone. He looked at his watch is it too early for a drink.

On the way back, Gibbs drove giving Tony time to settle down. He looked at the man, he considered a son. Tony stared out of the window, lost in thoughts for a moment he closed his eyes and breathed in a long sigh.

Gibbs stared at him worried. Something was obviously bothering the young agent. He looked back in front of him as he turned into the navy yard. Whatever it was, when he was ready he will tell me. Gibbs thought to himself.

The moment Gibbs took the keys out of the ignition. Tony had already climbed out of the car and made his way through the parking lot. Gibbs remained watching his senior agent; his whole demeanor was different today. He couldn't recall not one single joke Tony tried to crack, he couldn't even remember if he smiled or laughed today.

Gibbs climbed out of the car, looked across the street eyeing the coffee cart. Deciding on giving Tony some space, he made his way to get his fourth coffee of the morning.

The elevator beeped and the doors opened. Tony walked into the Bullpen; he was ignoring the stares from McGee who looked up from his computer.

Tony sat down at his computer, opening his email. In the corner of his eye he could still see Tim staring at him.

"Yes, Timmy" Tony looked over at his partner with a forced grin. "You...Okay?" Tim asked slowly. Not knowing if he should be talking to him or not.

"Just peachy, Just fantastic Tim" Tim glared at him; he knew he was being sarcastic. Tim nodded and went back to typing on his computer.

Tony was going through his emails. He decided he would respond to them later. With a frustrated grunt, he started going through his messages from the morning, then some paperwork on his desk.

All the sudden something made him stop. He heard it again a small voice called his name. "Tony"

He looked across from him. Ziva was sitting there, staring intently observing. "Ziva" he responded back, voice cracked at the sound of her name.

She returned him with a smile. She felt guilty; she didn't think she could have done it. But she did, she broke Tony's heart. That feeling she was having, was her heart. Her heart was hurting just as much as Tony's had been.

It was that feeling in her heart she had felt when Ari, Tali, her mother died. She never thought it was possible for her heart to ache so badly, that at the worst part it hurt so badly she wanted to rip it out of her chest so she wouldn't hurt anymore. So she couldn't feel anymore, and for a long time she didn't. She built up her walls, made her heart ice cold. Her job at mossad had no room for feelings.

She remembered who was the only who thawed that icy heart of hers, taught her how to smile how to live again. She was staring at him, and she simply had to break his heart again.

A tear ran down her cheek, wiping it away as fast as it fell. Tony stared at her, he had seen that tear. He was about to say something to her when she had risen from her seat and walked away.

As Ziva made her way towards the bathroom, a voice came from behind her. "Ziva"

Turning on the balls of her feet she looked at the tall, dark handsome man before her. "Ray" she blinked at him shocked.

"I did not expect to..." she started to say as he cut her off "I know, I had some time before I head out of town" a half smile grew across his face.

"I see" Ziva tried to regain her composure. "I needed to see you, we should talk about last night" he asked her almost in a whisper, entwining some of her hair in his hands that laid on her shoulder.

"What is there to talk about Ray?" Ziva found herself standing up straighter she was face to face with Ray. All the left over feelings from the fight were coming back.

"I was worried about you. You left upset I was afraid you would do something stupid" he tried keeping his voice calm and leveled. The defensive way Ziva was acting towards him wasn't helping.

Ziva took a step back "me, do something stupid?" she shook her head at him; her voice began to get angrier. "You are the one doing something stupid" she pointed at him "you are the one who's working for my father, and lied to me!"

"Ziva, please" Ray tried to get her to lower her voice, people were starting to stare.

Ziva put her hand palm side up in front of Rays face. Her face became still "do not Ziva me" she growled at him.

Ray stopped and stared at her. "You make me so angry, Ray" she shook her head at him. "I can handle a lot, but you. I can not handle your lies, you I can not trust." She blurted out her feelings.

She stared at him for a moment making sure he was paying attention and continued. "That is right, I do not trust you." she started laughing. "I do not love you, Ray. "

"I love you, Ziva" Ray glared at her. He took a moment then shifted his stance accusingly he asked "Dinozzo, put you up to this. Didn't he?"

"What does Tony have to do with this?" she hated when he always used Tony for some excuse.

"You were with him, after you left my apartment"

"I went home, Ray" she tried throwing off the topic. "No, you went Tony's" Ziva looked up at him; she took a moment to read him. To make sure if he wasn't lying. Or if he was he was doing a good job at it.

Feeling defeated she was tired of fighting, this one wasn't going anywhere. "Even, if I did, how do you know Ray"

"I wanted to make sure you were alright when you left" Ray cocked his head to one side. He watched Ziva's brown eyes flare up. "You had someone spying on me?" He stood stone cold looking at her.

"I am not five, Ray I can take care of myself" she threw her hands up in frustration "that is it! I'm done. We, we are done"

She took a deep breath, stood solid in spot "we are over, I want you to leave" when she noticed Ray hadn't moved. She pointed to the elevator "I do not want to see your face ever again, LEAVE!"

Just like it was on cue, as she demanded Ray to leave Gibbs popped out of the elevator. He heard her request. As Ray turned and brushed passed him Gibbs whispered to him "I suggest you stay away, or you have me to deal with."

Ray slid into the elevator doors before they closed. Ziva took one look at Gibbs horrified she made her way towards the bathroom.

Gibbs watched his agent rush off shaking his head he thought what is wrong with them today? As he walked into the bullpen.

Fade to black

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