Game: League of Legends

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"The lust for blood won't go away." -"Let Us Slay" by GWAR

Bloodshed. Silence. The Field of Justice.

He laughed at his dying opponent, staring down at the bloody mess she had made while attempting to stumble away from him. The burning sensation in her veins only increased as she moved.

"You won't get away alive. I will savor your suffering... before your final demise." The Cimson Reaper smiled, amused by the situation. Nothing feeds me better than my opponent's despair

Pursuing his prey was even more exhilarating than tasting their life essence on the tip of his tongue.

"Evil… will never… win the battle…" the Night Hunter breathlessly spat out the words; her thoughts were unclear and her vision was blurred by the precious blood that tasted like silver. She could see the tower now, but she couldn't be sure that she would make it before he siphoned the last drop of her blood.

"Save your breath, hunter." Her dark pursuer continued, "I would rather you use it for screaming." His dark chuckle started to echo in the air as he prepared to land the final blow.

At that precise moment, a blinding light surrounded Vayne, which forced Vladmir to cover his eyes and halt his movement. Squinting from the space between his fingers he could see the wounded hunter being escorted away by a girl with golden locks, with an illuminating aura around her. As soon as the light died he charged for the hunter, but the golden girl turned around and fired a light ball towards him as it pinned his feet to the ground. When he finally released himself from the binding light, the two of them were already nowhere to be found.

He cussed lowly and slayed an innocent minion that passed by in frustration. He wondered where in the world that golden girl came from. She was nothing like the opponents he had seen before; her magic was dazzling, luminous… and annoying. Vladmir hated the light and everything related to it; the only thing that made him feel safe was the eternal darkness, and this girl clearly didn't know the meaning of true darkness.

Vladmir soon returned to the base and found his allies resting near the equipment store. The Prophet of the Void first noticed the enraged Crimson Reaper.

"Failed kill?"

Vladmir replied with a menacing glare, then went straight to the storekeeper for more enchantments.

"Hahahaha…." The Prophet laughed lightly, his little voidling mimicking the laugh with a screeching noise after him.

Meanwhile the Reaper was holding a heavy tome and contemplating the ways to extinguish Her light.