Can't Be Friends

Pairing: Tawni/Sonny

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Chapter 8

Grand Finale

Pink lips pressed against the brunette's in one of the most passion-filled kisses she had ever experienced, she tasted sweet like chocolate and Sonny was uncertain if it was the lip gloss or just naturally Tawni. She supposed that they came hand in hand. Smiling against those perfect lips she mumbled against them. "I want you so bad."

This admittance was not something that the blonde diva had ever expected to hear from her best friend, her voice was deep and uncharacteristically lust filled and it served to make Tawni's body shake and heat up with need. "Mmm." She moaned out into the kiss as she pushed the other woman down onto her bed, knowing that this time she was going to enjoy every moment with the brunette, no alcohol in either of their systems and no fiancé to worry about. It would be perfect.

Groaning out against the blonde's lips Sonny blushed at the assertiveness feeling a leg forced between her thighs and pressed up against her heated center. "Oh gosh." She gasped pulling away from the other momentarily, catching lust-filled blues with brown. Tawni looked amazing and she was so glad that there was no alcohol in her system because this felt amazing and she wanted to enjoy every moment with her soon to be lover.

"You are so beautiful." Sonny whispered out, her voice cracking from happiness as she felt tears spring to her eyes. Holding them back as to not ruin their moment.

"Not nearly as beautiful as you." The selfish blonde responded leaning down to capture her lips only to be shocked when the woman of her affections pulled away from her, raising an eyebrow at her in disbelief. Tawni simply forced a pout on her swollen and aching lips as she waited for a witty retort or teasing of some form, all she wanted to do was take the other then and there. Make her scream out her name all night long. 'God, I love this girl… I've been waiting far too long for her to keep stopping me like this…'

"Did the Tawni Hart actually just say someone was more beautiful than herself?" She asked with a forced gasp trying her hardest not to giggle.

"Of course not." The blonde smirked leaning down and pressing her soft lips against Sonny's jaw running heated kisses toward her neck, enjoying the small gasps and sounds of pleasure escaping her lover's throat as she did so. "I would never say something like that." She whispered out hotly.

"I distinctly recall you—"

"—You are more beautiful than anyone, now shut up and kiss me Sonny." She interrupted pulling away in order to lean down and capture the brunette in another heated kiss, rocking her leg against the other woman's heated center eliciting many groans and moans of pleasure from her. These sounds only serving to cause the wetness between her legs to intensify. With this she started to grind against the other girl with more fever needing to relieve the pressure building up.

Biting the innocent brunette's bottom lip she dragged it between her own sucking on it playfully, moaning out at the way that her love moaned into the kiss.

Tawni moved to run her tongue along the other's jawline before biting down and sucking at her sensitive pulse point, causing the brunette to shake and stutter her name.

"God Tawni…"

"Mmm." She moaned out, she loved the way that her name sounded coming from Sonny's lips drenched in lust, for a moment she recognized just how lucky she was. She was going to get the chance to make love to the innocent woman that many people all over the world probably fantasized about. Yes, she had gotten the chance to do so before, but this would be different. This time would be with their own free-will; she hoped that she would be better than Chad.

Pulling away she tugged at her soon to be lover's shirt signaling that she wanted to remove it, which Sonny gladly obliged too, lifting her arms and allowing manicured nails to graze her stomach as the clothing article was removed. As quickly as the shirt had been removed she reached behind the brunette's body unclasping her bra, exposing her chest.

Blue eyes wandered the smaller girl's frame and she bit down on her bottom lip as she looked over the perfect curves and those hardened nipples. She could not wait another second; she had to taste and touch every inch of the perfect girl. Yet, she found herself being stopped as she moved to indulge by fingers tugging at her own shirt and pouting lips. "Yes? Is there something you want?"

Sonny blushed casting her large brown eyes to the side, she had never dreamt of asking her best friend to do something so "dirty" before. "Um, take off your shirt…"

"What was that? Did Sonny Munroe just ask me to take off my shirt?" The blonde diva teased leaning down and whispering the words against her ear before pulling the other's earlobe between her teeth and sucking at it. Noticing the way that her breath caught in her throat and she let out a soft moan, blush filling her cheeks.

"Yes." She squeaked out finally, embarrassedly.

"Don't have to ask me twice, girlfriend." Tawni stated in a teasing voice, knowing that the use of the word only caused the brunette to blush even more furiously as she sat up on her, straddling her waist. Reaching down she pulled her shirt over her head before removing her own bra, casting them across the room and flipping her blonde hair over her shoulders. She was not ashamed to show off her assets. As far as she was concerned she was Tawni Hart, she was perfect, and she knew it.

It appeared that Sonny agreed as she looked over her best friend's curves almost with a hunger and need building up in lust-filled brown eyes. Leaning down she pressed their bodies flush against each other and the contact simply felt right, everything with her was unlike anything that she had ever experienced with anyone else. Before she could continue where she had left off the blonde felt hands holding her face in place forcing blue eyes to look directly into caring brown. Her body was screaming at her to just ignore whatever Sonny was about to say and receive the pleasure, but this was more than mere pleasure to her.

"What is it?" She asked almost irritated, but not.

"I love you." Sonny whispered out, these words that the blonde diva had never heard in her lifetime aside from fans who did not even know a thing about her.

"What did you just say?" She breathed out in shock.

"I said I love you. I love you Tawni Hart with everything that I am."

"I love you too Sonny Munroe."

For a moment both girls smiled a little too happily, silence filling the room. It was not awkward but instead comfortable as they stared into each other's eyes and stroked each other's soft skin, but soon Tawni remembered what she had been wanting to do.

"Now let me make you scream my name for the world to hear it." Tawni whispered out huskily as she leant down circling her tongue around a hardened nipple, fingers gripping her hair pulling her closer.


Authors Note: Decided to give y'all a little extra Tawni/Sonny time. :) Not the most detailed physical scene I have ever done but I figured I should give you guys an ending focused around the two gals. Hopefully you enjoy this. NOW COMPLETE THOUGH! :)

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