Yes I am still working on my other two stories, but this stupid bugger wouldn't go away! So I decided to finally write it down. I'll be putting up individual chapters, but I won't post the rest until it's complete. Till then here is the first chapter so you can see if you'll like it or not. Drizzt might be OC, but I need him to be in order for this to work. It has been a while since I've read the series, so I'll be skimming the book. Some of this stuff I'm pulling right out of thin air. Warning there are a few spoilers, and you'll only really understand this story if you've read the first three books. And my last warning, yes the timing of everything isn't accurate, but I did that on purpose. I hope you like it.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Drizzt Do'Urden series in any way, shape, or form. I do own the idea, if anyone else has also written this idea, I was not aware of it, so don't sue me for copying.


Chapter 1


Drizzt groaned in pain. Lying there soaked in Kempfana's blood, he hurt so much, but even though he was in agony from his broken ribs, he couldn't help but smile. He had done it. The barghest he was lying under was finally dead. He had avenged that poor family. The fight wasn't over, but he had done what he had promised.

His pointed ears picked up sounds of Guenhwyvar, his dear friend and only companion, still battling. He grimaced, he needed to help her. He tried to crawl out from under Kempfana's corpse, but it was too heavy and he was just too tired. Drizzt tried once more, to no avail.

Coughing up blood, his eyelids grew heavier. Guen's growls and her enemy's yells were his lullaby as he struggled to remain awake. With his last conscious will he prayed to any benevolent diety who was listening for her to make it through, before he finally slipped into the land of dreams.


Guenhwyvar was feeling extremely frustrated, this stupid wolf/barghest/whatever was delaying her in helping her master. She couldn't hear the battle from the cave anymore and was desperate to know if he was all right.

Her advantage was that she was faster and more agile; thus she was able to get this far by effecting a hit-and-run strategy, but he wasn't falling for it anymore. Guenhyvar needed to end this fast. If she could just get him closer to the edge, she could shove him over.

It took a few minutes of waiting and evading, but he finally got close enough to where she could do a surprise charge; successfully knocking him over the ledge.

She panted as she looked down, making sure he was dead. He had fallen quite a distance, there was no way he could have survived it. Satisfied, she hurried to the cave entrance, her paws loosening old rock in her haste, hoping that Drizzt was all right.


Dove Falconhand had hurried as fast as she could when she heard the news, gathering Kellindil, Gabriel, Darda, and a partially unwilling Fret on the way. They had just arrived the day before, after witnessing the location of the murder.

Dove wished she could have had time to mourn, she had been friends with the Thistledown family. However, their new addition to the team, Roddy McGristle, was insistent that they hurry after the drow. He was well respected in the village and the Party didn't want to cause a rift in the team before they had even started searching. As soon as they had investigated the Thistledowns' house, they were off.

Roddy McGristle... Dove wasn't sure what to make of him.

He was big, with a strange breed of dog that she couldn't identify, an ugly wound on his face and missing an ear. He had quite the temper and, except for the now dead Thistledown children, Roddy was the only one to have actually seen the drow.

McGristle's body language was telling Dove, that it's possible he was hiding something of importance. However, as they continued to travel that implied message was fading, was it just her imagination?

'No,' she thought, ' never doubt your instincts. He is hiding something, I'm sure of it.' They were being rushed, but she and the rest of her companions (except for Fret who couldn't stop complaining, much to everyone's amusement; and Roddy's annoyance) didn't find the village's conclusion on the murder to be quite accurate.

The scene of the crime had been strange. There had been two sets of footprints. One that was older and one that was fresher. The second set was the drow's. The first one was the same shape, but the depth of the print was deeper. Much too deep to be the light step of a dark elf. No one, not even a hunter like Roddy, had noticed this.

Who was the first set and why were either one there?

A drow didn't just walk around on the surface alone. There wasn't anything of true value, be it magical or financial, around here either. So there had to be another reason, one that she and her partners didn't know... yet.

Dove was forced out of her thoughts when McGristle's dog started to howl. The animal was currently tugging against his leash having found something of interest. They followed him, with Roddy leading, up a path that wound around a cliff. After carefully progressing up, they came across the item that was of interest to the dog. A plowshare, or what use to be a plowshare, was lying discarded with an impressive dent in the middle of it.

"That belongs to the Thistledowns." McGristle stated.

"Then why is it up here, with blood on it no less?" Gabriel asked.

Dove turned to Darda to see if he could identify what could have made such an impression on the plow. The short man walked up and bent over to examined it. "Well what ever hit it, hit it hard, and-" He turned to look over the ledge, "-since it was so close to the edge, the poor thing probably went over. We shouldn't waste time here trying to figure out what it was, these tracks are fresh, but they're starting to age."

The rest agreed and quickly hurried. They progressed closer to their destination, a mountain from the looks of it, before coming upon another strange sight at its base.


The first thing that Guenhwyvar had seen was the dead body of Drizzt's enemy. She was happy to see it dead, but her dark friend was nowhere to be seen. She quickly darted around, desperately searching for him, but she couldn't see him anywhere. She was having a hard time smelling him too. All she could smell was that disgusting creature's blood. With a look of hate she advanced on the corpse, wanting to vent her anger out on something, the corpse being the closest thing to hit.

When she got closer, however; she paused. There was, what looked like, red hair spilling out from under the scarlet barghest. Curious she inched towards it, she hadn't seen this on it before, she crouched down, wanting a better view, and sagged the rest of the way down in relief.

Her friend was under him. Drizzt's hair having been soaked red from the blood. Her relief was short lived however, that was a lot of blood covering him and he appeared to be injured. The cat got up and started to pace around the corpse, she needed to get Drizzt away from here, but how to move the corpse without disrupting his injuries. She went to the thing's feet, and tried to pull it off that way, but froze when she heard a cry come from her master. She dropped the foot and rushed to kneel down by Drizzt's face again.

He wasn't awake. Guenhwyvar sighed, if she couldn't move the corpse she would have to wait for Drizzt to wake up and hold the corpse up while he crawled out of it. She bit onto the handle of his scimitar and pulled it out of the corpse's mouth. She placed it on the side so that it was out of view from the cave entrance. Don't want anyone to see it and then come for a closer look only to find Drizzt. Then she lied down to wait.

Guenhwyvar didn't like this idea, anything could sneak up on them while Drizzt slept and she didn't know how severe his wounds were. She was also tired from her battle and needed to rest in her own realm. The panther didn't know how long she would last, before becoming a useless guardian. Hopefully Drizzt would wake up soon.


(please note that when I read/skimmed over the book, I couldn't find any real description for these 5 other than Darda is a short and heavily muscled man, Kellindil is an elf, Dove is a delicate and beautiful woman who has had visible experience as a ranger and Fret is a very clean dwarf, so please forgive the lack of physical image)