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A note from the Author: SEQUEL! To "Leave your window open tonight"

Chapter 1:

Raven dawned her pink pajama short and a grey tank top and looked around her dark room. He walked into her bathroom and looked at her reflection in the mirror, at her perfect pale skin and her silk hair that had started to grow out. She brushed her hair to one side and rested it on her shoulder. She then walked back into her main room. She looked at her bed and then her eyes shot to the window. Leave my window open huh… she thought. Against her better judgment she walked to the window and opened it wide.


Raven grabbed a book and sat on her bed nervously glancing at the window. Maybe this isn't such a good idea…. She thought, she shook her head and then read her book.


Raven Fell asleep, her book was collapsed on her chest and her face was snuggled down into her pillow. Red x climbed through the window in a stealthy manner. Seeing that she was asleep he removed his shirt and tossed it randomly on the floor. His gloves followed. He climbed on the bed and straddled her hips and bent his face into hers. He dog eared her page in the book and tossed it onto his pile of clothes. He pulled his mask above his lips and kissed her gently.

She woke with a start, confused at first. Then not so much. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. He pushed her down into the mattress as they continued to kiss. He slipped his tongue into her mouth deepened their kiss. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him closer. She explored his mouth with her tongue as her hands explored his body. As her hands reached his pants she tugged at the waist band. He complied with her helping her pull off his pants. She smiled and tried to roll on top of him but as he was heavier, he remained on top.

"Raven," He whispered taking a breath. She looked up into the eyes of his mask. Her hand reached up gently and removed his mask completely revealing his shaggy dark hair and his odd lavender looking eyes. He was not clean shaven, he had a 12:00 shadow. He captured her lips again before she could speak and she kissed him back. She tried to roll on top of him again, and this time she succeeded. He Immediately took off her shirt. She smiled down at his and kissed him again as her hands raked across his chest. He rolled back on top of her and Kissed her again.

He took off her shorts and tossed them on the ground. She wrapped her legs around him again and rolled on top of him again. "So how does this work,"

"Excuse me?" Red x asked sitting up on his elbows.

"you do me tonight, then what?"

"I… I… I don't know…."

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