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A note from the author: I hate doing such short chapters but it is all I have time for at the moment.

Chapter 3

9:00 AM

Raven rolled over, into Jason's chest. It felt comfortable, sleeping next to him. They had fallen asleep after talking for quite some time. He was dead asleep, and breathing heavily, yet not quite snoring. She rolled over so she could face him, recalling that they both were in nothing but their underwear, it didn't exactly look good. "What am I doing?" She asked herself, laughing a bit upon realizing what she was doing. Let him take you. Her demon side was saying, give him a pleasant wake up call, nave. He already gave enough for you to know he wasn't lying to us.

But what motive could a villain have for loving us? Skeptical was asking,

Look how sexy he is though… look at his muscles…. Lust was saying, Love giggled with her in agreement.

You have not appeased me in quite some time Raven. Her demon continued.

"Shut up." She whispered. Her personalities quieted down and she looked at Red X. He was handsome, and it was consensual…. She pressed her body against him and put her lips at his ear. "Jason?" She asked, using his real name. He stirred a bit, but didn't wake up completely. "I changed my mind." She whispered. She took his ear in her mouth, he woke up fully and felt her body against his own.

"Mmmm… good morning." He said, she sat up and looked at him,
"Good morning yourself." She whispered. She put a finger up to shush him, as the titans were probably awake by now.

"What was that about changing your mind?" He asked,

"Shhhh…" She hushed him.

"What am I too loud for you?" He asked, he got closer and kissed her. "Let me keep my lips busy then." He said, he kissed her roughly and pushed her down onto the mattress, she crossed her arms behind his head, and continued to kiss him.