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Chapter Five


Rei glanced around.

This was too early for the newborn to feed again. He would need seventy two hours before he feed again. Unless he wanted to gorge himself in blood and feed…

Rei snapped her eyes open, suddenly shocked as to why the newborn had been killing so many girls. He had been trying to create a mistress, a slave for himself, and he had been failing… That's explain why Miyuki survived the last attack.

"Can't believe she would blow us off like that?" a familiar voice said.

Rei saw Kensuke and the boy in the gym clothes both walking past the parking lots angry about something.

"Yeah I know," the tall one said, "She had to go with tall, dark and handsome."

Rei interrupted them, "Excuse-me, what are you talking about?"

"Asuka went with some strange guy," Kensuke said.


"Never seen him before,"

The vampire was after Asuka?

Without bothering to answer the two, Rei headed toward her car and took off in a squeal of tires, hoping she wasn't too late.

'He'll take her somewhere inhabited…meaning the slums.'

The car tore through the streets, and narrowly missing cars and people alike.

Asuka and the strange guy arrived in a abandoned buildings in the slums. It was an old factory which was most of the old cranks and building were the only decoration left.

"Why are we here?" Asuka asked curious, "I thought you said you were taking me to a party."

The man chuckled, and glanced back at Asuka, now his eyes glowing red and his fangs now sobering with venum.

"You are the party Asuka, I will feed upon your delicious and mouthwatering blood."

Asuka starred at him, unaible to believe what she was seeing. This couldn't be real…but she knew she wasn't dreaming nor asleep…

"You…what are you?"

The vampire newborn grinned.

"I think you can work out this on your own, after all you are a smart girl."

He launched himself at her, and Asuka screamed in pure terror but the fangs never reaches her as a dark chuckle echoed around her.

"Ah, such delicious fear," the vampire said, "It will make you even more delicious."

Her entire body was trembling, and Asuka can hear her own heart thundering in her ears. She knew she was going to die. She made a stupid decision and now she was going to pay for it.

"I'm going to take a taste," the vampire said grabbing her wrist, making her gasp in pain at how strong the grip was, "I wonder if you'll taste better than those other girls, and maybe make the perfect slave."

HE chomped down on the wrist.

Asuka screamed at the excruciating pain she was in and in the other hand punched the vampire and to her most surprise, he got off and yelled out before a loud crash echoed within the building. Asuka got a glimpse of a figure standing in front of her before she passed out.

Rei starred down at the newborn with all the fury she can muster. She can feel the killer intent rolling off her in waves as the vampire got on his feet glaring at her.

"This is my meal," he hissed, "Get your own."

"I'm not after the girl," Rei growled, "I'm after you."

The vampire snarled and lunged for her, looking crazed and royally pissed off. Rei simply drew her sword and moved even faster than him, slashing one of his arm off. He let out a howl of pain as blood poured out of the wound. Rei took hold of his collar and slammed him on the ground and stabbed him straight into the heart.

The vampire hissed and snarled but none of his limbs could move.

"What have you done to me?"

"This is what your sire should have told you," Rei growled, "The heart is the vampire's weakness. Now before I kill you, I've got, I've got one question for you. Who was your creator?"

"He never told me his name," the vampire said.

"What did he looked like?"

"He had white hair and got a stupid smirk on his face."

Rei's eyes widened, recognizing who it was instantly.

'Don't tell me…'

She pulled out a lighter and set the vampire on fire, which quickly turned to ashes. She then, made her way toward the unconscious Asuka and carried her out of the building.

"So the vampire was killed?" Gendo asked over the phone.

"Yep," Rei said, "It's those creatures that give us a bad name across the world."

"Well consider it a job well done Rei," Gendo told her.

"Yeah, later."

She hung up the phone.

Then, Rei glanced around the large buildings of Tokyo-3. She never would have thought she was the only vampire in Tokyo-3, but she never expected to run into him of all people.

But what's he doing here of all places?

Rei took a chunk of blood from the container she had in her hand. She knew it won't be long before she crosses paths with him again.

Let's hope it doesn't end in a bloody war this time around'

To be continued on VOL 2.

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